Now here’s a brain-churner for you. It’s not hard to find Gothic Lolita clothing. Even if you live in the West, you can buy Japanese brands from online retailers. But if you want to dress your five-year-old niece… that’s when you run into problems. Oh, the irony: Lolita labels are a-plenty for those past puberty, but offer next to nothing for real little girls.

Shirley Temple Japan sweet lolita brand, Emily Temple Cute
There is one major exception: Shirley Temple, a sister line to Emily Temple Cute. Many assume it is an add-on (akin to GAP Kids) – but the label has been around since the days of disco. Shirley Temple (named, of course, after the child film star) began as a kid’s brand in the 1970s. The original customers grew up, but wanted to keep wearing the girlish styles. And so, Emily Temple and Emily Temple Cute were founded to fill this market.

Shirley Temple’s designs are similar to those of her older sisters: light colors, adorable patterns, Sweet Lolita frills. If you’re tiny, you may be able to fit into “size 160.” Unfortunately, the brand is scarce outside of Japan. We’ll simply have to drown our sorrows in the starlet’s films (she always wears adorable outfits) and her namesake drink (or something with more of a kick)!


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