Maldives Islands Snorkeling: untouched coral reefs. Gili Lankanfushi sailing, diving & pirate boats.

girl on boat, sailing, modeling, wind in hair

The Pirate life’s for me.

While at Gili Lankanfushi resort in the Maldives Islands, my crew and I had the opportunity to snorkel. Filmmaker Eric got in the water, and capture incredible underwater footage with his GoPro camera. (Melissa and I stayed on-board, for reasons we wish not to disclose… maybe you can guess?)

Maldives snorkeling, coral reefs, diving

The Maldives is considered one of the best snorkeling sites in the world, and for good reason. Eric was mesmerized by the wildife he saw under the sea: angel fish, parrot fish, frog fish and other technicolor varieties.

shark attack, shark statue, Ocean Paradise Dive Centre

Later, we went to a presentation about local underwater species, and how to preserve the fragile environment. The Ocean Paradise Dive Centre is doing all it can to keep the coral reefs alive, and tourists informed.

Maldives coral reef, fish, indian ocean wildlife

I didn’t miss out on all the action: I waded in the waters near my villa, which are rich with coral. What a treat to see little, colorful fish darting through my feet. (More photos of my incredible residence in this post.)

tropical palm trees, white sand beaches

Can’t get over the natural beauty of my surroundings. The beaches and palm trees look like illustrations from an adventure novel.

Maldives forests, trees, nature

We took a meditation lesson, and the instructor guided us: “Your body… is a tree. Your body… is a tree.” (I suppose I took this to heart.)

dhoni boat, maldives traditional fishing boats

Now here’s an activity that’s more my style… ordering Mr Friday to steer my Pirate ship, in search of treasure!

My vessel is actually a dhoni, the traditional fishing boat of the Maldives.

deserted island, stranded, treasure island

We sailed to One Palm Island, about five minutes from the resort’s main isle. It’s inhabited only by this tree and a commune of hermit crabs.

heart shaped eyepatch, japanese eyepatches

“Arr, there be no treasure here!”

My octopus-anchor dress is gifted by Sourpuss, and the magnificent eyepatch is made by Cat Morley of Cut Out And Keep, who previously put me on the cover of Snippets Magazine. It’ll soon be featured in her Crafter to the Stars series.

Maldives boat, dhoni, sailing

Time to sail back to Treasure Island…

mr friday, gili lankanfushi resort maldives

… and cool down with fresh coconuts, delivered by Mr Friday!

Gili Lankanfushi assigns each guest to a loyal companion (like in the novel Robinson Crusoe), who helps with arrangements, rides, travel tips, and anything else we might need. I loved this system: we made a new friend, who made our stay much more personal.

tropical fruit, resort hotel breakfast

Speaking of fruit, we got to try regional specimens like mangosteen, rambutan, dragonfruit…

hotel breakfast, pineapple hat

I don’t mind waking up early if it means breakfast on the beach, and choosing from a selection of Ayurvedic elixirs, fresh juices, honeycomb, and “spa balanced” omelets.

white dolce and gabbana sunglasses, sourpuss octopus dress

Our agenda was pretty intense: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. In between, I put in some hammock time.

Maldives houses, hammock

View of Over Water Bar and Grill, where we took our mid-day meal (photos in the upcoming post).

travel tv host, travel blogger, filming, vlogger

So excited to show you our travel video, shot professionally by my two filmmakers!

maldives islands ocean, scenery, water

Until the editing’s finished, you can whet your appetite with my other blog posts about the Maldives

palm trees path, tropical vacations

… and read more about all of the above on Gili Lankanfushi’s homepage.

wood jetty, ocean boardwalk

Have you gone snorkeling before? If so, where, and what was your experience like?

sin city vancouver, la carmina party, goth club poster, flyer

PS: Thank you to everyone who came to my Spooky Saturday party! The German TV show was ecstatic about your outfits and energy. Above poster by Naomiyaki — it was fun putting these up around Vancouver.

I wish I had more time to hang out, but TV shoots always run late and there are a million things going on at once… As soon as the episode airs, I’ll put up the clip and photos, so be sure to bookmark this site. More casting and event announcements soon!



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