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Travel Channel (Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods) + Food Network + CNN + Discovery (Oddities) National Geographic (Tab00) + Pro Sieben (Germany) + Canal Plus + Dutch Pepsi + Sony Australia + Fuel + NHK Japan (Kawaii TV & New York Wave) + Norway TV (NRK) and more...

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LA CARMINA - TV hosting reel
clips include CNN, Bizarre Foods on Travel Channel, NHK, NBC Today Show.

La Carmina is an experienced TV presenter, specializing in travel, fashion, Japan and subcultures. (Full details on her biography page.)

Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods Vancouver, Canada, tv host

La Carmina co-hosted and assisted with arranging for the Tokyo episode of Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World, which airs on Travel Channel and in 75 countries (details here.) She and her Goth friends drink red slush out of a mannequin’s head and eat “Russian Roulette” takoyaki behind the bars a jail cell. See CNN coverage and blog posts about La Carmina's TV gig.

Video clip of La Carmina's segment on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (Travel Channel).

LA CARMINA & TOKYO SPOOKS ON TRAVEL CHANNEL TV PROMO, ANTHONY BOURDAIN NO RESERVATIONS! tv show travel, special documentary, paris episode bourdain, france traveling suggestions, JAPANESE PIRATE HAT, SKULL CROSSBONES BOTTLES. Pirate wine alcohol, japanese girl, kawaii cute, tv show travel, bourdain 100th episode anniversary, special no reservations show, japan episodes

La Carmina was featured in a promo spot for Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations 100th episode. It aired for a week on Travel Channel (Sept 2010). View it here.

la carmina, tv host, travel tv hosting, tv presenting, lacarmina, gyaru hair, maid cafes, bob blumer

La Carmina appears as an expert guide to bizarre cafes and Japanese culture on Food Network TV show "World's Weirdest Restaurants." She and Naomi Rubin were the Tokyo fixers (translators, location scouts, local production coordinators) for all 14 Japan episodes.

See the Food Network video clips below and here. More photos from the shoot here.

oddites, tv, watch, episodes, season 4, la carmina, goth blogger

La Carmina appeared as a guest on the popular reality TV show, Oddities. It first aired June 2013, on Science / Discovery Channel and then on repeat. In the episode (season 4, #11), she visits the antique store owners and leaves with a giant animal head. See photos from the shoot and the clip below.

local news eyewitness report, interview witness tv

La Carmina starred in the second season of hit German TV show, Joko vs Klaas (Circus HalliGalli, aired in late 2013 on Pro 7). We fully came up with the concept for the episode and arranged it in Vancouver, Canada. La Carmina starts out as Joko's cute travel expert... but then forces him to get his lips sewn shut with needle and thread, by an extreme body modder! See the clip below and here.

CNN travel tv show in tokyo, cnn INTERNATIONAL & CNNGO TV crew: TOKYO GOTH FASHION DESIGNER KENZO-A, TAKUYA ANGEL HARAJUKU SHOP, kenzo stigmata rituals gothic fashion show, la carmina, little cake lolita hat, agent lover, pretty lolita girls, japanese harajuku street style book

La Carmina was the guide to Harajuku fashion in CNNGo's Tokyo TV episode. She interviewed designer Kenzo-A for a story that aired a dozen times on CNN International.
More photos here; view clip below and here.

laforet harajuku outside department store, japanese kids v-fingers posing, TOKYO TRAVEL TV SHOOT HOSTING & ARRANGING: DUTCH PEPSI. SEGA GAME CENTER, HARAJUKU FASHION GUIDE, japan youth clothing fashion expert, street style, weird japan, crazy japanese activities, takeshita doori, television filming movie, netherlands, bo jeuken, watkijkjij videos netherlands, strange traveling

La Carmina was the subject of several web episodes for a Dutch Pepsi campaign (shot in Tokyo, August 2010). Naomi Rubin did the all the fixing (arrangements) for the shoot on a tight deadline.
The first video is here and below.

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La Carmina hosts, writes, field produces and arranges a "Coolhunting America" travel TV show for Huffington Post / AOL. See her Huff Post page. Her "Weird Wisconsin" travel show appeared on the front page of America Online (AOL).

