Sweet & Gothic Lolita dresses, Punk fashion at Yokohama Vivre. Angelic Pretty, Putumayo & eyeball tattoos!

frankenweenie, baby the stars shine bright, kodona hat

I’ve photographed all of Tokyo’s major alternative shopping centers (Laforet, Shibuya 109, Marui One etc) — but haven’t explored Yokohama Vivre until now. This department store is smaller and more relaxed (no frenetic music or clingy shop-clerks), but carries a number of Goth, Lolita and Punk brands.

Read on for a peek inside Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Putumayo, Angelic Pretty and more… plus a look at eyeball tattooing in my latest Huff Post article.

baby biscuit purse, lolita bags, btssb, tokyo lolitas

I laughed when I saw BTSSB’s “Baby Biscuit” purses. But I lusted over the Tim Burton Frankenweenie collaboration, which you can see in the first photo of this post.

baby the stars shine bright store, lolita jsk, egl sales, yokohama vivre

Baby’s dresses are fabulously detailed, but for some reason, their shop spaces always look like a mess.

lolita stuffed toys, sweet lolita dresses, clothes, pink pastel fashion

Mix and match: fluffy stuffed rabbits, bow-print pastel dresses, clock purses, pearl necklaces.

bunny print dress, antique dolly, mori lolita, flower crown hair

Next door is Kera Shop Angel. Unless you’re a character in Narcissus and Goldmund, I’m not sure where you’d wear this bizarre dress…

ozz on, ozz croce, visual kei hat, jrock hats

Ozz On and Ozz Croce maintain their striking signature look: dark cyber meets traditional Japan.

wa lolita, japanese cyber clothes

I like their distinctive designs, but they’re a bit hard to mix with other items.

deorart, military skirt, punk bags with chains

Kera Rock Shop has punk messenger bags with silver chains, short military skirts…

skirt with crosses, goth skirts, nu goth print

… and clothes printed with Goth crosses.

angelic pretty dresses, pink purple lolita jsk, lolita coordinates

Angelic Pretty twins. Note the retro kids toys at the bottom.

heart shaped purses, gothic lolita purses, angelic pretty store

AP’s heart-shaped purses, with a big bow and pearl chain, are timeless.

angelic pretty coordinates, tops, jackets, skirts

I appreciate the casual direction of this new collection. The ribbons, lace and corset detail are classic Angelic Pretty, but the light fabrics are easier to wear in daily life.

angelic pretty jsk, print, long sleeved top

As opposed to this JSK, which is better suited to special occasions. It’s not something I’d wear, but I do like the print and relatively sleek shape.

putumayo top, jrock clothes for sale, visual kei fashion

Putumayo, famous for their Gothic Lolita Punk fashion, gets kitty-crazy this season.

cheshire cat shirt, alice in wonderland fashion collaboration, putumayo

Putumayo did an Alice in Wonderland collaboration, featuring the grinning Cheshire Cat.

tokyo punk clothing, street style, plaid hoodie

Nice how they incorporate Alice storybook symbols, like the stopwatch and teacups, in the pink print.

angry cat shirt, cute bear tshirt

This cat doesn’t seem to fit the “playful” label… and why are clumsy bears captioned with “innocence is bold”?

bible purse, japanese schoolgirl, tokyo school uniform

Would you wear a schoolgirl uniform-inspired coordinate with a “Dark Bible” purse?

lolita accessories, mickey mouse top

A wall of cute meets dark accessories.

goth wallets, punk wallet, gothic lolita wallets

Studded crown wallets, spiky bracelets, eyeball hair clips.

unicorn jacket, pastel coats, pastel goth jackets

And a shimmery, flying unicorn lavender jacket!

studded shoes, yokohama department store, vivre

See more photos of these brands and more in my Tokyo Gothloli shop guide.

jrock outfits, tokyo gothic lolita designs

Have you been to Yokohama’s Vivre? What do you think of Lolita and Goth clothing in this post? Which items would you wear?

eyeball tattoos, eyeball tattooing, eye tattoo, russ foxx

PS: I have a new Huffington Post article about eyeball tattoos! I interviewed body modification artist Russ Foxx (based in Vancouver) about tattooing the whites of the eyes. What are the risks and effects? Read my article to find out, and don’t miss the slideshow of extreme body mods like split tongues and pointed ears.



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    wow スペイン語 very good writting i didn’t know

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    as a tattoo artist I still wouldn’t feel comfortable doing something like this for anyone

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    I think I just saw you on on MTV…you looked adorable!…either that or you have a look-a-like!

  11. Ash
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    I’m heavy into body modification, & I totally understand the backlash. People are always going to judge & be afraid of things they don’t understand. I’ve seen a few “bagelheads” in America as well.

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    Carmina , como siempre muy linda , con mucho estilo , tu pelo siempre tan colorido y maravilloso

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    Oh wow! Makes me miss La Foret!

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    I love the dress with the bunny that you seemed to dislike :P It’s by Innocent World too which you didn’t mention :D

  19. Sherridan Gordon
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    I am completely jealous that you can go to Ozz On and Ozz Croce. I have been trying to find a certain pair of the Ozz Croce Bara boots for ever. All of those shops look fantastic fun to go broke in.

    • lacarmina
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      If you end up in Tokyo, go to Closet Child, the used clothing stores. There’s always a good selection of Ozz Croce and On. ;)

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    Since I really love lolita fashion and other japanese fashion styles I think this post is wonderful!
    My biggest dream is to visit the sames shop you writed about!
    I love its!

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