Shibuya 109 department store, young trendy Tokyo girls fashion! Gyaru shopping: Liz Lisa, Mitsumaru.

neon high heels, tokyo trendy heels, cool shoes

Where can you find rainbow heels and splashy fashion? In Shibuya 109, the infamous youth department store that caters to Japanese gyaru, or trendy gals — think Vivi, PopTeen and Egg Magazines.

Although Shibuya 109 is one of my favorite Tokyo shopping destinations, I haven’t shared store photos with you until now. Keep scrolling for the latest collections, and please share this post if you enjoyed.

shibuya 109, gyaru department store, tokyo famous shopping center

It’s easy to spot the red 109 sign (“ichi-maru-kyuu,” as it’s called in Japanese) from Shibuya station’s Hachiko exit (the dog statue).

Shibuya crossing, shibuya pedestrian crossing, famous street

The towering building sits on the famous Shibuya pedestrian crossing, as seen in movies like Lost in Translation.
Address: 2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo.

shibuya109, shopping mall, gyaru clothes

Brace yourself before going in, especially if you’re visiting during peak hours (evenings, weekends). Shibuya109 is Jpop sensory overload.

mitsumaru boutique, gal fashion brands

Many of the shops sell similar clothing, and the selection moves as quickly as the trends (in other words, a mile per minute). Right now, the spring look is all about pastels, white lace, and oversized light sweaters.

mitsumaru, ingni, trendy japanese fashion

There are eight floors and two basements, crammed with trendy, girly, romantic boutiques like Mitsumaru. The top two floors also hold cafes.

pastel japanese clothing, black lace top, heart skirt

It’s easy to get overwhelmed — especially since each store blasts loud, frenetic music, and the shop girls call to customers in high-pitch voices!

colorful heels, bright japanese shoes

The shoe selection here is outrageous. There’s always a spectrum of pumps and flashy footwear.

bunny shoes, bunny high heels, spiked sneakers

Some of the more eccentric offerings: bunny-faced heels, and spiked platform sneakers.

hello kitty dress, sanrio purse, hello kitty fashion line

One shop had a Hello Kitty / Sanrio collaboration; I hadn’t seen baskets like these before. Compare this to the Hello Kitty Hong Kong fashion line.

shibuya patterned tights, cool pattern designer stockings, tokyo avantgarde legwear

Colorful, patterned tights are all the rage in Japan. Cats are a popular motif.

mod jacket, 1960s coat, flower buttons jacket

This 1960s mod collection, with stark outlines and flower buttons, stood out among the girly pack.

devil hoodie, leopard print collar

Some of the stores have more of an urban or rocker edge. Prices are quire reasonable at Shibuya 109; full set coordinates are generally between $75-100. The quality of the garments can be hit-and-miss, however.

bettie boop fashion, monkey bite clothing

Designs can also be on the “huh?” side — like these strangely placed eyes on the t-shirt. Then again, you can get fun and affordable pieces like the Bettie Boop heart-shaped purse.

gladnews dress, cross necklace, goth shibuya

Apologies for the blurriness. I was too busy trying on clothes at GladNews to take photos! This is one of my favorite shops; the fashion is Nu-Goth meets metal, with lots of studs and crosses. More images soon.

popteen, min plume, tokyo girl's collection

Tips for shopping in Shibuya 109: take a walk around all the stores before pulling out your wallet. Since many of the poppy outfits are similar, you’re best off seeing the full selection first.

kawaii bunny charms, cell phone accessories shibuya

Don’t miss out on the cute accessories, like these sleepy bunny charms.

glitter eye makeup, metallic eyeliner

Or the makeup in the basement. I picked up fluttery false eyelashes, and tested this glitter eyeliner.

gyaru purses, young japanese cute bags

Be a smart shopper, since some items can be found all over Tokyo. These coy cat purses, for example, are found in many places and for variable prices.

lip service japan, shibuya 109 shopping

Finally, the Lip Service brand isn’t the same as the American one, so don’t expect to find Goth / Industrial / Steampunk wear here! Funny how they share the same name.

crop top tokyo, heart pattern shirt

How do you like the fashion and atmosphere at Shibuya 109? Have you bought anything from here?

shibuya 109 fashion, liz lisa, magazine, clothes

For more Japanese fashion coverage, browse my Tokyo cute category — the store photos go all the way back to 2008!



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    homg Shibuya 109 *O* I also love Laforet

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      Laforet pics coming up!

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    Cute!! :)

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    aw so cool! i’d so totally love to visit the store one day! <3

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    i’m loving all your posts, but they are making me so sad since i miss japan so much!

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    I love those bunny shoes! They would kinda match your bunny purse!

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    Amazing fashion, Liz Liza i love.

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      Thanks Anna!! More Tokyo store photos coming right up,

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    Like, omg, Lacarmina, if you buy a lot of stuff in japan, can you just buy another usitcase and throw them in there.
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    24brands is nice

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      Glad you like! I’ll be posting more Shibuya 109 pics soon, pls check back!

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