Introducing our baby: Basil the Scottish Fold! Ronan Farrow raised him from kittenhood – and after I rubbed his round head and foldy ears, I couldn’t leave without him (Bazzie, that is). This delicate soul now lives in my loft and Ronan has visitation rights. He fits in with my Goth Loli aesthetic, wouldn’t you say?

In fact, Gothic Lolita fashion is pussy galore. HellCatPunks’ logo is a menacing feline skull with an ear stud and choker. Cat ear headbands, hoodies, and hats are popular (a Lolita Kisama version is pictured). Kitties are often found in prints and graphics, such as on this Putumayo top.

One of the most cat-happy Lolita designers is h.NAOTO. Every season, he releases a full line of juniors clothing, toys, and accessories featuring the undead kitties Hangry and Angry. Naoto also styled Hello Kitty for a collection of cell phone charms (as seen above), which you can purchase from Strapya World.

Felines are a recurring motif because of their Gothic associations. Anyone who’s watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch knows that scowling, hair-raised black cats are linked to witchcraft. In the Dark Ages, cats were feared as imps given from Satan to his followers. Witches supposedly took the form of their “familiars” to travel unnoticed. Many people still shudder when a black cat crosses their path, believing it to be bad luck.

But we musn’t forget that pussies have a Loli side. They are adorable, loving, gentle… everything that a Sweet Lolita strives to be. Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, Chammy Kitty, and Chococat prove that in Japan, the pointy-eared animal is the definition of totemo kawaii (uber-cute).

Fuzzy Basil is both Gothic and Lolita. Trust me, your heart melts when he raises a fat paw and mews and curls up beside your pillow. But he’s also a creature of the night, with a flat owl-face and glow-in-the-dark eyes. No wonder we had to steal him. Totemo kawaii ne???

More Basil photos on Flickr!