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Tokyo TV Fixers + Trend Consultants + Travel Show Hosts + Japan Production Arrangers & Tour Guides+ Alternative Goth LGBT Harajuku Nightlife + Weird Theme Restaurants

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Fixing (local production coordination)

for TV and film crews in Japan, Asia & worldwide

Scheduling. We make calls in Japanese, fill out forms, make and confirm arrangements.
Negotiating. We’ve succeeded in getting companies to waive or greatly lower their usual fees.
Connecting. We’ll reach out to notable individuals to appear on your show.
Casting. We’ll assemble a flamboyant and fashionable cast of characters to take part in your shoot. We’ve arranged everything from private shoots to parties with hundreds of attendees.
Communicating. We’re always accessible via email, Skype and cell phone.
Organizing. We’ll provide you with a detailed spreadsheet (maps, addresses) and take care of all eventualities before the shoot, such as hotels and transport.
Guiding and translation. We’ll take you to the locations via the fastest, cheapest route. We’ll translate and provide any assistance you may require.
Consulting: We’ll share our expertise and connections about trends, culture and cool.
(See Coolhunting section below for more information.)

We've got the insight. Connections. Professional experience. We're experts in Japanese trends, language and business formalities.

We've arranged/hosted TV shows for: Travel Channel, Food Network, CNN, Fuel / Discovery, National Geographic, Pro Sieben, Canal Plus, NHK Japan and more. See video clips

Promotion & Social Media

We will promote your work to our large social network and blog audience worldwide.

• La Carmina’s high-traffic blog on Harajuku fashion and subcultures has been featured in major publications including The New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, Vogue, LA Times, Fox News. All press clippings are here.
• She is active on multiple social networks and has 100,000+ fans on her Twitter, Facebook, etc.
• Her YouTube partner channel is one of the most subscribed in Japan.

On-Camera Hosting & Translation

La Carmina is a colorful travel / fashion / pop culture TV host, author of 3 books, and popular blogger (flown worldwide for appearances and TV presenting). As an on-camera guide, she can conduct interviews and speak knowledgably about trends, travel and culture. More on her blog.
Naomi Rubin is fluent in Japanese, and experienced in on-camera Japanese interviews and interpretations.

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Coolhunting & Trend Consulting

Japan >> Cosplay >> Alternative >> Goth >> Burlesque >> LGBT Pop Culture
Youth Subcultures >> Trends, Art, Fashion, Music, Nightlife

Write to us: gothiccarmina {at-gmail} dot-com

We are experts in:

• Japanese / Goth / alternative fashion and subcultures
• Japan bagel heads (bagel-head forehead saline inflation). More info on bagelheads.
• LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender) and fetish culture
• Anime, manga, cosplay, “cool / weird Japan”
• Food trends: theme restaurants, maid cafes, character bentos
• High-tech gadgets, video games, electronics
• Popular and underground music (Visual Kei, J-rock, J-pop, Goth)
• Independent / performance art, including burlesque
• "Weird Japan" fads, traditional culture and language

We'd love to share our knowledge with you.

• Consult us about any of our areas of expertise. We’ll provide thoughtful analysis, insight and reports. We can do fact-finding and research for infomatics.
• We have arranged and led many guided tours of Tokyo. Topics include underground culture, food, anime and other interests.
• English-language companies: we’ll give you access to Japan’s underground cultures.
• Japanese companies: we’ll help you get insight into Western subcultures and Jpop cultures outside of Japan.

Our work as bridge-builders includes:

• Bringing Japanese brands and companies to the US
• Insight into US technology, culture and demographics
• English language media and education
• US tourism for Japanese travellers