Alternative Las Vegas: Immersive art & Instagrammable spots! Nirvana Hotel, Fantasy Lab, RuPaul’s Drag Race Live review.

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Thanks for the love for my writing debut in The New York Times! I found out I was published in the NY Times while staying at the peaceful Nirvana Hotel in Las Vegas (hence the lotus flower in the back).

In this post, let me take you on an alternative journey through Las Vegas — which skips the typical tourist spots and focuses on wellness hotels, innovative art, and drag queen shows! 

nirvana hotel las vegas strip hotels bed breakfast

Photographer Joey and I wanted a quieter and more personalized experience in Vegas, so we stayed at the Nirvana Hotel. The family-run bed and breakfast has a wonderful location (it’s on the LV Strip, across from Mandalay Bay) — but without the chaos of casinos and crowds.

(Wearing these DMY by DMY Billy sunglasses, under the Nirvana sign. See links below:)

fantasy lab las vegas digital interactive art

And instead of seeing the typical tourist shows, we got immersed in digital art at Fantasy Lab, and cheered on the queens at RuPaul’s Drag Race Live! Read on for reviews, which I hope get you inspired to make an alt, offbeat trip to Sin City.

dmy by dmy billy sunglasses, thin rectangular 90s frames

When in Vegas… why not wear flamboyant feathers and platforms? My houndstooth mini dress is by Sourpuss Clothing, and the black platform sandals are by Anthony Wang Shoes.

My DMY by DMY Billy thin rectangular sunglasses have a minimalist 1990s look. Find them below:

las vegas unique independent hotels nirvana B&B

Nirvana Hotel is a family-run property that opened up earlier this year. True to their name, everything is designed to ensure you have a rejuvenating stay (it’s an oasis in wild Vegas). Guests can relax in the courtyard areas, which have artistic, spiritual decorative touches that add to the feeling of peace.

wellness yoga hotel las vegas bed and breakfast motel

The rooms are spacious and quiet (there are no clubs, casinos, or crowds of people around, unlike in other hotels).

Every morning, we received a charming breakfast basket that included bottles of water, orange juice, and freshly made meals like breakfast burritos with eggs. The bed and breakfast has a “tranquility room” with unlimited tea and coffee for guests.

dmy by dmy billy rectangular sunglassees worn face

Another plus of staying with Nirvana: free parking in an easily accessible lot — we were able to park our rental car right outside our door. (The big hotels charge an arm and leg, and the valet / ticketing / lots are complicated.)

Nirvana Hotel also employs all-night security, so guests can feel safe at all hours. A kind guard came to greet us and help us get settled, and he was present all night long.

nirvana hotel vegas courtyard patio

The back area has a Zen Garden with meditation cushions and art along a winding path.

cat meditating statue yoga zen cats decor

The owners puts their hearts into welcoming guests, and personally ensuring they have everything they need for a restful stay at Nirvana Hotel.

anthony wang platform sandals cyber 1990s platforms

The community atmosphere stood out: I saw guests hanging out in the Zen courtyard and playing games.

baby braids in long hair hairstyle

Each room is decorated with lotus flowers in different chakra colors (mine was turquoise).

the new york times newspaper cover gold emerald bracelet

Happy memories of kicking back in the large, cozy bed and reading The New York Times. (See my writing in NY for Tiny Love Stories, Modern Love here.)

las vegas nirvana hotel bedroom interior inside review

Nirvana Hotel is pet friendly, and each room comes with small touches such as bathrobes.

nirvana hotel las vegas nevada reviews ratings

A place to experience peace, while being on the Las Vegas strip.

yoga classes las vegas wellness hotels

Nirvana Hotel offers free wellness experiences for guests as well, such as morning yoga classes.

nirvana hotel las vegas bed breakfast review

Gratitude to Nirvana Hotel for the zen-like stay in Las Vegas, Nevada!

fantasy lab las vegas immersive experience projections

Not many travelers realize that Las Vegas is home to fabulous immersive art. We were impressed by Fantasy Lab, a multi-sensory interactive experience that encourages you to awaken your imagination and dream big.

las vegas game arcade gaming center

Located in Vegas’ Fashion Show mall, Fantasy Lab’s timed tickets take you into seven immersive rooms, filled with ever-changing visuals and sounds.

las vegas arcade games giant pacman

You can also enjoy fantastical food and cocktails, and play in the 80s-style arcade that has a synthwave feel. (My dress is Ank Rouge, a jirai kei Japanese label.)

fantasy lab interactive immersive art

A “dreamer” or guide takes you around to the seven rooms, and you get up to 10 minutes to explore each. The mesmerising decor includes elements on the ceiling, and changing colors and projections.

satanic las vegas satan goat statue

Artists collaborated on Fantasy Lab’s immersive rooms, which include these devilish creatures.

