It’s Black Friday! Where to shop for Gothic clothes & buy Goth fashion. Shinjuku cute shopping.

pastel light pink long hair color dye

It’s Black Friday — the best time of year to get discounted Gothic fashion. Case in point: all the Goth clothes at Dollskill are all 30% off now!

(And here are many more discount deals, all on one page. These include Killstar, Disturbia, Tripp NYC, Long Clothing, Morph8ne, Sourpuss, YRU, Demonia etc).

Since I’m often asked where I buy my clothes, I did a handy round-up of my favorite retailers. You might have noticed I’ve been wearing less Japanese and Lolita clothing these days. While I still love the style, I’m enjoying a more minimal Gothic look recently.

Above is one of my current favorites: Morph8ne, an independent designer based in Thailand. They produce dark dolly fashion, with unique details like ribbon corset lacing. In the above right photo, I’m wearing this exact sweater, which is now on sale.

Below are more discounted items from Morph8ne.

stockholm cathedral black triangle doorway

I’ve been wearing Long Clothing a lot on my travels. Their oversized streetwear is comfortable yet eye-catching (get it?).

Click to get the Long Clothing eyeball shirt that I’m wearing above.

grace neutral clothing line, shirts

Long Clothing did a fantastic collaboration with Grace Neutral (the hand-poke tattoo artist, model and body modification aficionado) — including this mandala shirt. I also have several pieces from their Long Clothing x Mishka clothing line.

I’ve selected my favorite designs below; toggle the arrows to browse:

kill star killstar clothing sales

Killstar needs no introduction. This leading “Nu Goth” brand is known for dark, occult designs that incorporate Satanic symbols and runes (like in my outfit).

Killstar recently released a Marilyn Manson collection, which rocks. They have a range of styles for both men and women: I’m coveting this Wednesday Addams dress, and pentagram harness. I’m also tempted to get Killstar’s coffin shaped wallet… And basically everything in the images below!

disturbia clothing modern hipster goth

Some of my favorite wardrobe pieces are by Disturbia, who consistently produce edgy, Gothic designs.

Above, I’m wearing this exact spider bomber jacket, which is now discounted. Disturbia also makes a Lucifer jacket with rainbow font.

black friday goth youtube videos

Disturbia is also all about occult and wiccan symbology. Some of their designs pay homage to horror writer Lovecraft. Take, for example, this triangle seeing eye backpack, and skull sweatshirt with extra long sleeves.

yru shoes rainbow platforms sanrio

Now, let’s talk footwear! I purchase Goth / alternative boots and shoes from TUK, Demonia and Iron Fist.

YRU Shoes makes the best platforms ever. Above, I’m wearing clear cloud-sandals available from my closet sale.

Y.R.U. also produces reflective metallic lace-ups, these rainbow-heel booties, and Sanrio Little Twin Stars pink platforms.

chinti and parker miffy shirts sweaters

And then, there is my beloved Miffy. Chinti and Parker did a beautiful collaboration with the cute bunny: their adult tops are made with luxury fabrics like cashmere.

If you’re “mad for Miffy” like me, you’ll want to get the striped top I’m wearing in the photo, or the black version of this shirt. How adorable are these designs?

jen's pirate booty dress revolve

Finally, don’t miss the Shopbop Thanksgiving sale: with the code “GOBIG16”, you get 15% off orders of over $200. The percentage rises if you purchase more, so come take a look.

Shopbop carries dresses by Jen’s Pirate Booty: the name says it all. The one I’m wearing is similar to the Pirate Fairytale and lace up black dress (and more underneath).

shinjuku station colorful buildings

I hope this helps answer the question of where I get my Goth Alternative clothes! It’s a great time to order items online, as there are tons of sales and you don’t have to battle the crowds.

(Don’t forget to also check out my wardrobe sale here. You can also see all my favorite Gothic items on one shoppable page.) 

I also compiled discount codes for all my favorite brands, all on one page. These include Killstar, Disturbia, Tripp NYC, Long Clothing, Morph8ne, Sourpuss, YRU, Demonia and many more alternative labels! There are also coupon and promo discounts for general clothing, makeup (Sephora, MAC etc), travel, hotels and home goods.

