Vancouver Anime Evolution convention with Seby: manga, cosplay, Jpop fans. New writing job: Business Insider!

purple ombre hair, red hair ombre, goth hairstyles

Victory sign for Anime Evolution! Seby and I were guests at this anime convention, held in my hometown of Vancouver, and had a splendid time.

Read on for cosplay cuteness, and to learn about my new journalism job at Business Insider.

men's leather jackets, danier leather jacket

This was our first Canadian anime con, and they treated us royally. (That’s my leather hooded jacket, by Danier…)

west coast suites, ubc hotel, vancouver

Seby and I enjoyed the beautiful UBC campus, where the annual event was held.

long white dress, liz lisa dress, mori girl

We met a squirrel along this nature pathway. I’m wearing a long, scalloped white dress and crochet jacket by Liz Lisa (Japanese gyaru brand), bought last month in Sogo Hong Kong.

anime evolution, vancouver anime con

We were guests of honor at the three-day convention, a celebration of anime, manga, gaming, and other Jpop fandom.

anime convention guest, jrock hair, final fantasy mog toy

Thank you to everyone who came to our panels (including this stuffed Mog from Final Fantasy).

anime convention panels, speech

Seby and I gave a panel about living and traveling in Japan, including tips about visas, staying in ryokans, best flights and season, ways to keep costs low, and how to use the subway. Hopefully you found our advice helpful; we encourage you to learn more and visit Japan!

cute cat drawings, cat sketches

We also did two autograph signing sessions. Seby drew his cat (Mara Maura) and mine (Basil Farrow). What do you think of the resemblance?

big cat stuffed toy, cat face pillow

In addition to convention booklets, we signed arms, tshirts, stuffed bears and staff badges.

blue purple hair, blue dyed hair, braids

Close-up on my blue-purple-red ombre hair, which I straightened and braided.

grey sheer dress, two percent hong kong

Wearing a long, sheer grey top/dress by TwoPercent Hong Kong. My fuzz-face purse looks like a Totoro dust sprite, but it’s actually the Hong Kong character Hyoma.

cosplayers, snow white costume, cosplay convention

Anime Evolution was celebrating its 10th anniversary, and had a number of special events like a cosplay contest, opening and closing ceremonies, and meet-and-greet dinner. Loved seeing how everyone dressed up.

kingdon hearts keyblade, sora

Seby tried with all his might to grab this Kingdom Hearts keyblade.

alpaca toys, llama stuffed animals, sailor moon art nouveau

So much to see in the Dealer’s Hall and Artist’s Alley. I particularly liked the stuffed pastel alpaca toys, and the Sailor Moon meets Art Nouveau work, inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s works.

vancouver comic con, anime convention fans

Thank you to Anime Evolution for inviting us, and to all the volunteers and attendees for their kindness. We hope to be back next year!

batman leggings, granville island vancouver

In our downtime, Seby and I went to Acadia Beach, and to Granville Island.

granville island ferry dock, marina

I guess someone wants to put me in his pocket…

bat printed leggings, goth stockings

My “happy bat” tights and black-white striped platform shoes are both from the Hong Kong Izzue store (more photos to come).

business insider, journalist, writer, contributor

Let’s end with some exciting news: I have a new writing position at Business Insider! I’ll be contributing articles about travel, pop culture and trends worldwide.

Enjoy my first article on Japan’s cat-crazy culture. Featuring Hello Kitty, Hangry & Angry, Doraemon and a cameo by my Scottish Fold cat. Thanks for reading!

Have you been to an anime convention? What was your experience like? And did you spot Basil Farrow in my kitty article?



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    I’d love to live like you, sweety

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    congratulations on your new gig

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    omedetou! (=^ェ^=)

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    thats good news

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    i REALLY like your hair color! >_< ///

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    #1 anime read

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    Can we join you?

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    I love your dress ^^

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    you look so sweet on white *-* i look like a cake with that color ;—;

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    ha ha.. you totally rocked it!

  14. Rennie Chen
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    I love how I photobombed your photo of the cat plushie xDDD -is Rennie btw- Was one of the guest handlers at Anime Evolution. ;D I miss you both alreadyyyy~! Come back soon ;O

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    Love the cats

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    some cute clothes here. I wanna go to Japan!

  18. Silvia Je
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    Congrats! As always you shared a great blog with us!! Thank you!
    Seems as if you and Seba had a lot of fun in Vancouver! ;)

    • lacarmina
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      Aww we did ;) Thank you dear!! PS you will love the next destination I’m going to… stay tuned!

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    So cool! Wish I could’ve gone to the anime show! You look amazing with your purple hair and I love the tights! I also love the Sailor Moon art nouveau work – so freaking cool!

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    I like the two of you together :-)

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