Pirate Theme Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan! King of the Pirates, Odaiba Aqua City cosplay cafe.

pirate girl, pirates costume

Avast, Captain Carmina commands ye to walk the plank! Keep yer eyes on this post for a Piratical adventure, and the premiere of Yukiro’s glam-horror-diva movie, Sandless Days (I’m in it!).

My crew works hard, and we’ve successfully built a TV coordinating, hosting and consulting business together: La Carmina & The Pirates.

I treated them to a well-deserved lunch at a fitting Tokyo theme restaurant: King of the Pirates. (Address: 5F Aqua City Odaiba, 1-7-1 Daiba, Minato-ku)

pirate fight, pirates fighting, sword fight

Japan has many theme restaurants that range in size, concept, and craziness. The Pirates restaurant is a relatively new one, and it’s yo-ho-ho wonderful.

swordfighting, swordplay, cosplay fights

This restaurant is operated by Diamond Dining, who also run Christon Cafe, Vampire Cafe and other dark, themed eateries.

ship's wheel, wooden Ship Steering Wheel

“King of the Pirates” is appropriately located over the water in Odaiba, the man-made island in Tokyo Bay. This is a hub of entertainment; there are game centers, theme parks, food and other slightly off-kilter attractions (like a cat petting zoo).

King of the Pirates, Odaiba Aqua City

To get here, ride the subway to Odaiba’s Tokyo Teleport station, then follow the signs to Aqua City. You can’t miss the pirate decor that fills every nook.

tokyo drink bar, japan odaiba cafes, diamond dining theme restaurant

Theme restaurants are not known for great food, but I enjoyed my black squid ink curry. The lunch set is a great deal, and came with salad and unlimited non-alcoholic “drink bar”.

pirate restaurant odaiba, japanese pirates

You’re allowed to take photos and encouraged to goof around. Even the staff, dressed in swashbuckler gear, gets into the spirit.

pirate hat, eyepatch, fake sword

There’s a rack of props and costumes to raid, and scurvy mannequins to pose with.

swordfight pirates, pirate duel

Pirate sword-fight to the death!

pirate dagger, fight

Who do you think conquered the treasure chest of gold doubloons?

pirates of the caribbean japan, captain jack sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow made a blood pact with Yukiro, and they bound me in metal chains.

pirate mannequins, theme restaurant japan

But the ship erupted in mutiny, and we escaped overboard to Treasure Island. (Most of these photos were taken by Naomi.)

ship lounge, ship's library, captain room

Inside the gilded ship’s cabin, filled with maps and books.

gold sofa, gold couches, ship study

Forever grateful to have these two as me mateys.

ship steering wheel, pirate boat wheel

Outside, First Mate Naomi takes the wheel, while we crouch to strike at our enemies.

knight in armor statue, odaiba decks, aqua city

This Pirate restaurant is huge, and has a deck with a seaside view of Tokyo. We’re impressed with the effort that went into the decoration.

pink hair girl, pirate girls

“I swing my hair back and forth”…
Skull and crossbones top: Spider, Hong Kong
Steampunk pirate necklace, worn as a hair ornament: gifted by Ghostlove Jewelry

skull crossbones tshirt, pirate hat

Compare this theme restaurant with the Pirate Pub in Vancouver, Canada.

tokyo pirate ship, skull crossbones, deck

Don’t forget my book, Crazy, Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo, packed with photos and info on bizarre places to eat.

And now, we present… “The finest film of our generation. No! Wait! Of our times! No! Stop the presses! Of ALL TIME!”

Yukiro wrote and directed this masterpiece, starring the diva-licious Mommy Dearest, Sarah Devour. I’m in the last scene, as “Miss Sandy Sanchez.” We command you to watch Sandless Days — tell us what you think of our big-budget movie, and my acting skills! Ah, nothing beats doing these art projects with my friends…

How do you like King of the Pirates? Would you dare to dress up and duel? More photos from Odaiba coming up, including the Trick Museum.


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