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Portland’s Still Weird! Jupiter Next boutique hotel review, Freakybuttrue Peculiarium Goth alien creepy art museum.

jupiter next hotel reviews

Blink, and you may have missed that I spent a few days in Portland, Oregon!

On this short but sweet trip, I got to catch up with my pirate comrades and hang out in the stylish new Jupiter Hotel Next.

sit on krampus lap christmas devil santa, pictures with satan

I haven’t been to PDX for a few years, and am pleased to report that yes — Portland is as weird as ever.

Keep reading to see our adventure at the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium, where I got probed by aliens and sat on Krampus’ knee!

jupiter hotel burnside portland oregon

In 2013, I visited Portland, Oregon for the first time and stayed at the original Jupiter Hotel. I had fun shooting with the space-inspired rooms, and exploring the kooky and Gothic subcultures in the city. 

This time, I rested my head at the Jupiter Next, the hip new outpost of the Jupiter Hotel located right next door.

renovated new jupiter hotel next

Opened in 2018, Jupiter Next is a sleek and stylish boutique hotel set in a funky six-floor building.

The lobby is an airy space featuring concrete planes, walls of plants, and giant windows that let in plenty of natural light. Many of the staff and guests are tattooed and pierced types with colored hair… The Jupiter is my type of place!

goth clueless plaid skirt yellow, sourpuss clothing

I put together an outfit with “Clueless” vibes. (The beret and yellow and black tartan are totally Cher Horowitz.)

My plaid skirt and bats beret are by Sourpuss Clothing, criss-cross top from Forest Ink, and my black platform pumps are found here.

hey love bar pdx coffee cocktails

Every morning, I made it a routine to get free coffee with oat milk downstairs at the Hey Love bar. The baristas also have a spectacular handmade pumpkin latte…

hey love jupiter hotel next menu brunch

Hey Love, their resident restaurant, serves tropical-inspired dishes and cocktails. Loved the brunch presentation that included edible flowers on a generous platter of chilaquiles.

clueless outfit cher yellow black tartan skirt beret hat

Be sure to take a break on the rooftop terrace, which has sweeping views of Portland’s historic buildings and mountains. The hotel is located in East Burnside, an easy walk from plenty of chic cafes, bars, and the Lovecraft Bar (a favorite Goth party space).

next hotel portland review

The Jupiter Next is also a home for the local art and performance scene. There’s a music venue on the property, and regular events and partnerships with creatives. (Hotel pics by local artist Naomi Rubin.)

jupiter x hotel rooms suite

The art in each room sums up this design hotel’s playful Portland vibe.

Each room is outfitted with cozy modern amenities, and has fabulous views of the city from a big picture window.

portland hipster hotels boutique design hotel

You can compare the Next to the original Jupiter Hotel, where I stayed on my first trip to PDX. The original has more of a motel and partying feel, while the new one is a more chic and upscale “big sister.” 

stephen einhorn pearl hoop earrings pearls ring hoops

Close-up on my hoop pearl earrings from Stephen Einhorn — I’ve been wearing them non-stop. The medium hoop Creole earrings have an elegant French vibe, and stand out with an all-black outfit and dark hair.

My black beret with flying bats is by Sourpuss Clothing.

stephen einhorn dainty skull silver bracelet bangle skulls

Close-up on my Dainty Skull bangle, also from House of Einhorn. (The British designer is famed for his fine Gothic jewelry, including the rings Johnny Depp wore in Dark Shadows.)

The silver double-skull bangle is a subtle yet striking piece, which can be worn alone or layered. You can also customize the eyes by adding in diamonds or gems for sparkle.

Hotel Jupiter NEXT rooftop portland or

More from the Jupiter Next at the end of this blog post… But first, let’s go out into the city and get freaky.

cryptic apparel alien hoodie beanie hat

I did my best to “Keep Portland Weird” — and I think I succeeded.

Wearing a neon green alien beanie and abduction hoodie, by Chicago streetwear designer Cryptic Apparel. 

The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum

My pirate comrades and I were excited to experience the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium, the craziest and strangest museum / art attraction in Portland, OR.

The exterior gives you a hint of the disturbing kitsch horror within… This seems like our type of place!

portland weird wax kitsch museum

We visited the Freaky but True Peculiarium right before it moved to a new and larger location, with more exhibits. (Check their site to see the new address and details.)

sasquatch monster portland weird museums art exhibits

The gift shop alone is worth a visit. You can spend a good amount of time here marveling at the quirky objects for sale, and taking disturbing photos with Sasquatch. Many of the offbeat works are by local artists, including a wall of comics by Portland creators.

portland horror art oddities strange museum

The mish-mash of items ranged from funny to puzzling to terrifying. We were tickled to see vintage clown plates, chocolate chip cookies made with bugs, “anti-hipster” poison vials… If it’s freaky or peculiar, you’ll be sure to find it here.

krampus gothic christmas photos santa lucifer

Admission to the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium is $5, but you get in free if you wear a hardcore costume.

