Visiting the Sailor Moon Museum in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan! Pretty Guardian manga anime exhibition, fashion, tickets.

tokyo roppongi Sailor Moon Museum fashion design Exhibit

My purple evil queen and I were reunited at last in Japan… and sashayed our way through the Sailor Moon Museum in Roppongi, Tokyo! 

sailor moon museum sony roppongi exhibition

Let Yukiro Dravarious and LC show you around the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 30th anniversary exhibition, which is the largest one in history. The magic is taking place at Tokyo’s Roppongi Museum until December 30: get tickets here while it remains open.

sailor moon black lady wicked lady chibiusa

Three decades ago, Japanese manga artist Naoko Takeuchi created the Sailor Moon comic series — and it took off with anime adaptations, merchandise and millions of fans worldwide. To commemorate “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon,” Roppongi Museum put together the largest ever retrospective with a variety of colorful exhibits.

sailor moon wicked lady cosplay halloween costume black lady evil chibiusa

Yukiro and I grew up watching the 1990s Sailor Moon cartoons, and of course, we love the evil characters the most!

My visit to Japan’s Sailor Moon museum inspired me to dress as Wicked Lady (also known as “Black Lady”) for Halloween. The pink haired mistress of the dark is the grown up bad girl version of Chibiusa, Usagi and Mamoru’s daughter. (I had all the cosplay fashion items in my closet already, and put my hair into space buns with an upside-down black crescent moon on the forehead!)

roppongi museum japanese sailor moon exhibit

Located in Roppongi Museum, Japan’s biggest ever Sailor Moon exhibition debuted earlier this year. It is only running til Dec 30, 2022, so be sure to get advance tickets from the Sailor Moon museum site.

sailor moon fans 30th anniversary manga anime museum

“Moon Crystal Power Make Up!” Yukiro and I practiced our sailor scout poses beneath the banner of Sailor Moon and her main posse: Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. (Photos by Joey Wong)

pretty guardian sailor moon museum tokyo video wands

The museum tickets have timed entry, so be sure to arrive before your slot. When you walk into the first hall, you’ll encounter a large immersive screen, as well as recreations of the wands used by the characters.

sailor mercury jupiter wands weapons video japan

The famous theme song plays, and the characters display their planetary powers on-screen. You know how it goes… “Fighting evil by Moonlight! … Sailor Mars! Sailor Jupiter!”

usagi sailor moon serena art visiting museum tokyo japan

Looks like Serena / Usagi is about to get her moon crystal snatched by a fabulous purple villain! (For the occasion, I wore a princess dress from Manon Tokyo boutique in Shibuya 109, and put my hair in Sailor Moon “space buns” — aka dumpling or meatball head “odango.”)

sailor moon museum tokyo japan tickets entry hours visit

Super-fans will recognize the pink wand as an exquisite recreation of the Spiral Heart Moon Rod from season 3.

sailor moon museum tokyo japan

The Sailor Prism Theater used moving images and laser effects on the big screen to bring the universe of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon to life.

sailor moon museum tokyo japan

Then, we entered a room that displayed original drawings from the manga series — using a shimmering holographic effect! As we walked through, these famous scenes took on a different light.

sailor moon video 30th anniversary art exhibit tokyo japan

The silver creates a rainbow refraction above the evil Koan, the youngest Spectre Sister of the Black Moon Clan.

sailor moon museum tokyo japan

The holographic manga panels were a unique way to tell the 30-year-long history of Sailor Moon.

sailor moon manga anime retrospecetive roppongi

The next room was as fabulously decorated in rainbow gradients. The walls show original drawings as well as video clips from the various Sailor Moon movies.

sailor moon museum black moon evil characters

There have been many Sailor Moon anime and films, and it was fascinating to see the evolution of the character design over the decades.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Museum japan

Isn’t it obvious why we love the evil lady characters the most?

sailor moon museum tickets inside tokyo japan

I want to dress up as Koan as well, maybe next Halloween…

sailor moon museum tokyo japan

Riveted by the original storyboards and sketches for the TV shows and movies.

sailor moon dresses fashion clothing museum exhibit

Sailor Moon and her friends / enemies are known for their transcendent outfits, so of course there were fashion displays at the Tokyo museum. Here’s a wedding dress and suit for the Silver Millennium, worn by Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion (the previous incarnations of Usagi and Mamoru / Tuxedo Mask).

sailor moon museum 2022 tickets location roppongi

Designers created ballgowns inspired by Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Love the rainbow gown with moon symbols, and the prom version of her seifuku sailor school uniform.

