Tokyo Decadance Bar at Christon Cafe Shinjuku. Pole dancing Goths & pride parade!

preta porco, tokyo decadance

Ohohoho! You’ve landed in Tokyo Decadance Bar — one of the favorite hangouts of Tokyo’s alternative, Goth and Cyber club kids. If you’re visiting the city, you must stop here for the absinthe and strange performances.

Enjoy photos from my previous two trips to “Decabar,” featuring the infamous Preta Porco in his signature yellow face paint.

tokyo japanese drag queens

Address of Tokyo Decabar: 東京都新宿区新宿5-17-13 or 5-17-13 Shinjuku, Oriental Wave Building 8F/9F
Directions: From Shinjuku East Exit, walk towards Studio Alta and Don Quixote. Take a right on this main street (Yasakuni Dori) and keep walking. Christon Cafe is on the left side of the street, right above the Lawson and before the parking lot buildings. Ride the elevator up to the 8th floor (Christon Cafe theme restaurant) and walk up the stairs to Decadance Bar.

The club space is small but laid back, and decorated in neon paint. The fashion is consistently fabulous, as Yukiro Dravarious, in one of his many guises, demonstrates. (He’s performing April 27 at Tokyo Pride; keep reading for details!)

japan mistress bar, drag queen makeup

On “Porco Night,” the spotlight shines on yellow-faced bartender Preta Porco. Mistress Maya also holds a regular “Snack Mayaya” event, where she helms a snack bar and does rope-tyling demonstrations.

sophia sama, tokyo decabar

On any given night, I’ll run into friends here. On the left, you may recognize Sophia, an impressive vocalist who recently debuted her solo project, “Season of Ghosts.”

adrien le danois, tokyo decadance party

Owner Adrien Le Danois (in the blue hair) welcomes guests to his lair. You’ll see lots of cosplay girls and colorful street style on the dance floor. Many of the people who come here speak English and French, so you’ll be able to strike up conversations even if you don’t know Japanese.

japanese club kids, tokyo clubbing

Porco’s scintillating smile will immediately put you in the mood to party. (My hair is pink because these photos are from last spring.)

tokyo party photos, shinjuku nightlife

The drinks flow… and the shenanigans begin. I always order the absinthe at Decadance Bar.

japanese nightclub, crazy bar

The space is decorated like a Day Glo carnival, and the staff dresses the part in wigs and glitter.

japan pole dancer, pole dancing girl

Between DJ sets, underground performers strut their stuff. Everyone smiled at this 1980s dance routine, peppered with pole-dancing.

clown makeup, japanese pole dancers

Porco squealed and twirled on a pole. I have no words.

drag performance, tokyo lgbt

On any given evening, you’ll encounter a theme event or bizarre performance. (Photography by Naomi – check out her latest illustrations!)

pole dancing inversions, asia pole dance

If it’s your birthday, beware: the drag queens sit on you and chant the “nonde nonde” drinking song.

yamamba, ganguro, makeup, japan

The special DJs played a bouncing, techno-electric mix. You can tell that everyone was having fun.

harajuku cyber goth girl

I returned to Tokyo Decadance Bar last December. It was “Sex Pot Night,” meaning there were events both in the upstairs bar and downstairs restaurant (Christon Cafe).

alamode market, lolita handmade

Similar to Alamode Market, there were handmade Gothic Lolita accessories for sale at tables.

japanese girl tattoos, back tattoo

A striking back tattoo with hearts and wings, on this barely clad Japanese lady.

christon cafe shinjuku

As you know from my Theme Restaurants book, Christon is bizarrely decorated with church relics, like chandeliers and altars.

christian goth theme restaurant tokyo

This makes it a haunting (and slightly kitschy) atmosphere for a Goth alternative party. The big Tokyo Decadance parties, which take place every 1-2 months, are usually held at Christon Shinjuku.

animals preserved in jars

That night, the area near the lower staircase was filled with tables. Vendors sold oddities like scorpions preserved in jars.

goth chokers

It’s a great place to pick up one of a kind Gothic accessories like these hand-studded chokers.

barbie purse

Or get a glitter tattoo, from a not-so-Barbie girl.

japan latex dress

If you get tired of shopping, then there’s plenty of singing, dancing, performances and other entertainment in the room.

japanese mistresses performance

I saw a slightly incongruous performance by a group of women dressed as mistresses, in tight leather corsets and riding sticks.

japan women with whips

Yet they sang Jpop and anime songs, with giddy choreography. The men in the back seemed to be having a good time.

japan cheers, drinking kampai

“Kampai” or cheers!

man in red wig, brolita

Much like the club night Department H, this is a place for you to be whoever or whatever you wish, without judgement.

weird doll art

The grotesque doll on the wall is indication that anything goes.

boy putting on makeup

Makeup on men is the norm rather than the exception.

tokyo goth club scene

Goth fashion looks especially bloody under red lights.

gothic lolita manga

My current blue hair matches these girls on the wall.

cyber eye makeup

For once, Yukiro isn’t the tallest person in the room… thanks to little help from stilts!

tying up girl

Mistress Maya (who is also DJ Maya at her event Midnight Mess) tied up an innocent victim.

shibari demonstration

The girl got a spanking and hot candle wax on her back, among other things that we can’t post on this blog… You’ll have to use your imagination, or come to Decabar to see for yourself.

horns hairstyle

For more photos from Tokyo Decadence and other Goth / Cyber / LGBT nightlife, take a look at my Japan clubbing guide.

PS: Yukiro is performing his spooky drag queen act, Die Schwarze Frau, on April 27th at Tokyo Pride Parade! For info on how to see him in action, check out his Facebook page. You’ll be entertained and frightened for sure.

Have you ever tried pole dancing? Would you visit a club like this?


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