Sailing with BC Ferries from Vancouver to Victoria! Chinti & Parker Miffy, Vysen Eyewear, Devilish 666.

black white striped sailor shirt outfit

Ahoy from British Columbia, Canada! 

Although I’ve been to beautiful destinations around the world, it’s hard to surpass my home province in the summertime. Vancouver and its surrounding islands are paradise this time of the year: the perfect weather for whale watching and lazing on the beach.

I’ve been feeling the urge to sail away… So I booked a weekend getaway to Victoria, on BC FerriesThis popular ferry runs between various points on the coast and Vancouver Island.

chinti and parker miffy fashion, top

The BC ferry deck is open to all passengers, and turned out to be the ideal location to shoot my new Chinti and Parker x Miffy striped shirt! (My “radiation rings” choker is by Devil666ish.)

As you know, I’m mad about Miffy, and even made a journey to her Nijntje Museum in the Netherlands. Chinti and Parker (the luxury ready to wear label) teamed up with Miffy on a capsule line. They’ve released the softest cotton shirts and cashmere sweaters, emblazoned with the X-mouthed bunny.

I’ve long been a fan of Chinti and Parker’s designs, such as their sweet star sweater and similar striped top with a cat-face pocket. More favorites from this brand are below; click for info…

bc ferries boat, victoria

BC Ferries has frequent sailings between Vancouver to Victoria (and other parts of the island). I recommend making a reservation on their website so that you can walk or drive your car right on board.

Then, you can relax and enjoy the peaceful 1.5 hour ride, with some of the best scenery on the planet.

vysen eyewear, lavender sunglasses

The ferry ride is pure enjoyment. Many passengers grabbed coffee and sandwiches from the on-board cafe (including selections from the much-loved restaurant White Spot). Then they stepped out onto the long wrap-around deck, and basked in the sun and Pacific Ocean views.

For the occasion, I dressed in Goth sailor style. My sunglasses are from Vysen Eyewear, a young label that creates modern-meets-retro designs with Italian craftsmanship. I’m wearing the Aviva Polarized frames: these lavender shades match my hair.

goth sailor fashion blogger

● My nautical stripes matched with the “Spirit of British Columbia: Victoria” lifesaver.

● The black pencil skirt is by my friend Erbert Chong, a talented young designer on the rise.  He’s showing his collection at Paris Fashion Week on September 24.

● My black hat is by Lack of Color Australia. I’m actually selling it here on my Depop shop now, in case you’d like to have it!

skeleton anklet, devilish666

● These unique high-heeled sandals are by Le Babe of Italy.

● Is there a ghost pirate ship in the waters? It looks like a bony skeleton hand grabbing my leg! This spook-tacular clear anklet is from Devilish 666. They carry devilishly dark chokers, harnesses and other nu Goth accessories.

seawest lounge, bc ferries vip

Back inside the vessel, I relaxed in the BC Ferries Seawest Lounge.  For $12, you get unlimited drinks and snacks, and can choose from a selection of newspapers and magazines. Best of all, you can enjoy the coastal views in a private, quiet space. 

bc ferry vancouver island

I curled up in my lounge chair, and watched Pacific Northwest islands float by. An announcement came over the speakers: there were whales outside! I didn’t manage to get a photo of the creatures, but saw them playing in these waters.

sailing fashion, fetish choker

More close-ups of my purple sunglasses from Vysen Eyewear, and metal rings choker from Devil666ish

(If you enjoy my outfits, I welcome you to check out my wardrobe sale here.  I’m selling a lot of my clothes at low prices!)

chinti and parker loves miffy shirt

My Chinti and Parker x Miffy top has a Sailor Moon meets nautical vibe. How cute is the bunny, resting on a yellow crescent moon and surrounded by stars?

This label has a cat and stripes version of this shirt too, and more adorable fashion below:

cordova bay, victoria bc

In an hour and a half, the ferry docked in Swartz Bay. Time to explore Victoria, the capital of British Columbia and largest city on the island.

Tourists tend to see Butchart Gardens and the Parliament buildings (I went to all these places as a child). However, my friends and I prefer to enjoy the beaches and natural beauty of Victoria. There’s a hippie, laid-back feeling here that reminds me of northern California.

cordova bay beach, vancouver island

I headed south to Cordova Bay, located less than a 20 minutes drive from the ferry terminal.

I arrived at a warm, sand and pebble beach framed by cottages and cute restaurants. This is a local’s destination; you won’t find it crowded with tourists.

monster zombie eye bow hair

I tied back my hair with this “monstrous” black bow with a zombie eye, by Devilish 666.

nu goth choker, devil666ish

Devilish makes this fetish-style Gothic choker as well, which is my current favorite. My berry lip gloss is this one by Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

swartz bay, bc

Grab some ice cream, go for a canoe ride, get drinks on the patio… this is how Vancouver Island shines in the summer.

If you’re in Vancouver, don’t miss out on Victoria and its surroundings. You can even ride BC Ferries to/from the mainland on the same day, for an easy getaway.

vysen eyewear, lack of color hat

A sailor’s salute to BC Ferries for the joyful experience. Their fleet is spacious and reliable, and there’s so much to see and do that you might not want the ride to end!

(I recommend booking in advance on the BC Ferries website, which also has plenty of helpful travel info, packages and even gift certificates).

powell street festival japanese vancouver

I’ll end with some bonus summer photos from Vancouver. I met up with my friend Mujitsu to explore the Powell Street Festival, which celebrates Japanese food and heritage.

We’re both wearing dresses by Gladnews, the Japanese alternative brand. My jacket is Sailor Moon and my shoes are these exact Sorel sandals. My white cat-eye sunglasses are by Dolce and Gabbana.

big maneki neko statue

Did you know there were summer attractions like these in Vancouver and Victoria? I hope you’ll visit BC, and pose with this fortune cat for yourself! (Above two photos by Daniel Wennerholm.)

girls love travel instagram, tourism influencers

Have you been enjoying the summer months? Did you travel anywhere, or do something special?

PS: I’ve been adding more videos to my Instagram, which are found nowhere else. You can see them at username @lacarmina.



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