las vegas fantasy lab fashion show mall

Guests are encouraged to move around, interact with the pieces, and take photos as the elements transform. (Here’s a video of Fantasy Lab to give you a sense of what it’s like.)

digital art projections las vegas immersive

Loved the vibe of this room. These are etched glass panels, arranged in a maze with messages in all languages.

las vegas lasers synthwave art

Fantasy Lab is a playground for photographers — you can take fun shots like this against the mirrored walls.

teamlabs las vegas exhibition

The rainbow lights pulse to the sounds of synthwave.

space disco las vegas weird offbeat strange art

Fantasy Lab’s multimedia is well-executed, and reminds me of Tokyo’s Teamlabs.

las vegas fantasy lab tickets price review

This room made me feel as if I were going on a journey though outer space.

immersive art rooms fantasy lab vegas

Check out my Instagram video of Fantasy Lab to see how the visuals shift.

fantasy lab cocktails vegas menu food

After, you can visit the restaurant / bar for magic cocktails — like a peaberry flower tincture that changes color as you stir it with rock candy. The glitter is edible dust that gives off as tingling feeling.

fantasy lab las vegas bar drinks

As the Lian Ross Italo disco song goes: “Welcome to my world of fantasy / Come into my world of mystery!” If you’re the type of traveler that prefers culture to casinos, come to Fantasy Lab to be transported into dream-worlds of immersive art.

flamingo hotel rupaul's drag race live caesar's entertainment

As they say… What happens in Vegas… SLAYS in Vegas! I got to see famous drag queens “sissy that walk” at RuPaul’s Drag Race Live, at The Flamingo Hotel Showroom.

RuPaul’s Drag Race LIVE Las Vegas show tickets times

Did you know that RuPaul’s queens had a live show in Las Vegas? A cast of your favorite competitors struts the stage and performs fab musical numbers — while host Asia O’Hara serves up wicked banter with the audience.

RuPaul's Drag Race LIVE performance at the Flamingo Las Vegas

True to the vibe of Vegas, RuPaul’s Drag Race Live is a glamorous production that goes big with makeup, costumes and choreography.

derrick barry las vegas britney spears drag queen

Derrick Barry, the world’s most famous Britney Spears drag impersonator, slayed.

daya betty vegas drag queen rupaul live show

Daya Betty dominated the show with her punk meets fetish fierceness.

las vegas drag queen show performance

Jaida Essence Hall’s Egyptian showgirl lewk was to die for.

Lawrence Chaney drag race uk performing las vegas

Lawrence Chaney from Drag Race UK always made the audience belly-laugh. Check out my video of the show for clips of the action! Here’s where you can get tickets for RuPaul’s Drag Race Live at the Flamingo Vegas.

mandalay bay las vegas instagrammable spots

Let’s wrap up with snaps from some of Las Vegas’ most Instagrammable spots. Mandalay Bay was right across Nirvana Hotel, so it was easy to walk over to take photos.

instagram locations vegas fashion travel blogger

I first went to Las Vegas in the 90s, when it was known for these classic theme hotels. So much fun to see the kitschy grandeur and take photos.

luxor las vegas photography spots instagrammable

If you’re looking for Instagram photo locations in Las Vegas, you can’t beat the exterior of Luxor (the Egyptian hotel).

luxor hotel sphinx pyramid fashion blogger

It’s funny to see the Vegas version of ancient Egypt, after going to the actual Avenue of Sphinxes and posing with the real statues.

luxor hotel sphinx face beard

Yukiro and I also saw the real Great Sphinx in Giza… The Luxor version still has his nose and color.

instagram it girls 90s style fashion

A 90s outfit vibe with baby braids and Matrix sunglasses. My houndstooth black and white dress is by Sourpuss Clothing, and the platform sandals are Anthony Wang.

luxor hotel vegas statues pharoah

The interior of Luxor has just as many photo ops.

interior luxor hotel sphinx slanted roof

The slanted pyramid walls, neon lights and hieroglyph etchings are cheesy fun.

luxor casino girl playing slot machine

Casinos have changed a lot since the 90s… the slot machines are digital now, and there is no handle to pull down. (I lost $10 total, oh well.)

luxor hotel main lobby hall decor egyptian

Do you have a favorite Las Vegas theme hotel?

las vegas egyptian hotel egypt luxor interior design

The elevators go up at an angle because of the triangular sides!

walk like egyptian pose egypt woman style

Walk like an Egyptian. From Nirvana Hotel, you can walk to other classic Vegas hotels…

vegas theme hotels new york ny excalibur

…like Excalibur (King Arthur Medieval castle themed), and New York, New York. I couldn’t resist riding the red roller coaster.

las vegas best instagram photo places spots

Viva YASSS Vegas, can I get an amen? More to come from my Sin City adventures, including restaurants and a road trip to Valley of Fire! For videos of the action, find me @LaCarmina on Instagram.


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