A Princess Photoshoot in Sofitel So Bangkok, Christian Lacroix’s fashion luxury hotel.

red purple hair, gothic haircolor

My mind is swirling with memories of Bangkok. The golden temples, avantgarde street style… I feel inspired and refreshed after my trip to Thailand, and am eager to share my stories with you!

We’ll start with a photoshoot inside Sofitel So, a modern hotel styled by famed designer Christian Lacroix.

sofitel so hotel room, earth design

As you’ll recall, Thai Tourism sent Seby and me to report on the city’s innovative fashion, pop culture and districts.

No hostels and backpacking for this duo. We were hosted by Sofitel So Bangkok, a blissfully elegant 5-star hotel in a central location (about 10 min south of my favorite local mall, Siam Discovery, which I’ll show you soon).

cool designer hotel bangkok thailand

Before you assume our stay is out of your budget — remember, this is Southeast Asia. Luxury hotels and spas are literally a third of the price you’d pay in Vancouver, LA, London or Tokyo. It’s great value to spend a bit more for a nice room in Bangkok, especially if you’re here for a honeymoon or special trip.

modern art, steampunk metal

The hotel is divided into five Elements, with each theme customized by different designer. My cavern-like blue abode is part of the Earth group. Other guests stay in Water, Wood, Metal and Fire rooms (interior photos coming soon).

sofitel elevator art mirrors

Since I’m a design-addict, I appreciated the subtle decorative elements everywhere, such as these horse and human silhouettes reflected in the elevator mirrors.

sofitel so bangkok, christian lacroix clothing

Who is this chic lady next to me? One of the sweet staff members! French couture genius Christian Lacroix designed all the hotel uniforms — what a nice perk of working here. I’m doing my best to match her style in a grey, drapey 2Percent top/dress from Hong Kong.

luxury thai hotel lobby

Monsieur Lacroix also had his hand in the lobby’s design, as you can tell from the imaginative lighting and furniture.

side part hair, fashion blogger

Seby and I had “Club Signature” access, which meant a number of benefits including entry to the 25th floor lounge. (Most of these photos are by Seby.)

Lumpini Park bangkok, lake

The Club Lounge balcony gave us this view of Lumpini Park. We traveled to Bangkok in early October, during the rainy season, but the weather was pleasant — it only rained briefly — and I didn’t get a single bite from my nemesis, the mosquito.

christian lacroix hotel uniform, fashion designs

We spent a lot of time in this VIP lounge, also designed by Christian Lacroix. After a day of sightseeing, it was nice to unwind with free cocktails, look at the fashion displays and magazines, and snack on the never-ending supply of food.

shaped pineapple slices

Even the fresh pineapple had a pretty shape!

fancy hotel breakfast spread

In the mornings, we couldn’t wait to come downstairs for breakfast. The selection included…

sofitel bangkok breakfast buffet

… Greek yogurt, tropical fruits, smoked salmon, cottage cheese, special salads, and fresh mango juice.

bonnat chocolate shop

And if, by some miracle, you are still hungry — there is a Bonnet chocolate shop on the ground floor.

pumpkin chocolates, eyeball candies

Since it was near Halloween, the main window featured Jack O Lanterns and bloody eyeballs. For those with less morbid inclinations, there were gourmet cakes, chocolates and other sweets.

thai ballgown, dress

The couture theme extends throughout the hotel. Near the elevators stood a ballgown by Thai designer, Tawn C.

gold easter bunnies, rabbits

The dress was surrounded by these gold bunnies.

metal goat statue

Not far away, this goat greeted guests.

park society restaurant bangkok

On the first evening, Seby and I had dinner at Park Society, the top floor restaurant with a futuristic feel.

bangkok rooftop fine dining

A woman in a long flowing gown led us to our table, through a matrix of glass, mirrors and stainless steel.

bangkok city view lights

Our table overlooked the bright lights of Bangkok. Outside, customers lounged and drank molecular cocktails at Hiso rooftop bar.

sofitel so restaurant dessert

It happened to be the Thailand Vegetarian Festival, a time for locals to cleanse their bodies for health and peace. To celebrate, Park Society offered a meatless tasting menu. I was in heaven since they served two of my favorite dishes: pumpkin ravioli and warm, chocolate lava cake.

zebra print chair, sofa

Can you tell I had a wonderful time at the Sofitel So Hotel? So, so worth the splurge if you travel to Bangkok! I still have to take you inside their spa, swimming pool and unique rooms.

And of course, Seby and I did plenty of urban exploration. Coming up: reports on the coolest Thai clubs and fashion.

Are you an admirer of Christian Lacroix’s work? What do you think of our royal Thailand experience so far?



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    luv your work

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    Omg the first pic of you is aaaamazing! And I love that grey wrap around shirt – definitely want to visit Bangkok! You definitely captured a side of Bangkok that most people don’t know about!

  3. rita
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    you captured a different side of the bangkok that most travelers think of, there is more here than the khao san road. thanks for this beautiful story.

  4. Jonelle Patrick
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    All you can eat chocolate at the Bonnet shop from 4:30 to 5:00? I am SO THERE!

  5. Gerard
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    PUMPKIN food yum!!!!

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    that is one gorgeous hotel ^^;
    lucky ^^

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    I like yr hair this way.
    Can’t wait to travel to Thailand next year with my boyfriend.
    Wana stay in this hotel like u

  10. YD
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    looks like a lot of fun :D

  11. Mayumi
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    awesome, have fun La Carmina and hope to be able to chit chat sometimes

  12. John
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    Sounds like you had a more luxurious trip than my budget travels ;)

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    Space here is too great. Interior design and everything is very nice and extremely eye-catching. Food also looks pretty good. I’m really fascinated with this hotel

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    basil baby why you no going with mum bankok

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    Great presentation… I was in Thailand myself …

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    Your hair looks amazing!

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    Ahhh~I think that’s the holiday I need! Awesome article!

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    that would be a interesting trip!

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    La Carmina is always so pretty! I love her cloths >ww<

  23. Francesca
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    What a cool hotel!! Even a raw vegan like me could eat aplenty there! and did I mention you are ravishing in the photos? But it was to be expected for none less than La Carmina!! xxx

    • lacarmina
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      It was a blissful experience! They are very conscious in every way and there would be plenty for a raw vegan. Mwahhh!

  24. Coralynn4
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    So pretty! I wish I could travel around the world!! The closest I can get is by your travels and reviews! And its always sounds amazing!

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    thank you for taking us with you ^.^

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    Holy cow Thai is on my bucket list now.

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  32. ruediger benedikt
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    Your blog is so inspring, you just want to pack your bags and fly away, these hotels are really luxury, I am sure anybody staying there enjoys their stay, thank you very much for your effort.

  33. AnneMarie
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    Ah Bangkok! It’s an amazing city for all your senses, I love it. What a wonderful shoot you made at the Sofitel hotel. You look absolutely beautiful in these surroundings of out this world art ;-) (but hey, you always look magic!)

  34. Silvia
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    great pictures! seems as if you had a nice time there!

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    lovely and you are so beautiful.. love your hair

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    That looks like it was SO much fun!

  37. CarlosA
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    Hi La Carmina
    First of all, you are so beautiful and love your awesome sense of style…you rock!! Secondly
    thanks for showing the other side of Bangkok that most of the world does not know of. Bangkok
    is amazing. It is a city that can be anything you want it to be. It is by far my favorite city to travel to.

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