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La Carmina is an award-winning alternative travel / culture / fashion blogger, author of four books (including THE LITTLE BOOK OF SATANISM - get it here), journalist (Sunday Times, CNN) and TV host (Discovery, National Geographic, Travel Channel, etc).

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Recent Posts     Last Updated     December 2nd, 2023

Hi, I'm La Carmina!

I'm passionate about subcultures and alternative beauty around the world (especially Goth and Japanese). I started blogging in 2007, and my site grew to opportunities I never imagined -- including writing 4 books, and hosting TV shows.

Today, I travel constantly with my film team, and write about my adventures for worldwide publications (I received a travel journalism award from the Society of American Travel Writers, as well as "Best Blog of the Year").

Enjoy my TV reel with clips from Oddities, Bizarre Foods, No Reservations etc. Connect with me via my award-winning blog & social networks (@lacarmina), and email me.

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Above is a selection of her magazine covers. See more press features and modeling photos.

Order her new book, THE LITTLE BOOK OF SATANISM (Simon and Schuster).

Want to work with / contact La Carmina? Check out her full biography, and write to her.

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