Modeling Nanette Lepore in Humble House Taipei, a newly-opened design hotel.

Humble House Taipei 寒舍艾麗酒店

My stay in Taipei was a joy — because I got to experience this modern boutique hotel, Humble House. The design reflects the mix of busy city life and lush nature that is unique to Taiwan.

What better place to debut this mint-colored lace dress, sent to me by Nanette Lepore? Let’s give it a twirl!

taiwan design hotel

Humble House opened last December, making it one of Taiwan’s newest hotels. The design has a sleek grey aesthetic, but without feeling stark or robotic. Quite the opposite: it puts the focus on organic forms and green spaces, like this sky garden.

teal mint dress with lace

The outdoor pool has a perfect view of Taipei 101, formerly the world’s tallest building. This district, Xinyi, is the center of government and business. I recommend staying around this area, since it’s central and near some of the hippest bars (which I’ll show you soon).

taipei design modern hotel, humble house

Inside, the choice of contemporary art is inspired by the Tagore quote, “Let Life be Beautiful like Summer Flowers.” These works ponder the relationship between nature and civilization, expressing them through modern mediums.

My first impression of Humble House was this ground floor installation, custom-created by Paul Cocksedge. Suspended from the high ceiling, these electroluminescent sheets twirl in the wind, as if I threw them in the air.

nanette lepore Beach Breeze Dress mint

Outfit details: NY-based designer Nanette Lepore sent me this Beach Breeze dress from her summer collection. I love the lace overlay and elegant high neckline, and this mint color is my current favorite.

My shoes are Camper Allegra sandals.

yang yongliang flower art

In most hotels, you hardly remember the art on the walls. That’s not the case at Humble House, which has thought-provoking works like these by Yang Yongliang. They seem to be photos of flowers, but if you look closely, the parts are made up of skyscrapers, highways and other city life.

humble house hotel modern staircase

Climbing the stairway to heaven. The angles turn it into an M. C. Escher vision.

led light art, infinite hole

This trippy LED piece, by Polish artist Piotr Uklanski, makes it seem like you’re staring down into a black hole. In fact, it’s an optical illusion and the work is only a few inches tall.

paola pivi crazy ball, modern lighting

Much of the art has a sense of fun, like Paola Pivi’s “Crazy Ball,” made from miniatures of famous chair designs.

la farfalla italian restaurant taipei

Taipei is known for its food, and some of my favorite meals were at their Italian restaurant, La Farfalla.

honeycomb ice cream

We wanted to join in the fun: so photographer Ken “hacked” the breakfast buffet! He gathered ingredients — honeycomb, ice cream, beets, Asian fruits — and concocted this dessert plate. He even made his own eggs Benedict and Hollandaise sauce, from items found in the buffet.

famous designer chairs lamp art

Lunch at Farfalla is a semi-buffet, meaning that you order a main, but build your own appetizer plate from the generous spread…

crab seafood hotel buffet

… which includes seafood, cheeses, salads and of course desserts.

steak slices close up

As for the mains, the photos speak for themselves. This is steak with a potato block and basil oil drip.

scallops risotto

I died over the pan-seared Hokkaido scallop with sea urchin risotto. Oh, creamy glory.

dover sole casserole

A healthier option: Dover sole with caper basil and cherry tomato.

beef cheek, mashed potato

And braised Australian beef cheek, with mashed potato. All photos by Ken Yuen and Jacqueline Kwok (noircorner).

humble house terrace, butterfly sculpture

On the terrace, I danced next to the butterfly statue by Zadok Ben-David. Called “Natural Tower”, the corten steel changes color as the temperature changes and time passes — making the butterflies seem alive, and in harmony with their environment.

fashion blogger outfit, nanette lepore

“Peony,” by naturalist Sugiura Yasuyoshi, lets guests to get closer to nature, while staying in a cosmopolitan city.

humble house lobby, girl twirling

Nanette’s dress is made for twirling in the lobby. You may be wondering: why is this fabulous place called Humble House? Asia has a culture of modesty, and the hotel focuses on unobtrusive service. Every need is taken care of, without fuss.

taipei 101 skyline, taiwan view

I loved staying at Humble House, a high-tech hotel full of soul. You must at least come up to the terrace for a cocktail, to take in this view.

taipei 101, hotel swimming pool view

Did you realize Taipei was so modern and design-oriented? I hope my travel posts continue to surprise you.

Coming up: I’ll show you the pop culture side of Taiwan, from Hello Kitty exhibits to apothecary bars…


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  1. Stephanie
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    Beautiful as usual.

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    Very creative and stunning pictures! You look wonderful!!!

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    Awesome dress and hotel.

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    best dress i see!!!

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    BEAUTIFUL dress and the hotel looks AMAZING!!!

  9. Katie
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    You wear @nanetteLepore beautifully! Love the mint color on you La Carmina!

  10. lulu
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 11:22 am | Permalink

    Ohh I’ve walked past this place so many times, never realised it was a hotel haha! Any cocktail recommendations from the bar? Might drop in sometime :D

    • lacarmina
      Posted July 29, 2014 at 6:15 pm | Permalink

      Oh you must, Lulu! Lunch is a good deal too, since you can pick what you want and sample a bit of everything (and I like to do that haha). I’m not sure if they always have it, but the cocktail with champagne was great…

  11. Trina Morgan
    Posted July 29, 2014 at 1:09 pm | Permalink

    I so wish I could travel and see the world like this. Your dress is beautiful and so is the scenary:)

    • lacarmina
      Posted July 29, 2014 at 6:23 pm | Permalink

      Aww thanks Trina! I’m sure chances to travel will come up – just jump on them when you do! I never expected I’d see the world like this, even a few years ago.

      • Trina Morgan
        Posted July 30, 2014 at 4:39 am | Permalink

        You are so welcome hun and I do hope I get that chance once day:):)

  12. Jimmy
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    Love this Carmina! Thanks so much. that’s a really cool hotel! I’ve been hoping to get to Taipei sometime soon.

  13. Catharina
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    Thanks! Reminds me that I haven’t been to Taiwan for two years, I should visit soon

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    Lovely place. Lovely gal.

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    Mint ! It’s just my obsession right now.

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    You are the cutest.

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    That dress is adorable.

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    These photos are gorgeous! The dress really goes well with your hair. I’ll definitely have to check out the hotel next time I visit Taiwan.

    • lacarmina
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      Aww thanks babe! I LOVE Taipei, can’t wait to post more!

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