Modern, hidden cat litterbox: Poopoopeedo by SinDesign! Japan cat cafes interior design, pet furniture.

designer cat litter box

We’re going back to my usual travel videos & stories after this post — but first, I wanted to share with you Part II of the Maohaus Project!

My Scottish Fold cat wonders… “What is this green eggy-thing?” Could it be an avantgarde sculpture? An alien pod?

cat play pod litter

Surprise: it’s a Poopoopeedo by SinDesign! Believe it or not, this beautiful design object doubles as a cat litterbox. 

Poopoopeedo by sindesign

Perhaps you recall my first post about the Maohaus, where I described our goal of decorating an apartment beautifully, while accommodating the needs of my cat. One of the biggest challenges: what do do about Basil’s litter box? Regular ones are an eyesore, and hard to hide.

modern cat litterbox

French company SinDesign solved this problem with the Poo Poo Pee Do. I’m impressed by how they combined beauty and functionality — such as a decorative paw-print hole, which doubles as a grip / handle. As you can see, the hole is big enough for “plus sized” kitties!

maison de toilette pour chats

Basil Farrow feels right at home in this well-constructed pod. No sharp edges, and there are seven grip points that hold the top and bottom together securely.

cat interior design furniture

If it weren’t for the tiger-tail, a visitor would think that this is a mod sculpture! The enclosed pod lets Basil Farrow do his business in private, and also keeps the cat litter from coming out.

hidden cat litter box

Surprise, a cat is hatched! The Poopoopeedoo comes in seven different colors, so you can match it to your interior design. (We have the green one; SinDesign also makes red, black, white, orange, pink, blue.)

airport tag travel pillows

Isn’t this a perfect match for our lime-green color scheme? (See more photos of our Maohaus bedroom).

Poo poo pee do sin design

These two pieces come apart. The litterbox size is perfectly tailored to cats, and the round shape is a nice change from the usual square.

hiding cat litterbox

Functional, practical and durable — yet it integrates right into our apartment. The material is 3mm thick ABS, which is far more solid than a regular plastic litterbox.

cat in litterbox

The cover also helps to keep smells at bay. I have to say, this is the coolest litterbox I’ve ever seen.

scottish fold cat jumping in air

Hop! We love that the luxury litter-box is eco-friendly too. The interior is smooth, easy to wash, and resistant to cat urine.

designer cat litter scoop

Each Poopoopeedo comes with a matching scoop, which attaches under the lid for easy storage. It also comes with two anti-smell tablets that you can clip in.

luxury cat playground box

What more is there to say? This designer litterbox is “Maohaus” cat-interior design at its finest.

I know you want one too… SinDesign’s PooPooPeeDo is available for order online.

big cat yawning gate japan

As I mentioned in the first post about my apartment, my Maohaus concept is inspired by the creative interior decorations of Japanese cat cafes. To show you what I mean, let me share some never-seen photos from my Tokyo archives.

This giant, yawning gate welcomed me to the big cat “petting zoo” in Odaiba. 

キャッツリビン cat cafe

Located in Odaiba, “Cats Livin” later became “Nyanda Cat Cafe,” and then closed. (But don’t worry about missing out — there are still tons of cat cafes all over Japan, and now in USA).

japan cat cafe rule

Cat’s Livin designed the space with both the cat and visitor’s enjoyment in mind. At the entrance, an American Curl sits by the rule sheet. (“Please spray it on the hand several times before it feels after cat.”)

Keep reading for more photos from this Tokyo cat cafe, including a life-size cat-person… 

cats livin cat cafe, tokyo

Some cat cafes look like plain living rooms, but in this establishment, each room has a theme. I’m befuddled by their rules. Does anyone know what “Actinia” means?

Nyan da Neko cat cafe

The illustrations are self-explanatory. Don’t feed the cats chocolate, hit them or speak loudly.

cat house interior design

Cuddling, however, is a-ok. I was amused to see the cats transfixed by a DVD showing fish and mice.

japan biggest cat cafe

Since I came around Halloween, there were pumpkin decorations everywhere, including on the wall step-ladder for cats.

cat cafe decoration, furniture

The resident cats wear costumes, for their portraits on the wall. Note that Scottish Folds are among the most popular breeds. The Japanese love their cute, round faces.

odaiba nyada neko cat cafe

A scary anthropomorphic cat sat in one room. Another was a clever “computer room”, with boxes that double as hiding places.

cat in a boxo

Still, for cats, nothing beats a box.

cat petting zoo

The kittens get fed by the staff. In the “bathroom”, this kitty doesn’t seem to mind the suds.

cat cafe signs, names

Visitors can read the names, breeds and other info about the resident cats.

white scottish fold cat, costumes

Nearby, I saw a pet shop… filled with bizarre costumes for cats! (Of course the model is an ever-patient Scottish Fold.)

designer cat clothes

Why not pick up some jewelry and chicken-hats for your cat?

cat cafe menu

In a different cat cafe, I ordered a latte and flipped through a book about the cats.

drinking lattes with cats

Many Japanese cannot own pets (due to lack of space and time), so they come to cat cafes to get their feline fix.

cat cafe design

Customers pay for a certain amount of play-time (30 min, or 1 hour, or more) with the cats.

cats wearing hats

You can even put costumes on the cats… but I’m not sure how much this one liked being a pumpkin-hat.

cat shelves, climbing ladders

I got inspired to design my apartment when I saw these lovely cat-friendly interiors. Wood shelves look great, and can serve as holders for cats or human belongings. 

funny cat in bowl

Here’s another multi-functional decor piece: a big bowl / cat cradle.

Poopoopeedo cat furniture

Now I think you understand why we love SinDesign’s litterbox! You can find out more info about it, and purchase it through their website.

calico cat cafe shinjuku

And if you’re eager to see more photos of cat cafes, I wrote about my filming at Calico Shinjuku with German TV.

Let us know what you think of our Maohaus so far, and add us on Instagram for more snaps!


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    That is too cute and fits right in with your decor !

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    We created a cat bathroom underneath our front stairwell…complete with marble floors. Nothing is too good for my boys !

  13. MelissaR
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    What a great and cute device!! Can’t wait to go to the cat cafe! I will hold my breath and run in for 5 seconds and then run out haha :)

    • lacarmina
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      They give out face masks at the entrance… Naomi survived for a brief time!

  14. Sandi
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    Oh that is cute! I wonder if they make them in Terror Twin size?

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    did they bring that back? last year that place was closed and the cat-faced gate was removed.

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    I’ve been to that cat cafe in Odaiba!

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    I wonder if our two are clever enough to use this. Sansa objects to enclosed spaces like that but it’s oh so pretty..

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    The gateway is so adorable but it’s a pity it was closed.

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      at least there are still lots of cat cafes you can visit!

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