Gothic Lolita Japanese male fashion, known as kodona, ouji or dandy.
Red Alert: fashion sickness is a dire and potentially deadly disease, and it is pervasive – just look at the folk at your local shopping mall! You could be the next victim, especially if you don’t bookmark this blog. Thankfully, the Blablahospital can cure even the terminally ill with a heady injection of punk and Gurololi (bloody Lolita).

Gothic Lolita Japanese male fashion, known as kodona, ouji or dandy.
26-year-old head nurse Akari Moffat presides over the main clinic, a tiny stall in London’s Camden Market Stables. (Blablahospital was not affected by the recent fire.) Punks come in for repeat treatments of Injury Ties and T-shirts, arm plasters, and nurse caps meet Gothic Lolita headdresses. Everything is patched with felt crosses and tattered gauze, and wounds are held together with ragged ECG stitching in contrasting thread. Color prescriptions are limited to “Cleanliness Hospital White, Bloody Red, and Always Mysterious Black.”

We already know that Gurololi, with its medical paraphernalia and bloodstains, is one of the best cures for fashion ennui. Blablahospital is one of the few fashion labels that embraces this aesthetic in all its bloody splendor. Our equivalent to the FDA has approved these treatments: the brand’s casual clothes and accessories were featured in Vol. 26 of the Gothic & Lolita Bible. The Kera Shop in Shinjuku’s Marui Young has also started carrying the line.

Gothic Lolita Japanese male fashion, known as kodona, ouji or dandy.
Blablahospital has soothing words for Goth Loli hypochondriacs: “Don’t worry! This is the most important thing. Fashion sickness is easy to cure. Just wear something that makes you feel like you can be king or queen of the whole world. We will help you!” You can buy some palliatives online from – I love the ties, the cap, I love it all! The next time I’m in London, I’m definitely scheduling a full body check-up.

Address: Unit 34c Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London, NW1 8AH
With locations in Spain, Finland, Switzerland, Japan.
Hours: Weekdays 1pm-6pm (closed Wednesdays), weekends 10am to 7pm


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