Young, hip Belgrade! Floating raft nightclubs, Goth bars, Supermarket concept fashion shop.

serbian graffiti, belgrade hipster shops

In my last post, I wrote about how Belgrade is a safe destination with beautiful architecture. Today, let’s dive into Serbia’s trendy, modern side — with visits to a Gothic club, hip concept stores, and floating river bars.

I’m wearing a creepy doll cameo belt, sent by Little Wicked’s Emporium. These striking accessories are also available in skeleton rib-cage and flying bats prints. Love this online store’s selection of alternative fashion.

My veiled, floral headband is a present from Cyril Lumboy of DollDelight (remember when we hung out at Animegacon Las Vegas?). My red silk dress is similar to this one.

belgrade serbia fashion boutique

Right across from our home at Selection Apartments was the newly-opened The Trend Shack (Dobračina 4). At the front is a milkshake shop. If you purchase a drink, you get a discount on the clothes in the back.

animal print clothing, eastern european style

They had a sweet selection of hip-hop and streetwear fashion. Lots of animal prints.

panda skull necklaces, belgrade jewelry designers

Skulls, pandas and crosses. One wall was decorated with hats.

belgrade Republic Square, prince michael horse statue

There were many cute shops around Republic Square. Like Hachiko in Shibuya, locals often meet at the Prince Mihailo horse statue.

lion face stone architecture, Knez Mihajlova

This area, “Knez Mihailova Street” or Prince Mihailo Street, is the main shopping and strolling district.

belgrade street sign, city

Photography in this post by Melissa Rundle.

moustache graffiti, beograd sign

If this moustache graffiti is any indication, Belgrade (or Beograd) has a hipster side.

Supermarket concept store, Belgrade, Serbia

The epicenter of trendy fashion is Supermarket Concept Store (Višnjićeva 10, ugao sa Strahinjića Bana, Dorćol).

Dorćol fashion, eastern europe street style

Inside the modern, stark interior: rows of colorful shoes, and racks of garments by upscale, regional designers.

belgrade concept shop, high fashion shopping

The staff was hilarious and goofed around with me.

lightbulbs lighting installation, cool fashion shop

I could have shopped for hours, under the unique lightbulb lighting.

calvin hobbes serbian comics

Supermarket is huge. One part holds a restaurant with an outdoor patio. In the back, you can purchase books (like Calvin and Hobbes), homewares and gizmos.

belgrade bars, nightlife, clubs

Now, for the nightlife. I heard that Belgrade has an exciting party scene, and it lived up to my expectations. There are many trendy bar and club districts, such as Dorćol.

I found the website Still in Belgrade very helpful, especially for listings of upcoming electro, techno, alternative DJ events.

beograd serbia goth bar

For Gothic and Industrial events in Eastern Europe, check the Vrtoglavica Subculture World Facebook for party announcements. That evening, there was a Love Katz night at an obscure location. Entry fee was about $2.

eastern european goths

Inside, there was only a small bar but they served very tasty (and inexpensive) absinthe. A DJ played Gothic, EBM, Electro, 80s music.

goth club belgrade, gothic party girls

I love seeing different Goth parties around the world. Since Belgrade’s scene is small, it combined different alt tribes (punk, etc).

belgrade river clubs, sava river raft boats

We ended up at the infamous Belgrade floating raft clubs. What a sight: a row of boats tethered to the banks of the Sava River, each with different music blasting.

serbian waterfront clubs, floating bars restaurants

These floating bars are only open in the summer; entry to each was free or $1-2. We hopped from boat to boat, taking in the different dance DJs and drunks. I’ve had crazy nightlife experiences all around the world, and this one was one of the most unique.

belgrade nightlife, clubbing, parties

I’m glad I went to Serbia during my Eurail-Vision trip. Cities like Berlin, Tokyo and New York are known for their nightlife and fashion — but let’s not forget that other parts of the world that can be as exhilarating. Thanks to Still in Belgrade for the nightlife and trend tips.

Did you know about Belgrade’s waterfront bars and concept stores? What other clubs would you recommend?

PS – Thanks for your kind response to my Serbia posts! Please add my social networks below to keep in touch — I hope to be back soon.

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    I’ve been to Belgrade many many times and I wanna recommend you two more clubs such as the KST (Klub Studenata Tehnike or something like that) and the Club Underworld!!

    Another nice club whose name I sadly forgot is near the center of belgrade and looks like (‘xcus my language :D ) a victorian whorehouse, but it’s a fine club nevertheless!

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