Gothic Lolita Japanese male fashion, known as kodona, ouji or dandy.
I’ve received a request for more male fashion coverage, and for photos of guest critic Ronan dolled up in a top hat and lipstick. Despite much pleading, I can’t seem to deliver on the latter! But I can certainly do more posts on the male counterpart to Gothic Lolita style.

Japan kodona male street style, inspired by Goth and Victorian fashion.
First, a refresher. Kodona, ouji, or dandy are the most commonly used English terms to describe the male-identified style associated with Gothic Lolita. An outfit might include knee-breeches, a page cap, suspenders, and ruffled blouse under a burgundy vest. Kodona recalls the Victorian boystyle of Oliver Twist, but may be worn by either sex.

Today’s post will celebrate what we frequently call a noose that screams “corporate drone.” The tie is a snore – but our favorite Japanese Lolita designers can make anything hardcore!

Putumayo Gothic Lolita accessories.
Putumayo splatters skulls, crucifixes, and playing card symbols onto bold backgrounds. Check out how they turned one of them into an asymmetrical bowtie.

Punk Lolita ties by Japanese designer Heart E.
Heart E’s ties are more traditional, but the tartan prints maintain a punk ethos. How typical of Japanese fashion: you’ll come across a punk in a mohawk and chains and cut-off sleeves, and then realize that his tie is decorated with an adorable panda bear!

h.NAOTO Goth and punk ties from Japan.
My favorite interpretation is h.NAOTO’s. The ties in his Nois collection are pierced and slashed with silver chains, charms, safety pins, and punk patches. The lace edging mimics the look of a jabot.

Peace Now and Hellcatpunks Gothic & Lolita punk ties.
Peace Now offers a striped tie with a subtle playing card print, and one that can double as torture equipment (center and left). HellCatPunks (right) stamps its skull logo on a skinny satin tie. If you’re in New York City, you can still find Algonquins and Peace Now ties at Kinokuniya Bookstore; I posted a few photos of them here.

Inspiring, right? I’m now eager to steal one of my dad’s old ties and give it a Goth/punk twist. How would your father or boy toy react if you gave him one of these ties? (Ronan: “First you put my cat in a BONNET, and now you want ME to??”)


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