Japanese monster attack! Odaiba Trick Art museum, Tokyo Decks retro video games.

japanese bear statues, global warming polar bears

Why are these polar bears crying? Because global warming is melting the North Pole… and because they can’t join my Tokyo adventures!

Halloween is approaching quickly, so let’s get in the mood by exploring Odaiba’s Aquacity and Tokyo Decks. Retro video games and magic tricks – ready, set, go.

japanese monsters painting, giant scary spider

Odaiba is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay, and home to a number of bizarre diversions. Right above Sega Joypolis is the intriguing Trick Art Museum. (Address: 4F, 1-6-1 Decks Tokyo Beach Island Mall, Daiba, Minato-ku)

ninja fight, trick art museum odaiba

For a 900 yen entrance fee (less than $10), you have access to a series of ingeniously painted walls and sets, which result in these mind-boggling photos!

Can you figure out how we captured this shot? What’s real, and what’s 2D?

Optical illusion paintings, japan trick art museum

Am I really a prisoner in a madman’s glass… or is this an optical illusion?

(Answer: This is a two-dimensional painting at the edge of a room. I crouched in the corner, and pretended to be trapped — creating this amusing, 3D effect.

jaws painting, shark attack art, Odaiba Trick Art Museum

Jaws is alive! Yukiro is swallowed in a shark attack.

disembodied head magic trick, magic tricks museum

Props, peepholes and mirrors make these tricks possible.

traditional japanese monsters, yokai, japan folk spirits, obake

I liked how many of the illusions involved traditional Japanese monsters, demons and ghosts. (Yokai, or supernatural spirits in their folklore).

retro video game center, 1970s japanese idol posters

Elsewhere in Tokyo Decks, we teleported back in time… to the early days of arcade games.

old japanese video games, game machines

This retro game center contained machines from the early 1980s to the late 90s (House of the Dead). On the walls: old school Japanese idols and 1970s memorabilia.

1980s game machines, retro games, odaiba tokyo decks

Such fun to revisit classics like the original Street Fighter. Too bad that the prices weren’t preserved; each turn costs about 100 yen to play.

captain flag video game, odaiba shopping

Lots of pirate souvenirs and games here.

namco game, arcade games

Hit the octopus! Bam, bam!

astroboy statue, big astro boy

Astroboy soars above us. So much nostalgia in one room.

milky candy, japanese candies

The gift shop sold memorabilia with characters from past decades. Milky candies remain popular today.

cat face masks, happy cat toys

Happy-faced cats never go out of style.

japanese shooting game, cork guns, shooting arcade

Next door was a shooting arcade. Naomi shot corks at the moving figures.

bullet train statue, japanese shinkansen

Down the hall, the nose of a bullet train. Not sure why we decided to sleep on it.

takoyaki pirate boat, tokyo octopus balls

Captain of the Good Ship Takoyaki.

best takoyaki restaurant tokyo, odaiba octopus balls

If you like eating these octopus balls, Tokyo Decks is heaven. There are multiple stores selling fresh takoyaki and toys.

strange love, oddities, antique shop japan, Odaiba VenusFort

After, we went to the Venice-themed Venus Fort (reminds of the Vegas Venetian hotel). The antique store Strange Love sold dark oddities, like Obscura in NYC. (Remember my Oddities TV appearance?)

hammer arcade game, haunted house odaiba japan

Have you visited Odaiba in Tokyo Bay? What is your favorite old school video game?

PS: these photos are from a few months ago, hence the different hair color. And I’m going to change it again soon, before Halloween…



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    I hope the week has been kind to you and that the weekend will be even more so.
    Meowly weekend purrs. Meow! (Includes lots of big fat furry cat cyberhugs)

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    I wish I could hang out with you and your friends u always seem to have the best time together.

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    seriously so much fun!!! <3 love the museum photos

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