See ALL my promo / gift codes here — feel free to share! Just click on the link to the retailer, and it’ll automatically apply the best possible discounts.

japanese travel blog, jpop

For more shopping inspiration, I’ll share some photos I recently took in Shinjuku, Tokyo. In this district, the cuteness factor is always through the roof.

pokemon pop up shop tokyo

This was a big year for Pokemon. At the department store Studio Alta, Pikachu and his compadres had a pop up boutique. (Alta is located right across from Shinjuku East Exit.)

pokemon stores tokyo japan

Pokemon Go fans went cray for these kawaii pins, keychains and other cute character goods.

pokemon go nail art, stuffed toy

My Pokemon Go ghost-character nail art fit in with these plush Pikachus.

skeleton onesie, jumpsuit

How amazing is this adult skeleton onesie (available here)? Inside Studio Alta, you’ll find “spoopy” accessories any time of the year, like zombie eyeball knee highs.

Gyaru, decora and ganguro girls would go nuts for the rainbow striped and leopard print socks.

cute stuffed frog toy

These plush toy frogs look like they’re into the fetish scene.

pumpkin head mannequin

At Algonquins, a pumpkin-headed gentleman greeted visitors. The store carries Goth Punk Aristocrat and Lolita styles (I have a few Algonquins items for sale, email me if you can’t find the listings.)

wood cut out heel platform shoes

Cut out heels are everything. (YRU has platform shoes with star and moon cutouts!)

furry monster purse bag

Monsters, Inc? Beautiful faux fur, with a gloomy eye and vampire teeth.

disney sweater, clothes japan

Disney products are popular in various Tokyo stores. I encourage you to visit Studio Alta and walk around; there are always new, trendy items on the racks.

junie moon dolls studio alta

One of the boutiques had Junie Moon and Blythe dolls, in sweet Lolita doll garments.

tokyo blythe kawaii dolls

Lots of Lolita, royal and pirate influences. Which of these outfits do you like best?

swimmer cute decorated bear cakes

Don’t forget the basement / lower levels of Studio Alta. You can buy yuzu drinks from the 7-Eleven, and pick up a smiling bear or cat cake from Swimmer.

tokyo cute cakes swimmer shinjuku

Love the creative decoration: chocolate cookie ears, raspberry bow ties. These Japanese animal desserts are too cute to eat!

cat face wallets, purses

Shinjuku is one of the best neighborhoods to find cute accessories and gifts. These kitty-faced bags are similar to this Lulu Guinness glittery cat coin purse

movie makeup japan special effects

At Odakaya, you can find special effects / movie makeup, latex, wigs, eyelashes, feathers, fabrics… It’s essentially like a drag queen’s closet.

eyebrow color mascara

Japanese makeup is always fun and slightly bizarre, such as these “color eyebrow” mascaras modeled by anime elves. 

(Browse my favorite fashion with a click below — most items are heavily discounted right now.)

daizy stripper poster

I leave you some Jrock and Visual Kei posters (you can find CDs and merchandise in Shinjuku). V-kei band Daizy Stripper is looking fresh as a daisy, for their 10th anniversary.

visual kei jrock posters

As always, these Visual Kei bands feature extravagant makeup, and colorful teased hair.

mejibray j-rock band japanese

Marilyn Manson from the 90s, is that you?

vkei visual kei hairstyles hair

The J-rock band Kauka asks, “Can you feel this kisses?” I sure hope so.

tokyo visual kei bands concerts

Neverland had a signed poster up on the wall. Since this is Japan, nobody would ever steal it.

weird statue theme karaoke tokyo

Karaoke and giant bug monsters — this is why Tokyo is the best.

maneki neko fortune cat shinjuku

I leave you with a lucky fortune cat (maneki neko). What do you think of the latest Jpop fashions?

(If you’re looking for Christmas gifts, come see my wardrobe sale here. You can also shop all my favorite Gothic fashion brands on this page.)



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      Tokyo inspires me every single time I go back :) Such a wonderful place.

      PS – I’m very happy to send you some of my Japanese / cute / cat fashion for super discounted, if you might be interested in anything! <3 All the listings are at – email and let me know what interests you, and your postal code- and I can calculate a great total! And I can send with a Basil photo and more :3 Talk soon!

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        I found you on Depop and followed you just now – I also recently opened an account there and am trying to get rid of a few things…..

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