Inside, you’ll find a hodgepodge of displays that don’t make much sense — but they’re all eerie, bloody or weird in some way. In this corner, you can sit on a leering Krampus and take photos –– much like pictures with Santa! (Or Satan…)

freaky but true peculiar weirdest portland museum

The emporium of oddities pays tribute to sci-fi, horror, urban legends and other weird niches. Two of my favorites were the Vampire Killing Kit, and a blood-spewed bathroom titled “Dude where’s my guts.”

kitsch portland paintings

This isn’t a haunted house, so you won’t experience any jump-scares. However, you’ll be certain to be creeped out by something in this enormous collection.

horror creepy dollhouse murder

A Victorian dollhouse looks like an innocent playhouse for children… until you notice the murderous scenes in each room.

portland new location Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum

You’re encouraged to take photos at the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium, and many areas are set up for fun selfies.

portland oregon alien museum ufo abduction

A group of art students put together the wildest attraction of all… An alien autopsy in progress! 

portland aliens museum eccentric alien

There’s a hole for you to pop your head out and be part of the dissection. I seem to be okay with having my organs harvested. Aliens need to learn human anatomy and eat protein, after all…

Freakybuttrue Peculiarium tickets, events admission fee

This mannequin in a bunny-suit, on the other hand, gave me the willies. Warning: if you’re planning to visit the bathroom here, you might be in for a spooky surprise…

portland space theme bar alien convention

Wearing an alien abduction sweatshirt and skullcap by Cryptic Apparel. Not sure if this Cosmic Portland portal is teleporting me to the future, or back to the 1980s.

alina abegg alien pinky ring

I think I’ll press the Depeche Mode button, and wind up in a 1986 Goth club.

(The space vibes match my Alina Abegg alien pinky ring.)

alien streetwear cryptic apparel space street style

The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium is one hell of a weird place — and that’s saying a lot, for Portland!

pentagram donut voodoo donuts diablo rex pentacle satan donuts

Speaking of devilish matters… I went on a hunt for Gothic and Satanic themed things in Portland.

I couldn’t resist trying a pentagram doughnut from the popular Voodoo Donuts. Called the Diablo Rex, this is a chocolate cake donut with red sprinkles, hailed with a white vanilla pentagram star.

(You can also ask for a pentagram pizza from Sizzle Pie, which has various locations in PDX.)

powell's books portland tarot satanic occult bookstore

I stopped by Powell’s Books, and was in heaven — there were rooms upon rooms of esoteric tomes, zines, and novels. Everything is free to browse on the shelves… except the occult / Satanic books and tarot cards, which are locked behind a glass case!

Is it because books like the Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey are too dangerous for innocent eyes? The truth is more mundane: emo teenagers tend to steal these books, hence the extra layer of protection!

danse macabre portland goth gothic store

If you love eclectic shops, be sure to stroll along Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard. There are plenty of alt cafes and two Gothic boutiques: Danse Macabre (above), and Another State of Mind. 

portland paxton gate two headed skeleton taxidermy

Portland’s NW 21st and 23rd avenues also have funky shops, including Paxton Gate. Find two-headed skeletons, horned taxidermy, and rare fossils including T-rex teeth.

satanic murals street art portland oregon

Death, 666, and upside down crucifixes are everywhere… Hail Portland!

skull mural painting portland, pink mongolian wool fur coat

So much wonderful street art to see all over Portland, including this grinning skull. “You turned around, and you had these wooden teeth!”

I kept warm in my Skandinavik pink Mongolian fur coat with a hood.

stephen einhorn skull bracelet bangle silver skeleton jewelry

Another look at my Stephen Einhorn skeleton heads bracelet. A timeless piece and a perfect gift for anyone with a Gothic disposition.

jupiter old motel hotel portland, hipster hotels

If you’re curious about the original Jupiter Hotel, you can see my review here from a few years ago. It turned out to be the perfect place to wear my astronaut outfit for Halloween.

jupiter hotel room bedroom beds

Very happy I got to experience the new Jupiter Next. Waking up to these views in the X Room was heaven.

review jupiter next design hotel

If you’re looking for hip accommodations in Portland, the Jupiter Next Hotel can’t be beat for value and location. It’s also a great spot to grab craft cocktails or a meal with friends.

portland fashion blogger, outfits pacific northwest style blog

A salute to Weird Portland — there’s so much to love about this city, and I’m keen to come back again soon.

OOTD: Clueless plaid skirt and hat by Sourpuss Clothing, cut out black top from Forest Ink.

portland goths, goth clubs lovecraft bar oregon gothic

PS: For more alternative and Goth travel tips, check out my full Portland, Oregon series here. I cover The Lovecraft Bar, pirate Day-Glo golf, absinthe and Victorian theater, underground warehouse parties, and other weird and wonderful attractions!


