Joy Division & The Smiths tour: Manchester Music Tours! Factory Records, Salford Lads Club, Ian Curtis grave.

salford lads club, the smiths manchester

I’m wearing Joy Division tights, and posing like Morrissey — in Manchester, England!

For years, I’ve wanted to make a pilgrimage to this British city, which is one of the birthplaces of Goth and Post-Punk. But as Ian Curtis sang in “Disorder” — “I’ve been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand / Could these sensations make me feel the pleasures of a normal man?”

The answer is yes, yes, yes. Manchester Music Tours took me on the perfect customized Joy Division / New Order / The Smiths journey…

factory records manchester building

… which included stops at Factory Records (above), Ian Curtis’ grave and home, Salford Lads Club, and Manchester Cathedral. Read on for the photos and stories!

(UPDATE – RIP Craig Gill, whose kindness I will never forget… it was truly a special day. His tours are still being run by his family, and I encourage you to support them.)

manchester music tours bus, craig gill

Manchester Music Tours is run by Craig Gill, drummer of rock band Inspiral Carpets. I couldn’t have found a more passionate and knowledgeable guide. Craig has lived and breathed the local music scene since he was in his early teens. All day, he riveted me with stories of the Mad-Chester rave days, Noel Gallagher auditioning for his group (and getting rejected), and personal tales of growing up in this gritty city.

Craig offers both bus and walking tours, themed around famous Manchester bands including the Stone Roses and Oasis. He also does bespoke tours, and customized one for me around my personal favorites: Joy Division and The Smiths.

afflecks music tiles, famous manchester bands

We started at Affleck’s, an alternative fashion center in the Northern Quarter (I’ll take you inside, in an upcoming post).

The exterior has tiled murals dedicated to Manchester luminaries. On the far right is a tribute to Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album cover — notice it’s the same pattern on my leggings and skirt.

manchester music walk of fame

Nearby, there’s a Manchester musical walk of fame. I’m standing on a tribute to the Twisted Wheel Club, a 1960s and 70s nightclub for Northern Soul. (Craig’s band has a triangular plaque on this street too!)

joy division outfit, leggings, shirt

We hopped back on the bus, and drove to Factory Records — the label of Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays and other British indie bands. (I did my makeup in 80s Goth style, to commemorate this era!)

● Outfit Details ●

– LovelySally leggings and skirt, featuring the Unknown Pleasures album cover print. This brand has many unique prints, including forest scenes and galaxies.
– Skull t-shirt from Iceland’s Dead Gallery. In an upcoming post, I’ll take you inside artist Jón Sæmundur’s studio.

Shop for Joy Division fashion and accessories below.

mr manchester street art, tony wilson

Nearby, we found a stencil of “Mr Manchester” by street artist Stewy. That’s the nickname of Tony Wilson, founder of The Factory and energy force behind the Manchester music and nightlife revival.

Tony Wilson is portrayed brilliantly in the movie 24 Hour Party People — I encourage you to watch it, if you haven’t already.

the factory nightclub uk

Today, this is building is home to FAC251, or the Factory Manchester nightclub. It’s co-owned by Peter Hook, bassist of New Order and Joy Division.

joy division manchester tour

Thanks to Craig’s distinctive yellow bus, we were able to visit many famous spots in the course of a day. Photographer Joey Wong and I wanted to re-create famous visuals of the bands, so we stopped by Epping Walk bridge for a quick photoshoot.

joy division manchester bridge photoshoot

This is the footbridge where Kevin Cummins took the iconic photo of Joy Division (above), in the late 1970s.

unknown pleasures shirt, leggings, skirt

So cool, to be standing in their footsteps! The feeling of the bridge remains the same, over 40 years later.

(Although for some reason, the city replaced the original streetlamps and placed them on the other side. It appears they’ve added a safety hand rail too.)

the smiths salford lad clubs, morrissey

Next, we drove to Salford to pay tribute to this famous photo, from the sleeve of The Smiths – Queen is Dead album.

smiths fans music tour, coronation street

Since 1903, the Salford Lads Club has run sports and recreational activities for young men (and now women). Today, the community is still going strong thanks to volunteers.

I did my best to imitate Morrissey‘s smug mug for the photos.

salford lad clubs smiths landmark

Located at the corner of Coronation Street, the Club has become one of the most famous musical landmarks. Fans from all over come to pose between the rounded arches.

smiths exhibition, fan club

Inside, I saw an old wood door marked with “The Smiths.” Inside, I found Leslie Holmes putting up photos and notes from devotees! 

