Hats Off to Israeli Fashion & Bloggers! Tel Aviv style tour: glitter fruit headbands, Art Deco jewelry.

blue hair girl, harajuku street style

Israel rocked my socks! I had an incredible time exploring Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with my filmmakers. The Tourism Board went beyond our expectations, and put together a dream press trip for the three of us.

If you think Tokyo fashion is the epitome of cool… then read on. You’ll be amazed at what Israel’s young designers and style influencers are up to.

la carmina, goth fashion blogger

We went on a fashion adventure with Galit Reismann of TLVstyle Boutique Tours. She gives guided style tours that are perfectly tailored to your interests; she’ll introduce you to insiders, and help you find the best shops. I wouldn’t have found any of these labels without her.

cross print tights, gladnews dress

Let’s begin with what I wore. So nice to escape the winter weather…

Blue colored hair: by Stephanie Hoy, Avant Garde Hair Vancouver. I put it in two small buns.
Sheer panel little black dress: Gladnews, from Shibuya 109 in Tokyo. Very Metal, for sure.
Gothic cross tights: gifted by UK Tights – here are the exact cross suspender tights I’m wearing
Mary Jane Goth shoes: Demonia; purchase them for only $46
White crown handbag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

tami bar-lev hats, israel designer headbands

I met Tel Aviv-based designer Tami Bar-Lev, and we immediately hit it off. She custom-makes headpieces that would feel at home in Harajuku. Fruits, flowers and sequins are just some of the gems that she pulled out of her hat-box.

eden house hotel, tel aviv boutique hotels

We filmed at Eden House, a charming and LGBT-friendly boutique hotel, run by two sweet locals. I wish I could have spent more time in the Victorian doll-like tea room.

big pink hat box

Tami brought several big boxes. I was amazed by the array of hats and headbands inside.

two small buns hairstyle

Photography by Melissa Rundle. (So grateful that I’m able to travel with my friends, who happen to be pro filmmakers and photographers.)

Israeli fashion bloggers, young designers

And here’s a triad of Tami’s works — aren’t they adorable? Her hats are sturdily made, and stay on with adjustable combs or wires. Each sequin is sewn in by hand, to form the patterns.

At the top of the staircase is Israel style blogger Korin Avraham of Ya Salam fashion blog. Love her feathered skirt and infectious smile.

pineapple hat, sequin designer hats

Pineapples, fish bones, flowers… oh my! The designs are fun and poppy, but not overpowering, so you don’t wind up looking like Carmen Miranda.

Korin Avraham, ya salam fashion blog

Korin and I modeled these flower hats on the balcony, which overlooks this fascinating city.

fork headband, lady gaga hats

The sparkly fork headband is one of my favorites. Tami made me a silver one, which I’ll show you in upcoming outfit posts. (You can see more of her hats on her Facebook and Tumblr as well.)

galit reismann, tel aviv style tours

Galit joins us on the bed for a hat slumber party. From banana splits (one of Tami’s first creations) to fairy bridal crowns, and turbans with fabric ties… there’s something for all tastes.

middle east fashion bloggers

A salute to my talented new friends! We could have hung out all day, but the tour was only beginning, and I had three more places to visit.

Shelly Dahari jewelry, african necklace

Galit took me to the fashion-centric Noga district, and introduced me to jewelry-maker Shelly Dahari. I was drawn to her bold pieces, influenced by Art Deco and African art.

fashion bloggers tel aviv press trip

Shelly hand-crafts accessories from carefully sourced and limited-edition materials, such as vintage buttons and shekel coins.

israel jewelry shop

She showed me around her store, and offered us coffee and cookies. Everyone I met in the Israeli fashion scene was so hospitable. There’s a close community here that encourages creativity.

trying on necklace

Shelly generously gave me this necklace, featuring a row of transparent stars. It has a Sailor Moon vibe, no?

goth cross stockings, tokyo fashion girl

I also loved her rings with retro cars symbols and lion heads.

cat ears hairstyle, blue dyed hair

Close up of the vintage, romantic detailing. Shelly Dahari’s Facebook shows more of her imaginative collections.

travel video filming

Thanks to Galit for these behind-the-scenes photos of our filming (my friends are working on a video about Israel). And this is only half of her personalized style tour… Coming up, I’ll take you inside two more Israeli boutiques.

nintendo nail art, boo ghost nails

If you’re impatient, you can see sneak peeks on my “lacarmina” Instagram. Above is a close-up on my Nintendo nail art by Glam Nail Studio, over a cup of fresh mint tea.

Did you know Israel has such an exciting fashion and indie scene? What do you think of my “Very Metal” outfit and blue hair?



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    Yay!!! Israeli fashion on the map!

  2. Tami
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    AMAZING! we had the best time, you’re gorgeous great pics!! I’m stealing some of them :)))

  3. Michal
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    ווואוו ממש מרשים!!

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    new fan here love what u do I wish I can be able to travel and learn
    about the world one day, my life is boring at the time but I am in art
    school university. keep up the great work! la carmina!

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    Beautiful scene~~ <3

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    lurve it!
    israel is nice place!

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    definitely better than Carmen M.!!!

  18. ricp
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    Still not stocking and suspenders. Suspenders every time please!

    • lacarmina
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      They gave me retro-style suspender stockings too! More pics soon ;)

  19. Michal
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    ווואוו ממש מרשים!!

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  21. essieratcliff
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    Your adventures are so amazing, after hearing about them, I want to go to all the places you’ve been! Have you considered going to/ever been to France or Britain?

    • lacarmina
      Posted February 11, 2014 at 8:24 pm | Permalink

      Thank you so much! Yes I’ve been to both France and Britain many times (but before the travel blogging, hence the lack of coverage… also trying to focus on more out-there destinations, since many fashion bloggers cover the same places.) I may be in UK this spring though, fingers crossed! Let me know if you have London tips!

  22. Racheli
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    So sweet and so talented. Go girl go!!!!

  23. Kat
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    you look totally babing in that first photo. I miss you!

  24. Danielle s
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    I love your posts I just found your blog by accident! and I am inlove with it!i love traveling and fashion , oh and im from israel :) hope your having and amazing time keep on with the amazing posts! -Danielle♥-

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