Shinjuku Marui Annex: Lolita, Gothic, Tokyo Punk clothing shops moved for 0101 renewal.

baby the stars shine bright jsk print

If you’re going to Tokyo, and want to shop for the best Goth, Lolita, Alternative and Punk fashion… then you’d better read this post for a head’s up. Marui One Shinjuku, the department store that houses these street styles, is currently closed for renewal.

Most of these brands, like Baby the Stars Shine Bright, have moved to Marui Annex for the time being. Where is it, and what’s it like? Scroll down for the scoop, and don’t forget to study my comprehensive Tokyo shopping guide for more shopping tips!

marui 0101 annex shinjuku mall

It’s not clear how long the Marui One “renewal” will take (a previous one took about half a year), or what it means exactly. The department store will be revamped in some way. My guess is that the Goth/Loli/Punk focus will be minimized, and that a larger variety of brands will be brought into the mix.

For now, you can shop for most of these alt labels at 0101 Marui Annex (Shinjuku, 3−1−26). To arrive here, get out from Shinjuku Station East Exit (near Studio Alta). Turn right, and keep walking down Shinjuku Dori. Annex is a tall modern building on the right side of the street, right before Armani.

milk, tokyo street style boutique

Annex has converted two of the upper floors into temporary homes for cute street fashion. Milk, with its twee and scalloped coats, is one of the first you’ll run into. (Links to all labels are at the bottom of this post.)

cute face purse, blue faux fur

Don’t limit yourself to the underground brands, however. Take a walk around each level; you never know what you’ll find. I got this blue cutie-faced purse at Mercibeaucoup, on one of the lower floors.

winking cat shirt, kitty sweater

I also spotted this winking cat top. There are a lot of cute but chic designs in Annex, which can suit a slightly older (but still offbeat) shopper.

japanese rock goth punk style

Mercibeaucoup had a Snoopy collaboration for winter. You can incorporate these garments into a rock-style coordinate like the one on the right.

godzilla cats, cute monster toys

In the gift store, I found these colorful Godzilla cats. I wouldn’t mind if these cute kitties terrorized Tokyo!

putumayo tokyo fashion

Most of the alternative street style brands, like Putumayo, are currently in two of the upper floors of Annex. The space isn’t as uniquely decorated, and the boutiques are smaller, but you can still shop the latest collections.

game of thrones fur collar coat

There are also some new brands in the melee. How about these Game of Thrones fur collar jackets?

acryl closet, handmade japanese clothes

They are handmade by Acryl Closet. I saw the designer sitting at the table, working on new clothes.

lolita shoes, lavender mary janes

In the old Marui One, an entire floor was dedicated to cool shoes. It’s been reduced to about a third of the size, but you can still find Yosuke and other Lolita lace heels.

kodona, jrock boys style

Peace Now is no more, but their aristocrat and boy-style designs live on in other labels.

alice and the pirates coffin purses

Alice and the Pirates remains one of my favorites. Oh, those coffin purses…

white lace pirate lolita boots

… and white ankle boots with adorable lace and ribbon detailing.

metamorphose temps de fille lolita dresses

I don’t particularly like “winter” Lolita fashions, like these dresses by Metamorphose temps de fille. The heavier fabrics and bulkier cuts aren’t to my taste.

angel wing purse, winged bags

Meta’s angel wing purses, however, are heavenly. (Couldn’t help myself…)

playing card print jacket

The Kera Angel area is home to a number of smaller Loli brands. You’ll find more experimental fashion here, which is hit or miss. I like this playing card king and queen collar…

cat face purse, egl skirt print

… but the angry cat-face purse and bunny kitty print dress are a bit much.

kera shop, weird harajuku fashion

Another example of “please no”… the creepy child-baker print on the JSK skirt. What’s with the giant fork and the “Use Yeast” caption?

ozz croce, ozzon wa lolita

I’m fond of the traditional Japanese “wa” influences in Ozz On and Ozz Croce, although I rarely wear clothes like these. I recently got a “hakama” skirt, so I’ll be playing around with this style more.

ne-net pandas, pop print sweaters

Most stores were relatively undecorated, since they are only in Annex for the time being. Ne-Net is an exception: the entire wall was covered in stuffed panda bears.

spirited away sprite toys, miyazaki

Totoro and Spirited Away fans, you can’t miss the Hayao Miyazaki store. I found these stuffed sprites, among other plush toys and goods.

goth visual kei outfits

Sex Pot Revenge and h.NAOTO still offer their signature Goth Jrock style.

kawaii twee jewelry

Annex has a boys love and anime/manga section, and kawaii jewelry as well.

spiky rings, leather gothic bracelet

If leather and studs is more your style, then there’s a good Goth selection.

marie antoinette purse

Love this Marie Antoinette antique-style purse with lace trim. You can find such unique and elegant items in Tokyo. That’s why it remains one of my favorite cities for buying clothes.

angelic pretty gothic sweet lolita dresses

A pink backdrop can only mean one thing: Angelic Pretty, the much loved Sweet Lolita label.

egl lolita wardrobe

Nearby is Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Wouldn’t you like to have a pastel and lace EGL wardrobe like this?

sweet lolita ruffle sleeves

Close up on long, white ruffled sleeves and a dollhouse fabric print.

black rose cakes, swallowtail butler cafe

If you’re getting tired, you can stop by Swallowtail for a black rose cake. This Ikebukuro butler cafe has a bakery and tearoom in Annex, minus the cute butlers sadly…

excentrique, victorian fashion

But there are female servers wearing modest, Victorian style dresses, like the ones found at Excentrique.

velvet victorian lolita dress

I leave you with a velvet Gothic Lolita dress. Here are links to the websites of all these Goth Lolita Rock brands. For more Tokyo fashion photos and maps, read my Japan alt shopping guide.

What do you think of the current collections inside Marui Annex? Which items would you most want in your closet?



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        Just let me know in advance when and I will make another appointment. Maybe a dinner service which is longer? fun fun nom nom

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      I travel for my work; different TV jobs send me around the world, and other trips are hosted by tourism boards or companies. New trip coming up in late Jan, stay tuned for the announcement! AND more Portland coverage to come.

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    Happy New Year! Thank you for blogging about Spider in HK. I was able to visit the shop while there and picked up some amazing pieces. The owner is a doll too. She recognized me through my photo work.

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      Ah you’re totally right, I mixed that up. Fixing it now. Thanks Amy!

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    Awesome post update! I haven’t been to Shinjuku annex for almost 2 years now. Hopefully I can see it this year again :) 4 Places you must see in Rome!

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    Aaah Angelic Pretty~ That is my beloved Sweet Cream House in the window, excuse me while I make grabby hands~

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    I’m so glad I found this! I was feeling down because I thought all the lolita stores had closed up. I’ll have to check out Maruai Annex this week.

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    i need some lolita clothing because i want to try all different kinds whichever i choose i will go shopping and if anyone will be kindly to send a pair to me i thankyou .Also my family is to poor to afford clothes and make up and i would like to try new things out i love japanese snacks so much i am wanting to try more different styles of japan.I will make youtube videos and i would love to try the outfits.

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