In 2004, Leslie led a project to turn the weightlifting room into a shrine for The Smiths. He loves meeting visitors from around the world, and puts his heart into maintaining this room for them.

ian curtis mural, tiles

He invited me to send in my photo taken outside the Salford Lads Club, which he’ll add to the wall. (Look for La Carmina, if you visit…)

The wall includes album covers, signed photos, and the original Affleck’s mosaic featuring Morrissey.

salford lad club smiths room, tshirt

So happy to have Craig as my enthusiastic guide. He was fantastic at answering my questions, and sharing stories of the bands.

wizard of edge inn, restaurant

Since this was a customized tour, we could move at our own pace. We stopped for lunch at The Wizard Pub at Alderley Edge. What a special place: the inn dates back to the 16th century, and the surrounding countryside is the site of Merlin legends.

wizard alderley edge restaurant food

Still dreaming of that ricotta and spinach pie… (In an upcoming post, I’ll show you how Manchester’s food scene pleasantly surprised me, and defied stereotypes about British cuisine.)

Macclesfield Cemetery, joy division graveyard

It took about 45 minutes to reach Macclesfield, the town south of Manchester where Joy Division’s vocalist grew up. I loved seeing the peaceful, green countryside outside my window as Craig drove us to Macclesfield Cemetery, where he is buried. 

ian curtis grave location, memorial stone

Ian Curtis was cremated here in 1980. Fans continue to visit his curbstone, leaving photos and gifts for this beloved musician.

(The original memorial stone had a more Gothic font, but it was stolen in 2008!)

ian curtis crematorium, cemetery

Perhaps you recognize this view from the movie Control. The final scene pans out to show the chimney where he was cremated. 

Macclesfield graveyard, manchester

This Victorian-era graveyard is beautiful — the perfect resting place for the man who many consider to be the first Gothic musician. 

ian curtis home, Macclesfield house

Manchester Music Tours also took us to the Macclesfield home that Ian Curtis shared with his wife (and where he ultimately committed suicide, in the kitchen). The house was recently sold to an unknown buyer. Let’s hope he or she is a Joy Division aficionado, and will preserve the rose-stained door

control movie, hate jacket

Also in the movie Control, you’ll see the actor playing Ian Curtis walk from this exact home to his job nearby, as an employment agent. The back of his jacket reads “Hate.”

juveniles ian curtis workplace

While working here, Ian witnessed a woman suffering a seizure, inspiring the lyrics of the Joy Division song “She’s Lost Control.”

Craig Gill and I posed in front of the Juveniles sign (there’s a plaque for the band on another wall). We seem to be imitating the “dancing girls” emoji pose.

joy division manchester cathedral photoshoot

For our last stop, we drove back to Manchester and stopped by the cathedral where the band took these shivering pictures

goth travel, gothic music landmarks

That’s as Gothic as it gets. (If you dig what I’m wearing, below are links to Joy Division shirts and more).

manchester cathedral architecture, gargoyles

Love the Gargoyles perched on the pillars.

manchester music tour, new order band

Manchester Cathedral has a history that dates back centuries. Today, it holds poetry readings, musical performances and more.

joy division fashion, clothing, outfit post

I can’t thank Manchester Music Tours enough for this inspiring journey! Goth / post-punk music fans, I urge you to join one of Craig’s tours. Having a passionate, easygoing guide like him was invaluable, and let us visit multiple locations in just half a day.

(Below is a bonus photo of The Hacienda, Tony Wilson’s happening club and music venue. Today, it’s an apartment complex but the name remains.)

echo and bunnymen tour, hacienda apartments

Craig’s band, Inspiral Carpets, recently released a new studio album that you can pick up here. Psychedelic organs, spoken word, and dark beats — I’ve been listening to it on loop in my car.

Manchester’s music scene continues to rock hard. Inspiral Carpets is performing with Echo & The Bunnymen, Gang of Four and other indie bands on May 23rd at Manchester Academy (I wish I could be there.) Tickets are available online.

morrissey tour, the smiths salford

I leave you with a final shot of the Morrissey room at Salford Lads Club. “Farewell to this land’s cheerless marches / Hemmed in like a boar between arches…”

Wouldn’t you love to go on Goth music adventure like mine? Thanks to Visit Manchester for making these travels possible.

(For a taste of the bands featured in this tour, click on the player below.)



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