Miffy cafe in Tokyo, Japan! Anpanman museum Yokohama, Shibuya Sky observation deck & Scramble street crossing.

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Although I’ve been going to Japan since I was a child, there’s so much I have yet to explore. Case in point: I haven’t spent much time in Yohohama, the city located about 50 minutes south of Tokyo.

On my most recent trip with photographer Joey Wong, we went to investigate Yohohama’s cutest attractions — including the Miffy cafe (Dick Bruna Table)…

yokohama anpanman children's museum statue

and an Anpanman museum! Read on for the kawaii story, as well as a visit to Shibuya Sky (the relatively new observation deck) and evocative night-time shots of the famous Scramble crosswalk.

mr maria miffy cloud lamp japanese cafe design

The Miffy Cafe in Yokohama is called Dick Bruna Table, and it’s difficult to find even after asking around and using Google Maps… so give yourself plenty of time.

Access / Directions: You have to purchase a ticket to the subway or use your Suica pass, and beep to go inside the JR gates of Ekyutoedishon Yokohama, in order to access the Miffy theme cafe. In other words, it’s within the inner gates of Yokohama Station.

dick bruna table yokohama miffy theme cafe

Look who is here to greet visitors: my favorite cute character, Miffy the Dutch bunny! She’s the brainchild of Utrecht artist Dick Bruna, hence the name of the restaurant.

tokyo japan miffy themed restaurant store

Inside, you can shop for special items found only in Japan, and decorated with Dick Bruna’s minimalist bunny rabbit.

miffy dick bruna table cafe themed food

Miffy peers out from all over the themed cafe — including from the top shelf, next to the wine bottles. (Miffy is not only for kids — you can get buzzed at her theme restaurant in Japan.)

miffy restaurant cafe tokyo japan interior menu

The attention to detail is impeccable — check out the napkin and the peeking Miffy on the wall. I wore a black purse from the Miffy store for the occasion. (I got it at the Miffy Style boutique at Tokyo Character Street, see the post here.)

miffy themed food popsicles cake desserts

Love the presentation of the cheesecake popsicle! It comes with dabs of fruit sauces, and fresh whipped cream with mint.

miffy the bunny nijntje cafes kawaii

The other cute-faced character is Dick Bruna’s black bear.

japan kawaii mascot themed restaurants cafes miffy

This chocolate cake pop was as scrumptious as it looks — moist, and perfectly paired with raspberry sauce.

miffy lamps japan kawaii characters cafes

I’m happy to see that Miffy has conquered Japan (she has several shops and the Dick Bruna Table cafe). This cloud lamp is by my friends Mr Maria in the Netherlands (remember when I visited their studio?)

Yokohama Anpanman Children's Museum statues

Miffy isn’t the only round and kawaii mascot to dominate Yohohama, Kanagawa… Look at the height difference between me and this massive Anpanman statue!

kawaii instagram instagrammable tokyo locations characters

The red bean pastry superhero stands in front of Yohohama’s Anpanman Children’s Museum — a huge space to get immersed in the anime character’s world.

tokyo children museums kids anpanman mascot

The rainbow staircase and kawaii design are on point.

smiling anpanman face weird japan tokyo statues kawaii character

There are many other J-pop culture attractions in Yokohama such as Gundam Factory, Peanuts Diner and Snoopy Town shop, Cup Noodles museum, Red Brick Warehouse, Marui and Sogo department stores…

miffy purse bag clothing line japanese yohohama sky walk

It’s also fun to walk around the harbour area (there are various skywalks), stop for sushi, and take photos.

shibuya station busy pedestrians

From Yokohama, you can take the rapid express Tokyu Toyoko Line — and arrive in Shibuya in under an hour. Here’s the scene at the iconic Shibuya subway station, where Hachiko the dog statue sits.

shibuya sky observation deck carmen wong

Photographer Joey Wong and I went up to Shibuya Sky, the360° open-air observation deck located about 230 meters above the ground.

shibuya sky visiting instagram girl traveler

Shibuya Sky lets you look out from the roof of the Shibuya Scramble Square skyscraper. It was raining that day, so we looked out from the big windows that circle around indoors.

tickets shibuya sky fast pass

Joey Wong took these remarkable long exposure photos from up above, showcasing the energy and neon lights of Shibuya.

shibuya street scenes life photography

We then walked around Shibuya — one of our favorite Tokyo districts for fashion, pop culture, food, and fun.

tokyo japan vendor booth

On his Nikon mirrorless camera, Joey Wong captured slices of life in Shibuya.

shibuya 109 boys street style fashion men

Quite a few Shibuya boys in punky street style gathered around the Shibuya station entrance, handing out flyers.

shibuya tokyo dslr night photography

The noises, lights…. you have to be there yourself to experience Shibuya!

shibuya street style couples fashion

Many young people come here to dine and shop (I’ll take you inside the newly renovated Parco Department Store in an upcoming post).

new shibuya 109 logo sign department store

I always stop by Shibuya 109, the youth / street style department store. The building features the new 109 logo design.

shibuya 109 youth trend mall japanese schoolgirls uniforms

One thing has not changed since Shibuya 109 opened in 1979.. Japanese schoolgirls love hanging out here! The mall is full of fashion boutiques blasting music, and there are purikura booths on the top floor.

shibuya observation points decks

Shibuya never sleeps — many place are open 24 hours.

japan cosplayers maids fashion shibuya

You’ll still see Lolita-ish style in Shibuya. These ladies gathered by Toho Cinemas.

shibuya jr train subway lines carmen wong real name la carmina

Joey Wong’s long exposure turns the trains into zip of lights.

tokyo stylish chic school uniforms plaid skirts girls

The award for most stylish school uniforms goes to Japanese schoolgirls, of course.

shibuya scramble famous busy crossing walk

A lens flare at the famous Shibuya Crossing, which is the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world. The lights stop entirely, and hundreds of people walk across in every direction.

japan busiest crosswalk shibuya station

No wonder it’s called Shibuya Scramble Crossing… the feeling is one of controlled chaos!

rilakkuma netflix show japan billboard sign

Above the cross-walk, you’ll be bombarded by flickering billboards and colorful signs — like one advertising the Rilakkuma bear streaming show!

shibuya scramble crossing bird's eye view street cross walk

Shibuya scramble / crossing features in many TV shows and films, such as Alice in Borderland on Netflix.

shibuya neon signs buildings billboards view city skyscrapers

Have you been to Shibuya or Yohohama? I hope these images convey the magic of being here — and I can’t wait to go back!


  1. Nikki_boagreis
    Posted March 24, 2023 at 9:41 pm | Permalink

    LC i love your photos, the cheesecake Popsicles look amazing never heard of that before. Shibuya look’s like a wonderful place, certainly nothing like where i live.

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