During the Rococo, ladies (and lords! ) lolled away their days on the art of needlecraft. Gothic Lolitas like to get in the same spirit, but we aren’t about to knit tea cosies like the over-65 crowd. Can’t we make something we can bare at a Goth nightclub?

Enter Naughty Needles by Nikol Lohr. This ain’t your me-maw’s knitting handbook; the how-tos include kinderwhore garters and fembot nighties and pillows for hiding your vibrator. Lohr proves that the “wifely arts” can be as edgy as anything in the Gothic & Lolita Bible.

Although itsy-bitsy bikinis aren’t exactly Lolita-friendly, several projects can be adapted for Goth Loli fashion. The long, fingerless knit gloves (shown above) can be laced with white or silver ribbon for a Black Peace Now look. Devil horns on the hooded cap can be modified into kitty or bunny ears. And the knit eyepatch would compliment a Pirate or Gurololi (bloody Lolita) outfit.

Naughty Needles is a nice stocking stuffer; the book requires only basic knitting know-how, and has a techniques section for those who are rusty. I’m going to brush off my needles over Xmas break and give the armbands a go.



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