Modern art & architecture in Spain: new travel show video! Gothic Quarter shopping in Barcelona.

skull cut out white dress

There’s no better place in the world to wear a skull cut-out dress… than the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

My filmmakers and I got to explore this fascinating neighborhood, thanks to Visit Spain and Eurail. As we walked through the narrow streets, we came across Star Wars stormtroopers, twee murals, and retro indie fashion.

spain tourism travel video commercial

But first, as my speech balloon indicates… Our Spain travel video is out today, on Business Insider Travel!

From Las Ramblas in Barcelona to the Alhambra of Granada, watch as I dive into the country’s art and culture.

Produced, filmed and edited by Borderless Media. I’m always amazed at how they capture our adventures and make them come to life.

Please take a moment to watch our Spain tourism video above, on Business Insider, and on @LaCarmina YouTube.

spiderweb cobweb goth dress print

Perhaps you’re eyeing my outfit of the day. I adore this dress from Pretty Attitude Clothing, featuring a white cobweb print, lace skull cut-away back, and dangling bell sleeves.

My necklace is from an LA company, Vidakush Jewelry. The pendant is the word “universe” in Sanskrit.

Plaça Reial, barcelona famous square

Most tourists start at Las Ramblas, the main shopping street of Barcelona that holds the famous market (Mercat de La Boqueria, or St Joseph’s Market). It’s worth checking out Ramblas, but I found it too tourist-driven and commercial for my taste.

cool underground street art murals spain

Instead, I encourage you to explore two of my favorite Barcelona neighborhoods: El Raval (see my travel guide here), and the spooky-named Gothic Quarter.

gothic quarter square, royal plaza

To get to the Gothic Quarter, you can start at Plaça Reial square near Las Ramblas, and keep on walking east.

This grand, “royal” plaza was designed in the 19th century, and features lanterns by Gaudi. Many people meet up at Placa Reial, and the atmosphere is especially abuzz at night.

El Barri Gòtic stone walls

We wandered into the El Barri Gòtic, the center of old Barcelona. Many of the walls and buildings date back to Medieval times, or even further back when the Romans occupied the city.

art nouveau balconies barcelona

The Gothic Quarter is famous for its narrow, labyrinthine, cobblestone pathways. It’s great fun to stroll around, and take in the stone walls and art nouveau buildings on the way.

gothic quarter street art

Similar to El Raval, there’s an artistic, indie feeling to this district. We spotted cheeky street art on the century-old walls.

barcelona graffiti, hipster doors

These old-fashioned Roman door knockers got the graffiti treatment, next to a striking mural that makes use of the doorway as a canvas.

spain gothic quarter shopping

The Gothic Quarter is my favorite area for shopping. It’s filled with quirky, independent local boutiques — especially on the street Calle Avinyo.

spanish home design lighting stores

Instead of commercial brands, you’ll find innovative design shops. Like this one, which lets you customize your own lamp from a rainbow of colorful balls.

basketball lights lamps

The artists turned unexpected materials, such as basketballs, into hip lighting fixtures. 

picasso modern portrait painting

We popped into artisan shops that sold handmade purses, crafts, and other design objects. I think Spanish Cubist artist Picasso would be pleased with the creative scene here.

stormtroopers fashion mannequin

The Force is alive and well… in the Gothic Quarter! This clothing shop paid homage to Star Wars. 

star wars clothing fashion, storm troopers

Have you ever seen Stormtroopers looking so fabulous?

vintage retro clothing stores barcelona

I spent the afternoon browsing Spanish retro and vintage fashion boutiques. Their items are one of a kind, and not expensive.

barcelona fashion blogger, shopping

My Pretty Attitude lace dress would fit right in with the cool fashion found here.

hip design art galleries barcelona

With an edgy creative culture and skull street art, the Gothic Quarter lives up to its name. 

catalan modernisme building architecture

And now, we have to say “adiós”… because this is my last post about Spain, at least until I visit again! If you missed my previous stories about Barcelona and Granada, see them all here.

Gracias for watching our Spain travel video here!




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