NHK KAWAII TV VIDEO CLIP: LA CARMINA, 東京カワイイ tv, BEST TOKYO GOTH CUTE FASHION STORES & CLUBS! CLOSET CHILD ADDRESS, SAGAMI-ONO. nhk kawaii television, closet child map, closet child secondhand store, used gothic lolita clothes, shopping map japan, new closet child location, JAPANESE GOTH INDUSTRIAL MUSIC DJS, BANDS, CLUB NIGHT: MIDNIGHT MESS. NHK TV DOCUMENTARY FILMING, GOTHIC LIFESTYLE. tv casting, filming in tokyo japan, shinjuku club marz, goth clubs, dark culture, ebm, techno party, rave, hard rock, metal, punk, subculture style, goth fashion, japanese style, cute japanese girls

La Carmina was the subject of a 30-minute episode of NHK Kawaii TV. The popular program, airing on Japan’s national broadcaster, covers cute Japanese fashion, trends and people.  (Photos from the shoot)

TOKYO CASTING FOR NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TABOO, BAGELHEAD INFLATION! ROPPONGI S&M FETISH LOVE HOTEL, LOVE DOLL. national geographic taboo tv show, saline inflation, forehead inflating, keroppy maeda, saline drip into head, extreme body modifications, STRANGERS IN DANGER TV SHOW, FUEL NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. ROPPONGI ALPHA INN
bagelheads, japanese bagel head, bagel head, bagelhead website, national geographic taboo, ベーグルヘッド, 生理食塩水, forehead bagels, forehead donut, saline inflation, japanese bagelhead trend, japan bagelhead, keroppy maeda, saline forehead inflation, japan body mod, tokyo trends, tokyo fixers, japan production coordinator, tv show fixer, bagel head photos, japanese body modification, bagel head wiki

Arranged the Tokyo episode of National Geographic’s TABOO. The program’s been on the air for 10 seasons, and is about extreme cultures/acts worldwide. Our episode showcases the bagelhead (saline forehead inflation) body mod. Our bagel heads segment went viral, and was featured on CNN, Daily Mail, Fox, ABC and more. La Carmina was interviewed by the Japan Times about bagel-heads. (Trailer is here, full clip is below and here)

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La Carmina was a guest on The Doctors! The hit CBS daytime TV show, which tackles medical and health topics, has 14 million viewers per week and airs in USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, Sweden and Finland.

She discusses bagel heads (Japan saline forehead inflation) with all four doctors and Roseanne Barr, presidential candidate and comedian. Watch the clip below and see more photos on her blog.

Her friend John, featured in National Geographic's Taboo episode (which the Pirates arranged) calls in as well. The Drs bagelhead episode is called "Health Dilemmas Caught on Tape" and aired Wednesday, October 24.

Cafe Bar Pray, akiba maid cafes, angel demons cosplay costumes, pretty japanese maids, japanese subcultures, otaku, akihabara, cute maids, meido, japan girls young sweet, best maid cafes tokyo japan, ari behn, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, ARI OG PER, tv show hosts male, PRINCE OF NORWAY. travel host tv, Ari og Per NRK, Per Heimly. Prince of Norway, NRK Programmer, famous Norwegians, travel tv show, european tv hosts, japanese pop culture, weird japan

Tokyo host of NRK Norway TV show, Ari og Per (clips below and here). It won the Gullruten, the Norwegian Grammy award, and co-starred Ari Behn, the Prince of Norway.

FUEL TV, STRANGERS IN DANGER: JAPAN EPISODE. BMX CATFISH & ROOFTOP GET FOREHEAD SALINE INJECTIONS, DONUT HEADS. TOKYO strangers in danger, fuel tv, national geographic, discovery, friends and pro BMX’ers, Mike

Strangers in Danger, on Fuel TV, Discovery and National Geographic. We fixed (location-scouted and arranged) the Japan episode, and La Carmina is on-screen as the saline injection (bagelheads) body mod / subculture guide — a.k.a. “Hot Goth.”

two tims travel show australia, sony tv, roam, la carmina maid outfit, cosplay

La Carmina was the on-camera guide to Tokyo pop culture for a National Geographic Adventure / Sony Australia travel TV show, "Roam," hosted by the Two Tims. (Aired in 2011.) Naomi Rubin was the fixer - she scheduled all the shoot locations.

The Pirates arranged a Tokyo subcultures TV episode for Endemol Productions, which aired on Germany's major network Pro Sieben. In the show "Joko gegen Klaas," we arranged for the host to get an extreme body modification called a bagelhead, or forehead donut (saline inflation). Watch above and on YouTube. Learn more about bagelheads.

La Carmina was a guest on The Today Show to promote her book Cute Yummy Time. She explained the Japanese trend of decorating food to look kawaii (think Hello Kitty bentos), and did a food demo.


La Carmina was the subject of NHK Japan 20-minute documentary about her cute cooking.

La Carmina is a journalist for Business Insider, CNN Travel and Huffington Post. She hosts, writes, arranges and field produces her own travel video series filmed worldwide including Cape Town, Maldives, Thailand, Budapest, Israel. Each of her episodes gets hundreds of thousands of views. 

Above is a 4-minute webisode, about Budapest ruin pubs and Sziget music festival. Published on Business Insider,this Dubai video got 500,000 views.

La Carmina has a very popular YouTube Partner channel with thousands of subscribers. Videos include Tokyo adventures, concert reports and her Travel SOS series for Huffington Post (where she answers questions with celebrity co-stars). See her TV presenting clips.

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