My 10-Step Makeup Routine & favorite products! Japanese Goth doll eyes tutorial.

art nouveau alphonse mucha headdress

Let’s talk about makeup! I recently got some emails, asking about my cosmetics routine. It’s changed over the years, but I currently have about 10 steps to get photoshoot-ready, using a minimum of products and brushes (since I’m often traveling, and can’t over-pack). I’ll also share some bonus, behind-the-scenes modeling photos from Portland.

make up forever hd foundation, powder

My overall makeup tips: invest in quality products, especially your “base” (foundation, powder). Start with a light SPF moisturizer, and let it dry before applying layers gradually. Obviously, for day-to-day wear, I don’t do all these stages, but for special occasions these are my 10 steps of prep…

1) Apply Make Up For Ever HD foundation with a stipple brush. This foundation is a little pricy, but by far the best I’ve used. With a stipple brush, you’ll get a natural-looking effect. It stays on all day without feeling heavy, and looks great on camera. I use shade “Marble” #117.

(If you need concealer, try Make Up For Ever’s full coverage one. I skip this, and simply dab foundation onto uneven areas.)

2) Make Up For Ever’s HD powder is also a winner. I brush it on lightly after I finish my full face, but it’s worth mentioning here.

ysl touche eclat, highlighting pen

3) Next, I define my eyebrows with a brown pencil. I trace the line below and above the brow, and slightly extend the ends.
4) For a more natural fill, I use an angled brush to apply eyebrow powder, working from a dark to light shade. I also highlight right below the eyebrow.
5) Don’t forget to define your face, or else you’ll wind up looking a bit flat. I adore YSL Touche Eclat, a highlighter pen. It brightens up the area below your eyes, and whisks away shadows.

asian blush, lipstick

6) Then, apply contour and blush to bring out angles (around the cheeks, nose, jaw) and add a bit of rosiness. I like having both in a single compact, saving time and space in my luggage.

(I should mention that a travel brush set is a wise investment. They last forever, and fit snugly in a single case.)

7) I like to experiment with different lip colors, sometimes using a lip brush or pencil to create an ombre fade-out. However, my default is a caramel rose lipstick, such as NARS Pago Pago. They have a superb matte application, and there are many shades to fit your skin tone. Wearing a subdued color keeps the focus on your eyes.

goth eyeshadows, japanese eye liner

8) I recommend carrying an eyeshadow palette like NARS Narcissist, so that you have a variety of light-to-dark tones to play with. If you want to minimize even further, pick something like this set of 4 blue eyeshadows, which you can use to define and highlight your eyes. I tend to extend the colors out, with dark shades at the outer edges, and white for the inner corners.
9) Then, use a black eyeliner pen for a cat-eye effect. I prefer pens to pots and brushes because they are quick and precise.

dolly wink eyelashes, gyaru eyes

10) Finish with false eyelashes. These Japanese Dolly Wink lashes are popular among gyaru. I use an eyelash glue with a brush for better application.

I hope you find this 10-step guide with recommended products helpful! Let me know if you have questions or tips about makeup. It’s fun to discuss in the comments.

blue velvet dress

The above images are by Melissa Rundle and Eric Bergemann. They photographed me for the cover and spread of Rebelicious Magazine. During the shoot, First Mate Naomi Rubin took behind-the-scenes photos of the action.

white coat, faux fur collra

Here are some of Naomi’s shots. My handmade silk flower clips are works of art by Angelica Brigade — check out her site for gorgeous accessories.

outdoors portraits, modeling

My blue-to-green ombre hair is by Stephanie Hoy at Avant Garde Hair in Vancouver.

innocent world tights, alphonse mucha print

And these are my Alphonse Mucha x Innocent World stockings! I bought these special edition tights at the Tokyo Mucha exhibit.

The cut-out knee boots are Yosuke, from Marui One Shinjuku

behind scenes magazine photoshoot

We were in Portland to shoot a travel episode (watch it here), and decided to do the magazine photos at Steel Bridge. I like to incorporate my destinations into my shoots.

portland steel bridge

It takes a village… Eric holds up a reflector, to get the lighting just right.

photographer reflector, taking pictures

The autumn leaves created a beautiful backdrop. I like shooting outdoors, for the light and atmosphere. Fortunately, it didn’t start raining until we were wrapping up the job!

fashion blogger with balloon

Sometimes an idea doesn’t work out. We had some Goth balloons, but they didn’t look right in the images.

portland oregon bridges

The blues, whites and greys of the bridge and water match my outfit’s color scheme.

teal dress, light blue hair

This white disco-era coat is from Hattie’s Vintage (see more of Portland’s secondhand shops in this post).

portland park, fall leaves

Both of my velvet dresses were lent by Vaute Couture — the collection is inspired by Sailor Moon. My faux fur scarf is from Holt Renfrew.

autumn foliage, trees

What are your favorite makeup products and techniques? I’d love to hear your tips in the comments, or on my Facebook!

cute harajuku girl style

I also did a blog post about how to pack stylishly — take a look, for tips on how to create cute outfits on the road.