Pokemon theme restaurant in Tokyo! Pompompurin Sanrio cafe, Line Friends store Harajuku.

line friends harajuku shop

Get ready… for a lot of cute, yummy characters in this post!

Yukiro and I went to three new attractions in Tokyo: the Pokemon cafe, Pompompurin theme restaurant, and Line Friends shop. Follow along on our funny adventures, which include eating Pikachu pancakes, and posing with a 10-foot-tall stuffed Brown bear!

pokemon theme restaurant food

First, we waltzed into the very popular “Ruby & Sapphire” Pokemon-themed cafe, located at The Guest diner in Shibuya Parco. We couldn’t wait to chow down on the adorable food.

(Address: 7F Parco Part 1, 15-1 Udagawachō, Shibuya, Tokyo. Open 11am to 10pm daily. Phone: 03-3477-5773)

Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Cafe

We walked to the seventh level of Shibuya’s Parco department store, and saw lineup of Japanese girls snaking down to the floor below. Were they waiting to see a pop star? Not quite, but close. They had come to dine with Pikachu and friends.

The cafe has a “first come first served” policy… and these diehard fans usually end up waiting 2 hours in line. Fortunately, we had made press arrangements, and were able to walk right in for a table.

pokemon cafe parco shibuya

The themed experience starts as you get inside. There’s a rack of Pokemon costumes, ears and props for you to wear. Yukiro and I climbed into the funny backdrop, and posed away.

pokemon pikachu theme cafe, tokyo japan

A waiter led us to a booth filled with colorful toys. If a diner comes alone, she can sit with a big plush Pikachu to keep her company.

(Behind me: do you think the girl is laughing at my conversation with this stuffed toy?)

pikachu latte, cute drink

Everything on the menu is cute. We drank lattes that looked like Pikachu’s smiling yellow face.

pokemon decorated food

All of the food is creatively decorated to look like various Pocket Monsters. This is a hamburger wrapped in an omelet sheet, and dolled up with carrot cheeks and nori eyes.

poke ball dessert, ruby sapphire cafe

Our waiter brought over a giant red Poké Ball. When he opened it, steam poured out… and a smiling cream puff Pikachu appeared!

pikachu cake, pokemon desserts

Yukiro used a chocolate pen to draw his favorite Pokemon character on a crepe. Can you recognize it?

pokemon store japan, toys

Everywhere we looked, there was something Pokemon going on. You can see the wallpaper and stuffed toys behind us.

ポケモンセンター pokemon center tokyo

This Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire video game just came out on Nintendo 3DS, hence the pop up cafe.

stuffed toy pikachus

Stop by the gift store at the entrance, to pick up limited edition Pokemon goods. There’s a good selection, although the Pokemon Center has more.

my melody theme restaurant shibuya parco

Hurry and visit the Pokemon cafe, since it closes at the end of the month! However, it will transform into yet another cute theme cafe — this time, dedicated to the Sanrio characters My Melody and her sheep friend “My Sweet Piano.”

(Find out more info about the upcoming My Melody cafe, at The Guest cafe from April to June 2015.)

line friends store harajuku tokyo

Let’s continue our “kawaii characters” adventure… at the Line Friends Store in Harajuku! Located on the main street near Laforet department store, these waving cuties are hard to miss.

(Address: 4-32-13 Jingumae, Harajuku. Phone: 03-6434-0597)

line app characters, japan exhibit

It’s astonishing to see how popular Line has become, in only a few years. The messaging app debuted in 2011, and grew to 500 million worldwide users. Now, Line’s cartoon mascots have their own stand-alone store in Tokyo.

giant stuffed line friends brown bear

Fans can take photos with Line Friends statues and backdrops. I hugged a towering plush Brown the bear — he’s my favorite Line character, probably because he lacks expression. This bear is so tall that his ears hit the ceiling!

sally the chick, line toy

On the main floor, you can pick up eccentric gifts. These range from Sally the Chick toys, to cushions shaped like Cony the rabbit’s head.

line brown bear den, store

Downstairs, Brown has his own hibernation den. Looks warm and cozy.

line friends stuffed toys

Also in this area are more luxurious items, including a Line crystal jewelry collaboration.

line friend shop, tokyo japan

I encourage you to visit the Line Friends store, and do Brown’s signature “fingers together and sad face” pose!

pompompurin cafe, harajuku

Not far from Harajuku station, there lies another cute new cafe… this time, dedicated to the yellow Sanrio puppy, Pompompurin.

(Address: Cute Cube Harajuku, 1-7-1 Jingumae, Harajuku, Phone: 03-6212-0639)

sanrio theme cafe, tokyo

Pompompurin is one of the lesser known characters in the Sanrio universe. However, as the saying goes, “every dog has his day.” At this Harajuku theme cafe, he is finally the star of the show.

pompompurin restaurant, cafe cute cube

The beret-wearing golden retriever is everywhere you look: playing on the wallpaper, and smiling from the placemats. (My trippy prism sunglasses are a gift from H0les Eyewear.)

sanrio cute yellow dog character

At the center of the room is a statue of Pom Pom Purin, surrounded by dancing animal friends.

pom pom purin dog cafe japan

The dog in the back right — with a top hat, pipe and bow tie — made me crack up.

sanrio themed drinks

Yes, this drink is called “Floating Tush”… and it shows Pompompurin diving into your hot chocolate.

sanrio characters store japan

Like the Pokemon cafe, there can be long lineups and it’s not possible to make reservations in advance. I suggest coming on weekdays and at off-hours.

pompompurin pancakes

The food is as adorable as the decor. I’ve never had pancakes and mashed potatoes together… but when they’re shaped like these cuties, why not.

pompompurin cute decorated food

Many of these entrees came with a free ceramic Pompompurin cup — a nice souvenir to take home.

pompompurin cafe food menu

This omelet looks like a sleeping puppy with a hat. Vegetables taste better when they are shaped like hearts and stars, right?

white day sanrio gift

The menu includes seasonal items, like a White Day dessert. (Photos by Melissa Rundle and me)

weird japanese burger

Be sure to stop by the gift section, since these Pompompurin items can be hard to find in regular Sanrio stores.

moomin theme cafe, roppongi hills

I leave you with some bonus photos of theme cafes in Tokyo. We passed by the Moomin theme restaurant, in Roppongi Hills. Customers can sit with this giant family of Moomins!

moomin restaurant, mori museum

This Finnish character is surprisingly popular in Japan. One room is filled with framed prints of the comic strip.

kagaya izakaya, frog costume

We also took our friends to our much-loved Kagaya, the theme izakaya that defies description. (I wrote about it many times here.)

weirdest japan theme restaurant

Mark remains at the top of his game. I’ve been coming to Kagaya since 2008, and it hasn’t lost its magic. One guy performing the most surreal, hilarious, surprising, ribald acts — while his mother cooks Japanese homestyle food in the back.

kagaya performance restaurant tokyo

I encourage you to try at least one theme restaurants when you come to Japan. For more inspiration, read about the dozens of theme bars and cafes I’ve visited over the years.

Are you a Pokemon, Sanrio or Line fan? Which of these places are you adding to your dream-list?


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