Tokyo Bunny Cafe! Harajuku shoes & kawaii shopping: Duff McKagan, Susan Holmes-McKagan & family.

Duff McKagan, Susan Holmes-McKagan, duff mckagan daughters, guns n roses bassist

Happy Easter! Shall we celebrate by visiting the Tokyo Bunny Cafe?

I took my friends Duff McKagan, Susan Holmes-McKagan and their daughters on a shopping tour of Harajuku. Keep reading for a zillion cute photos.

Perhaps you recall the J Valentine costume photoshoot I did with Josie Stevens. She introduced me to Susan, her E! Network “Married to Rock” co-star, and we immediately bonded over Japanese cute/pop culture. A former top model, Susan is CEO and designer of Holmes Swimwear, and writes for Huffington Post.

duff mckagan, fan, guns n roses bass player, velvet revolver bassist

Her husband, Duff McKagan, was touring Tokyo with his band Loaded. You may also know Duff as the bassist of Guns n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver.

harajuku gate, takeshita doori entrance, harajuku shopping street

After the concert, Duff and Susan spent the next few days exploring Tokyo with their girls, Grace and Mae. I took them on a tour of my favorite Harajuku shops.

sby happy room, harajuku cute shops, kawaii accessories

SBY Happy Room is a favorite of Josie’s as well.

japanese eyelashes, dolly lashes, kyary pamyu pamyu eyelashes, makeup

An entire nook is devoted to fake eyelashes, including Dolly Wink, Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu, and gyaru brands.

Susan Holmes-McKagan, model, sby happy room harajuku

SBY is a popular store for Harajuku girls.

kawaii character goods, cute japanese accessories, harajuku decora

It’s perfect for picking up cute little gifts as souvenirs.

tama depa, harajuku candy shop, gachipon machines

I took them down Takeshita-doori. We popped into this cute characters boutique, Tama Depa.

bunny stickers, kawaii japanese stickers

We also stopped to try candies, boba, and my favorite yuzu (Japanese citrus) drink.

harajuku shoes, gothic shoes tokyo, tokyo goth boots, heavy metal shoes

Harajuku Shoes is a must-visit for Goth Punk Rocker boots.

yosuke shoes, goth punk boots, leopard print studded shoes, gothic studded boots, rocker boots

Susan got a pair of Yosuke boots, similar to the ones I’m wearing below.

alice in wonderland outfit, liz lisa my melody, liz lisa dress, white rabbit clock purse

Since we were visiting a bunny cafe, I wore an Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit:
Girly lace dress: Liz Lisa x My Melody collection
White rabbit stopwatch purse: Amavel, in Lumine Shinjuku
Studded black boots: Yosuke, from Shibuya 109
White fuzzy bunny-eared jacket: Peace Now, from Closet Child (sad the brand is gone…)

pink latte, harajuku, women's clothing store

Near the end of Takeshita doori, we went into the Pink Latte store.

cult party kei, harajuku airplane, pink plane, pink jet

There’s a pink jet inside, cockpit and all.

nico panda pop up store, laforet, nico panda clothing, nicopanda, nicola formichetti

The Meiji-doori department store, Laforet, had a Nico Panda pop-up (fashion line by Lady Gaga’s stylist, Nicola Formichetti).

swimmer, tokyo, laforet department store

Remember, the best stores in Laforet are in the basement! Don’t miss Swimmer, for kitsch-kawaii.

duff mckagan, guns and roses, loaded, velvet revolver, jim sinn

Duff McKagan met us outside Laforet. The Jin Sinn (famous rock store) staff recognized him, and gave him a leather jacket with a leopard-print collar.

tokyo bunny cafe, R.a.a.g.f., raagf rabbit theme restaurant, harajuku bunny cafe

Onward, to the Harajuku bunny cafe Raagf. Address: 3F, 6-14-15 Jingu-mae, Shibuya.

The rabbit cafe is hard to find, as it’s in a tiny side-street. Look for the nearby Toni & Guy, and Etoile nail art salon.

Rabbit and Grow Fat, harajuku rabbit cafe, tokyo bunny restaurant, raagf

Bunny cafes are similar to Japanese cat cafes: customers enjoy drinks while playing with cute little bunnies. Isn’t the poop logo ridiculous?

bunny cafe, japanese rabbit cafes, tokyo bunny cafe raagf

So many different rabbits to hug. For more about bizarre Japanese cafes, check out my Tokyo theme restaurants book.

duff mckagan family, duff mckagan bass, touring tokyo

I loved spending the day with this sweet family. If you too are interested in a tour, contact my La Carmina & the Pirates company.

japanese dog clothing, dog wearing clothes, kawaii puppy tokyo

Want to peek inside more Harajuku fashion boutiques? Visit my Tokyo shopping guide (with maps, photos and more).

Would you visit a Japanese bunny cafe? What are your favorite Harajuku destinations?



  1. Tomo
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    happy easter for you too. Hope u had a nice day with ur family. :-)

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    Happy Easter!

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    I got one day in Japan after today. I should try and find this

  6. Jen
    Posted March 31, 2013 at 11:36 pm | Permalink

    Hearing about a bunny cafe made me so excited! I’m going to have to check it out the next time I’m in Tokyo (which may not be until a couple of years but one day…). I was also really surprised to see Duff on your blog. It’s cool that you’re hanging out with a rock legend and his family.

    • lacarmina
      Posted April 1, 2013 at 11:03 pm | Permalink

      I’m glad this made you exited! I can’t wait to hear what you explore in Tokyo. I’m sure you will be there soon :)

  7. Leyla
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    Cute pictures!

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    Love Love

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    happy easter

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  12. Yuukimaru
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    damn this guy is a Legend.. my inspiration for bass! great post keep doing this awesome work !

    • lacarmina
      Posted April 1, 2013 at 11:03 pm | Permalink

      Duff is awesome in person, a wonderful aura! Thank you!

  13. Aleron
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    i ♥ La Carmina

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  15. Katy Joy
    Posted April 2, 2013 at 2:33 am | Permalink

    WOW. looks like a lot of fun! and duff’s wife and daughters are absolutely beautiful… i could totally see his daughters modeling in the future through these photos.

  16. Lucrezia Fausti
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    oh my gosh!! that’s amazing! and your dress is super-cute!!!
    kisses <3

    Love&Studs FACEBOOK

  17. mujitsu
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    i prefer the cat cafes ;)

    • lacarmina
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      hahah I know ;) especially the ones with the Scottish Folds ;)

  18. Genilson Saraiva
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    Olá adorei o seu blog sou um brasileiro que adora a cultura oriental,parabéns seu blog é nota dez,,beijos minha cara Dama.

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