David Bowie theme cafe: Ginza, Tokyo. Alphonse Mucha art nouveau exhibit, Roppongi Mori Museum.

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I rarely hang out in Ginza or Roppongi, the ritzy Tokyo districts. However, I ventured here for two of my heroes.. David Bowie and Alphonse Mucha (glam rock guru and Art Nouveau master). Read on for glorious photos, including a Mucha x Innocent World Lolita collaboration!

david bowie cafe, ziggy stardust, record covers, bowie signed albums

Japan is all about theme dining, as you know from my TV work and book, Crazy Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo. To celebrate David Bowie’s new album The Next Day, Sony turned a regular restaurant into a Thin White Dukedom.

pub cardinal, sony building, ginza david bowie cafe, tokyo theme restaurants

From March 9-24, the Sony Building transformed its Pub Cardinal (1F, 5-3-1 Ginza) into the David Bowie Cafe.

david bowie tokyo, changes album, bowie restaurant, tokyo japan glam rock

Autographed album covers, from the Ziggy era to today, filled every available space.

japanese restaurant diners, japanese salarymen, business men lunch, sony tokyo japan, japanese business suits

Quite a few Japanese businessmen dine here. For a Bowie twist, the restaurant served British dishes like shepherd’s pie.

chef menu, chalkboard, david bowie lunch, fan meetup

The cocktails are named after Bowie’s songs: Cat People, China Girl, The Man Who Fell To Earth.

david bowie old photos, photo exhibit, bowie vinyl records

My favorite part of the pop up? Listening to non-stop Bowie music. (See my 6-second Vine video for a sense of the interior). The David Bowie Cafe closes on March 24, so I hope you’ll catch it before it’s gone.

mori museum spider sculpture, maman spider statue, louise bourgeois, Roppongi Hills complex, giant spider sculpture

Let’s transition with a… Spider from Mars? Nope, this creepy-crawly sculpture is “Maman” by Louise Bourgeois, in the Roppongi Hills Complex.

mori art museum, tokyo city view, roppongi hills complex, mori museum roppongi, alphonse mucha art exhibit

As you can tell from this blog’s header, I adore Alphonse Mucha (best known for his swirly, pastel, Art Nouveau innovations). His works are very popular among the Japanese. Thankfully, I was in town when “An Insight into the Artist” came to the Mori Art Museum (Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 52F, 6-10-1 Roppongi).

alphonse mucha lady, art nouveau, mucha posters, art nouveau gifts

The exhibit had over 240 works by the Czech artist, including rare sketches and jewelry designs.

alphonse mucha postcards, poster designs, art nouveau posters, moet and chandon mucha

Some of his best known works, like the absinthe ads and Sarah Bernhardt posters, were on display. Marvelous to see them life-size — I could make out subtle details, like soft rainbow gradients in the swirls, and the silver sheen of “La Dame aux Camélias”.

alphonse mucha seasons, art nouveau females, mucha art exhibit tokyo

The gallery ran chronologically, from his earliest paintings, to Art Nouveau masterpieces like The Seasons, to his final religious and patriotic works.

Mori Arts Center Gallery, Alphonse Mucha: An Insight into the Artist, roppongi art museum

Look what was in the gift store: an Alphonse Mucha collaboration with Lolita label Innocent World! The brand released a limited-edition skirt and dress, featuring pastel prints.

innocent world alphonse mucha collaboration, sweet lolita dress, mucha clothing, art nouveau fashion, mucha tights, art nouveau stockings

These Mucha ladies tights were immediately in my possession.

alphonse mucha clothing, gothic lolita tokyo, innocent world mucha, star jewelry, art nouveau print fabric

In addition to the usual postcards and books, there were special items like Star Jewelry.

pansonworks, alphonse mucha kawaii, chibi, art nouveau stationery

But these “kawaii” versions of the Mucha girls turned out more “kowai”, or scary!

yayoi kusama, self portrait, kusama pumpkins, mori museum exhibit

The Mori Museum is a personal favorite; it has a sky view of Tokyo, and ever-changing exhibitions of artists like Yayoi Kusama.

alphonse mucha daughter, Jaroslava portrait, mucha painting, woman in turban

I don’t think Alphonse Mucha ever dreamed his “Jaroslava” (a portrait of his daughter) would be in the Tokyo subway! The showcase runs until June 15; it’s well worth a visit for insight into the artist’s creative process.

Are you fascinated by Art Nouveau? Mesmerized by David Bowie? Which artists and musicians do you admire, and why?


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    you have good taste!

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    must go to this David Bowie Cafe!

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    I wish they keep it open for me!!!! Love your blog. Keep the good stuff coming.

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    Hmmmnnn no, not this one. I don’t like Bowie.

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    Bowie Café is a must! XD

  11. Marie-Claire
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    I’ll be there in a few weeks and I’ll be sure to go!

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    I wish we had one in L.A.

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    How cool. And what a beautiful website

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    I NEED that dress. I wish it came in plus size.

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    Glad you enjoyed the exhibit!

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    Lovely <3
    The two places!

    • lacarmina
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      Glad you enjoyed this post! More from Tokyo coming up :)

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    I also love them both, Bowie and Mucha!

    • lacarmina
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      Yesss two of my heroes!! And both are popular in Japan.

  23. melissa
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    Love both, but saw the Mucha exhibit in the US and it was awesome and when I was at the Mori Art Museum several years ago I thought it was really cool so I has to be a unforgettable experience.

    • lacarmina
      Posted March 27, 2013 at 9:31 pm | Permalink

      It was my first time seeing Mucha’s works in person. I thought the Mori museum did a great job of curating his designs. :)

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