In October, I posted that TokyoPop is releasing an English version of the Gothic & Lolita Bible. Now we can start counting down the days – the publisher has just revealed that it will hit the stands in February 2008.

In a news release, TokyoPop states that the Gothic & Lolita Bible is a quarterly “mook,” or combination magazine and book, that has “played an instrumental role in defining the global look of Gothic and Lolita fashion.”

Translated for the first time into English, this book will feature a guide to Gothic and Lolita fashions, interviews with fashion experts and designers, photo shoots and more. It will be devoted to the season’s fashions and will show new products from Japanese designers, as well as the U.S. versions and trends.

“Although the name ‘Lolita’ conjures up the image of a temptress in this part of the world, the Japanese Lolita fashion is decidedly demure,” said Jenna Winterberg, TokyoPop senior editor. “Although Lolita is sometimes considered a lifestyle in Japan, in the West it is primarily a fashion — but a fashion that promotes community building, creativity, and self-expression. And as the Lolita movement gains momentum, it’s having a direct influence on mainstream fashion. As more elements of Lolita go mainstream, the more the general public will pay attention to the original. And we’ll be covering the trends as they happen, from both the U.S. and Japan.”

You can read more about the magazine in my previous post. Can’t wait!