Tokyo Visual Kei & Jrock music store in Laforet. Fairy kei, tattoo pattern stockings, Fruits Magazine.

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Many readers tell me they first became captivated by Harajuku fashion after the release of Phaidon’s Fruits, a colorful tome of outfit snaps.

The youths in Fruits accumulated a good percentage of their wardrobe from Laforet Harajuku. Today, the department store remains a center of alterna-pop fashion. Shall we take a tour?

visual kei posters, jrock boys, music store tokyo

I always begin with the basement levels, which hold (quite aptly) underground fashion and Visual Kei music.

laforet record store, tokyo jrock cd shop

Laforet’s Jrock music store has CDs, posters, magazines and memorabilia of your favorite spiky-haired acts. Band members often come for meet-and-greets, or to “take over” a shop for a few hours.

studded collar jacket, nu goth fashion

In addition to the usual cute-Gothic clothing, there’s recently been a stronger presence of what some might call “Nu Goth” fashion.

spiked bags, wallets, gothic accessories

The look: sleek and high-quality black garments, usually layered, and involving leather and copious spikes or studs.

printed tights, pattern pantyhose, japanese stockings

On the poppy side, colorful printed tights are all the rage. Some stockings are quite pricy — $30-50 US and up — but they have intricate designs and limited runs. I’m not so keen on wearing patterned tights like these, but I couldn’t resist the Innocent World x Alphonse Mucha ones.

bright pink hoodie, jpop fashion, club kids

Hot pink is… hot, at least in this boutique.

neon 80s clothing, anime girl tshirt

Do you know who this “Darling” character is? Would you wear this neon-1980s style?

bright pink wig, neon tshirts, japanese clubwear

Satin jackets and full-on prints.

boy london, punk backpacks

Googly-eyed jewelry, bright bangles and two-colored pastel hair.

pastel bat, pastelbat, pastel goth clothing

Love the “Evil Cutie” shirt, with an earless Ziggy Stardust bunny and bat!

misha janette, tokyo fashion diaries, tokyo stylist

At the entrance of Laforet, I ran into my friend Misha Janette, Tokyo-based stylist and creator of Plumb wigs.

ear necklace, harcoza tokyo, harajuku fruits

She was helping her friend, owner of Harcoza, during their pop-up event.

laforet pop up shop, harajuku cool boutique

Never seen such quirky, squishable jewelry and clothing.

alice and the pirates, lolita shop laforet

Back to the Lolita levels (the basement of Laforet). Alice and the Pirates is on a pastel kick at the moment.

atelier pierrot, gothic lolita girls, japanese lolitas

Atelier Pierrot stays dark and elegant. Their fabrics and shapes haven’t changed much over the years, but their formula is sound — they make some of the best corset-waist ruffle skirts around.

laforet angelic pretty, sweet lolitas, harajuku girls

Harajuku girls outside Angelic Pretty. Their coordinates sum up the spooky-cute, fairy-Lolita vibe of these stores.

hellcatpunks, eyeball purse, vampire fangs bag

Eyeballs, brains, and vampire fangs at HellCatPunks. There are quite a lot of eyeball accessories around.

putumayo laforet, jrock clothes

Putumayo’s punky-Loli look always stands out.

fairy kei boutique, nile perch, pastel skirt

One of the most unique and focused shops is Nile Perch: a wistful, pastel fairy-kei dream.

scalloped coat, laforet nile perch, fairykei

Can’t get much sweeter than scallops, lace, bows and soft rainbow hues. This style is different from Sweet Lolita because it lacks the bell skirt shape and Victorian-Alice styling.

twee fashion blogger, cat shirt, cute polka dot shoes

The upper levels of Laforet are a mixed bag. I enjoyed this twee clothing shop, with polka dot retro heels and cats galore.

cat shaped bag, twee clothing, vintage twee

Kitty-shaped basket purse… twee heaven.

How did you like the clothes in Laforet, compared to Shibuya 109? For more Harajuku Fruits style, check out my Tokyo store guide. More cute Japanese boutique photos coming up — including a Steampunk shop!



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    these photos make me want to cry i want to shop there so bad!

  2. Niniel
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    The leather jacket with studs is sublime, @lacarmina I know someone who’d totally go crazy for it! Ever tried to hang out with some stars?

  3. Gloria
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    Ouu my god! I really love this. I must go on day!! ^^

  4. Batty
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    Good. Lots I like.

  5. CC
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    I am mesmerized by that Hellcat zombie flat bill hat.

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    It was very nice meeting you!!Thank you for the blog☆We love it!!!

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    Looks like fun and those handbags with the studs are really cute! I’d spend a small fortune in there. :)

  10. Grecian J
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    It’s heaven!

  11. Nicoletta
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    … Wonderful !!!!

  12. DD
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    I really appreciate your coming here!
    and,how nice photos !
    We look forward to serving you.
    (sorry i speak english little ^^;

  13. Radha
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    Everything looks so cute!

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    so pretty

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    now that is an awesome look.

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    You were in Germany? Too bad I was not around.:( I would have liked to say ‘hello’. :3 Next time then. ;3 Have a nice weekend.:D

  19. MelissaR
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    I LOVE the mother mary sweatshirt!

  20. Twinkie Chan
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    I so wish we could have a Nile Perch store in the U.S!!

  21. Larsterkk
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    I love the photos! I also really like the whole style of your site – bookmarked!

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    А достава в москву есть?

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