sailor moon museum tokyo japan

Naoko Takeuchi said she created the series to celebrate strong women and their close friendships — which is certainly part of what draws so many fans to the manga and anime.

tokyo japan anime manga exhibit museums sailor moon shops

These glass cases showed rare SM collections including Bandai figurines, game consoles, and plush toys.

sailor moon cats collectibles largest collection memorabilia

There are endless collectibles based on Sailor Moon, like Luna and Artemis cat pillows… I have some clothing items myself.

sailor moon  rare figurines toys museum tokyo japan

Did you watch or read Sailor Moon growing up? And do you own any collectibles?

sailor moon anime manga collections library japan

Love how the museum design makes you feel as if you’re part of the series.

sailor moon sailor scout uniforms outfits theater

In the next room, we fawned over tiny costumes used in the various theatrical musicals inspired by Sailor Moon over the years.

 sailor moon dress outfit uniform halloween costumes

Some of the outfits were from a Sailor Moon Takarazuka, or performance by an all-female musical theatre troupe. The costumes are intricately designed, using real feathers…

sailor moon choker crescent moon necklace

… and fine materials, as you can see from this choker detail.

serena usagi mural painting sailor moon museum tokyo japan

Another room showed how various artists depicted Sailor Moon characters and scenes in their own style. Many have been greatly inspired by the storylines.

jimmy choo sailor moon red boots shoes

Luxury shoe designer Jimmy Choo did a version of Sailor Moon’s red high-heeled boots.

sailor moon museum tokyo location tickets opening

Fittingly, the experience ends by exiting the Door of Space and Time (no need for a space-time key to get past the hanging fringe). I wore a dress from Shibuya 109’s Manon Tokyo store and styled my hair in a tribute to Serena / Usagi.

sailor moon museum store gift shop

But you can’t leave without browsing the exclusive Sailor Moon merchandise at the museum gift shop!

sailor moon museum shop cafe

While you can find Sailor Moon merch all over Japan, the Roppongi Museum sells limited edition items only available here.

sailor moon  30th anniversary collectibles tokyo japan boutique

From buttons to cookies and stationery, there’s something for every fan.

sailor moon and mamoru tuxedo mask toy

How about a chibi plush toy to remember the occasion?

black luna cat kawaii japan

Luna is one of the most popular characters, so there were many items with the black cat on it.

sailor moon museum restroom signs toilet funny

Even the restroom signs match the theme of the temporary exhibit.

sailor moon museum cafe restaurant food tokyo japan

Finally, we stepped into the Sailor Moon Museum café for a themed meal. This pink cake is decorated to look like the Cosmic Heart Compact.

sailor moon theme cafe menu food decorated tokyo japan

The theme restaurant dishes include omelette rice with an image of Sailor Moon on the side.

sailor moon museum cafe drinks coffee

Of course, there’s a lot of pink and cuteness, including on the lattes.

sailor moon burger hamburger tokyo japan

Sailor Moon burger slider, anyone? (The pop up cafe and museum are only running til Dec 30, but there are often other SM theme restaurants or food items available in Japan. And there’s a permanent Sailor Moon boutique at LaForet Harajuku; photos soon.)

sailor moon themed food cafe restaurant popup tokyo japan

I’ve been dreaming of visiting the Sailor Moon Museum since it opened earlier in 2022 — thank you to the press team for inviting us! Be sure to get tickets and check it out before it closes at the very end of the year. (Address: Roppongi Museum, 5 Chome-6-20 Roppongi, Tokyo.)

sebastian masuda polychromatic skin gender wall rainbow mural 6% dokidoki

It was a cosmic injustice for Yukiro and I to be separated over the past few years due to The Collapse… We made the most of my time in Tokyo, and have much more to share from our subculture adventures.

(Voguing in front of “Polychromatic Skin – Gender Wall,” a Roppongi mural by Sebastian Masuda of Kawaii Monster Cafe fame. This work expresses gender in many colors through a diverse range of materials.)

Til then, you can see a feature about us in Tokyo Cheapo’s article about the Goth Scene (Then and Now), as well as my Metropolis Magazine guide to Japan Halloween spots. And add us on socials @lacarmina and @dravarious for more of our evil shenanigans.


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    Very nice Sailor Moon collectables and pictures i love manga and anime. The chibi plush toys are soo cute. My favorites are Yugioh, DeathNote and Sword Art Online. I love your pink dress, it’s cute. You look really nice, your dress is adorable. My favorite cosplay is French Maid, it’s cute.

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    Hope one day I could visit there! Sailor moon is the best anime I’ve ever watched!

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