Catwoman Costume: Goth bodysuit & kitty ears! Catfe, Vancouver’s new cat cafe for adoptions.

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It’s no secret that I’m a cat-lady… so I might as well dress like one! I hope you enjoy this CatWoman-style photoshoot, taken right before New Year’s Eve in Brooklyn, NY.

To further this theme, I’ll review Catfé: the newly opened Vancouver cat cafe that encourages adopting animals in need.

la carmina sexy, body suit

My photographer Joey Wong and I were in New York right at the end of 2015. I was staying at my favorite spot, NU Hotel in Brookyn (near Hoyt St station, right across the water).

We felt energized by the street art and brownstones around us, and wanted to shoot images that reflected the feeling of Brooklyn. Read on for a breakdown of my outfit, and where to get these items.

tokyo fashion portrait, harajuku hair

Cats are fuzzy… so I wore my new faux fur coat, from Pretty Attitude! It’s animal-friendly, and has a striking ombre fade from black to lavender-grey. Perfect for a pastel Goth look.

Here’s a similar ombre faux fur jacket, and more selections below — I love this style. Click to shop:

ombre faux fur jacket, fashion blogger

Cat-Woman, head to toe. My black heels with silver chain detail are by Michael Kors, who makes these exact same shoes in an ankle boot version too.

These types of shoes are a worthwhile purchase, since they are versatile for all types of outfits.

cutout goth blackmilk bodysuit

My stretchy, cut-out bodysuit is by Black Milk Clothing, one of my favorite alternative fashion brands. Once again, this is an item that you can dress up or layer in a variety of ways.

cat face gloves

I may not have claws, but I have appropriately feline mittens from Hong Kong!

You won’t be able to find these online, as they are sold only in Asia. But Karl Lagerfeld makes cat face gloves that are just as adorable.

la carmina full body, legs

I’m sure you are curious about my necklace: it’s from Maison Birks. I got it in the 1990s, rediscovered it recently — and still love it. Plus, the silver dangling pendant looks like a subtle version of a BDSM slave collar…

If you’d like a necklace like mine, I found this Thomas Sabo version with an additional rose gold circle, and this similar silver necklace that can hold a personalized message.

japanese hairstyles, purple color hair

Three cheers for my hair stylist and colorist, Stephanie Hoy. She’s the best in the business for alternative cuts, vivid dyes, editorial styling and more. You can make an appointment with her at Stratosphere Hair Salon at Granville and Davie, in downtown Vancouver.

cat ears headband

cat ears headband completes the look. Eugenia Kim makes this furry kitty headband and lace cat ears for added glam.

brooklyn new york fashion blogger

I think Joey Wong nailed the mood of the neighborhood, in his images. In the background, you can see ‘Love Letter to Brooklyn‘, a series of quotes painted by Stephen Powers.

catwoman diy costume outfit

My tight black pants are by Armani, who makes these leather leggings too.

faux fur designer jacket

Dreaming that I live in one of these brownstone apartments…

cat woman cosplay japan

… and ready to pounce. This eclectic street art is part of the Groundswell Community Mural Project. 

fashion blog photography nyc

What do you think of my DIY Cat-Woman outfit? Find the same or similar fashion items, by clicking below:

cat adoption cafe

And now, a different type of meow! I was excited to visit Catfé, the first cat cafe to open in Vancouver, Canada.

Anyone can come to drink tea and play with kitties. Plus, you’ll be supporting a great cause — all the resident felines are from SPCA shelters, and available to adopt. 

catfe canadian cats cafe

Cat cafes originally started as a novelty in Japan, but they found a passionate clientele (especially among people who cannot keep pets at homes, or couples looking for a fun date activity). Now, these cafes are found worldwide.

Catfe is located inside downtown Vancouver’s International Village Mall, above the Starbucks. (Address: Shop 2035, 88 W Pender St, Vancouver, Canada). There’s free parking in the lower levels.

cat cafe cupcakes, menu

Visitors can make advance reservations through their site to guarantee entry, or drop-in at any time if there’s space.

I liked the cafe’s bright, minimal design incorporating wood and glass. First, I went through the doors on left to pick up drinks and snacks. The cute cupcakes with cat-faced fondant were irresistible.

children playing with cat

Then, I entered the glass doors on the right — this is the area that contains the cats. Usually, there are about six of them roaming around. 

Catfe’s owner, Michelle Furbacher, warmly greeted me. She told me spent years researching cat cafes and visiting existing ones, including Oakland Cat Town (where I shot an ABC Nightline segment).

spca vancouver cats cafe adoption

Like the Oakland cafe, Catfe has the meaningful goal of encouraging adoptions. All of the fuzzy residents are from the SPCA; many came down from shelters in less populated areas, such as northern British Columbia.

Many visitors come here to play with the kitties, and end up connecting with one of them. The re-homing has been so successful that the cafe had to bring in new cats at a rapid rate!

cat art posters

My illustrator friend Lili Chin joined me at Catfe. She brought some of her cat drawings to donate. (Lili is a pet artist who makes custom drawings and tshirts that look like your furry friends.)

cat face cake pops desserts

We couldn’t resist getting these chocolate cat-face cake pops, which were scrumptious. (Although we felt bad biting into the smiling face.)

cat cafe canada merchandise

We spent over an hour at the cafe, petting the cats and amusing them with the toys provided.

We also played the funny Exploding Kittens card game (highly recommended), and browsed the cat-themed merchandise on the shelves.

cat cafe interior design space

The space holds about 18 people, and the staff make sures that the cats never feel overwhelmed. High open ceilings, big windows and platform shelving: the ideal environment for cats to enjoy.

adopting cats catfe vancouver

So much fun interacting with the sweet cats. You’re allowed to take photos, as long as they are without flash.

north america cat cafes

Best of all, we knew we were supporting a great cause: Catfe doubles as a foster home, and gives back to animal charities. Now that is the cat’s meow!

If you’re in Vancouver and looking for a cute alternative activity, come to this cat cafe with a heart.

korean fashion influencer

And why not dress up as a pussy-cat too? Rowr!

japanese style influencers

Here’s a full-body shot of my Cat-Lady outfit again, featuring faux fur, pointed ears and a skin-tight black bodysuit.

Shop my look at:

la carmina age, how old

More photos from NYC to come, including a Goth party and visit to the Morbid Anatomy Museum.

ronan farrow pet cat basil

But wait — how could I write about cats without including my Scottish Fold baby, Basil Farrow? I’ll let his sweet round face wrap up this post!

(Enjoy more photos on my social networks @lacarmina, linked on the right top sidebar of this blog.)



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