Shimokitazawa secondhand stores & vintage clothes: Tokyo hipster neighborhood, Japanese thrift shopping.

cat ears hat, cat-eared hat, kitty jacket, purple rose jacket

Shimokitazawa is a Tokyo district known for its vintage stores and hipster vibe. In this post, I’ll give you a tour of the best boutiques — including one that sells secondhand Gothic & Lolita clothing.

pink hairstyle, pink dyed hair, 1980s hairstyle, off the shoulder shirt, lion tshirt

My lion t-shirt is from the I.T / Izzue store in Hong Kong. The image reminds me of my Scottish Fold kitty, Basil Farrow.

tokyo fashion blog, shimokitazawa hipsters, tokyo hipster style

Met up with my Tokyo friends, Yukiro and Michelle. Their purple and blue coordinates happened to match.

lace sleeves jacket, leopard print tights, leather skirt, leather stud boots

Attempting an avant-garde pose underneath the subway tracks. Not sure if we succeeded.

Faux leather skirt: GladNews in Shibuya 109 (more photos from this shop soon)
Leopard print tights: from a random boutique
Silver stud ankle boots: Yosuke, from Shibuya 109

shimokitazawa sign, subway gate, train tracks

It’s easy to get to Shimokitazawa; the ride takes only 10 minutes by subway, from Shinjuku or Shibuya. “Shimokita” is a favorite hangout for Japanese youths, packed with retro anime stores, music shops, coffeehouses and second hand fashion.

jake adelstein, tokyo vice, japan subcultures project, yakuza journalist, crime reporter

We had lunch with Jake Adelstein, crime journalist and author of Tokyo Vice, a gripping memoir of his yakuza reporting escapades. Jake and I recently worked together on a TV show, but we can’t say much about it yet… lest we lose a finger!

thai restaurant shimokitazawa, tokyo flowers, tokyo street snaps

Yukiro was so hungry that he began eating the flowers outside the Thai restaurant. (Tokyo in the spring is beautiful, isn’t it?)

spiky headband, purple hair, leather jacket, sailor moon videos

After eating, we browsed the various secondhand stores in Shimokitazawa. This one had crates of old anime, manga and retro character goods. Michelle was tempted to get the Sailor Moon VHS tapes.

weird japanese kid's show, children game shows, strange japanese album

Gotta love Japanese programs for kids, which always leave you scratching your head in wonderment.

old japanese ladies, elderly japan, face masks

Not only young people live here… this neighborhood is a nice mix of residential and indie businesses.

japanese manga, tokyo graffiti, stickers

Yukiro couldn’t stop laughing at the “Toy n Gay” stamp on the wall.

purple blue hair, space goth, pastel goths, spiky hair band, hipster glasses

We all love Sailor Moon, crosses, spikes, and cats.

grand bazaar, used lolita clothes, egl sales, lolita community
gothic lolita clothing secondhand store, egl clothes for sale, vintage lolita fashion, snow white skirt

Upstairs, in the secondhand store Grand Bazaar, there were racks of Sweet Lolita fashion. Brands included Jane Marple and Justine et Juliette, which you can’t always find in Closet Child.

uk flag dress, union jacket dress, vintage store tokyo

This intriguing boutique had Alice in Wonderland decor on the outside. But it was marked “Members Only,” so we dared not enter.

fairy kei, cult party kei, tokyo hipster style, dolly kei fashion, mori girls

This thrift store looked like a repurposed bathhouse, and had a large selection of colorful sweaters, long skirts, and clothing from the 1970s and 1980s. Love the style of these two girls.

shimokitazawa second hand shops, Tokyo Vintage Shopping, thrift stores

Marilyn Monroe overlooks a row of 70s-style tops. If you’re a fan of vintage shopping, you could spend all day here.

Shimokitazawa vintage shop, Haight Ashbury, Japan Tokyo thrift shops

Haight & Ashbury is much-loved among treasure hunters. Items are pricier, but you’ll be sure to find high-quality, rare or designer pieces.

Haight & Ashbury, Shimokitazawa, 下北沢

There’s an outstanding antique / dolly section, with faded lace and Victorian-style purses.

Shimokitazawa travel guide, boutiques, hipsters

Shimokitazawa’s a fun place to spend the day, shopping and people-watching.

tokyo second hand stores, thrift shopping, underground boutiques

Be sure to bring your camera, stop for coffee or pancakes, and wander aimlessly.

doraemon toys, tokyo cat shop

You’ll be sure to stumble upon oddities, like this Doraemon (earless robot cat) store.

skeleton and cello, shimokita weird

Or a skeleton playing a cello.

shimokitazawa shopping, stores, subway station

Have you heard of Shimokitazawa, or been to this Tokyo hipster neighborhood? Which are your favorite vintage stores?

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And what do you think of our outfits in this post? Let us know below…



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    Next time your in Tokyo drop by again!

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  28. konjiki_koala
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    I’ve been to Shimokitazawa before and it definitely had a cool atmosphere distinct from other parts of Tokyo. But I had a lot of trouble finding secondhand shops like these>< Maybe I was in the wrong area/walking in the wrong direction? It would be great if in a later post you mark areas on a map that might be worth checking out. Even if you don't mark specific stores, just streets that might be worth checking out or something, it would be really helpful :)

    • lacarmina
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      Hmm, the shops seem to be clustered in an area near the Shimokitazawa gate… north and slightly west. For example, Haight & Ashbury is at Japan, Tokyo, Setagaya, Kitazawa, 2−37−2 パラツィーナ2F

      But that’s a great suggestion, will see what I can do in next posts! xo

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    I love Yukiro’s outfit!! Although I must say everyone’s were super fun. The Sailor Moon VHS tapes brought me back – my sister went to Japan back in 1997 and brought me back the Sailor Moon Super S movie “Hearts in Ice” VHS. All in japanese, no subtitles and i watched it all the time!!! I still have it :) I can’t wait for the day i can go to Japan and visit these stores!!!

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    This post was exciting however the lack of details, such as location information, as well as price ranges of stores is disappointing!! But still has made me excited to check this area out!

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