Miffy fashion line! TwoPercent Hong Kong & Dick Bruna, cute bunny rabbit clothing at WTC Causeway Bay.

Miffy fashion collection, TwoPercent Hong Kong, cute rabbit character clothing

Hello from Phoenix, Arizona! I’m currently on a press trip — loving the art, ghost towns and monster theme restaurants.

Many of you saw me wearing Miffy clothing on my Instagram, and asked where I got them. So let me introduce you to one of my favorite boutiques in the universe: the Hong Kong Miffy store.

Miffy clothes, sanrio clothing collaboration, bunny dress, bunny tshirt

With clothes like this, wouldn’t you also go on a shopping bender? The designs are cute but sophisticated, with designer-level construction.

Miffy clothing, TwoPercent Hong Kong, cute bunny dress, bunny tshirt, Causeway Bay shops, hello kitty acccessories

And let’s not forget the adorable rabbit who adorns each garment: Dick Bruna’s Miffy. It’s funny that this Dutch bunny is so popular in Asia.

miffy rabbit, kawaii clothes, asia fashion, hong kong fashion boutique

The Miffy line is a collaboration with Hong Kong label TwoPercent. You’ll find this shop in the World Trade Centre shopping mall in Causeway Bay.

Miffy shoes, miffy stuffed toys, fashion collection, TwoPercent Hong Kong, hong kong cute outfits

It’s worth splurging because the prices are insanely low for the quality you get (and there’s no tax in Hong Kong). See the tags in the above photo? Divide by 8. In US dollars, each item is about $25-30.

Miffy sneakers, miffy rabbit toys, stuffed animals dick bruna, hong kong street style, miffy clothing store, Hello Kitty clothes

In addition to women’s clothing, there are Miffy sneakers and sandals, pillows, and stuffed bunnies like this Miffy Plush Toy – Orange Body (available online).

Miffy and bear, miffy toys, Hello Kitty clothes, sanrio clothing collaboration, hello kitty acccessories

If you purchase a certain amount of clothing, you get a percentage discount — more incentive to buy!

Miffy by dick bruna, fashion collection, TwoPercent Hong Kong, cute rabbit character, bunny tshirt

This Miffy collection has creative design accents, like a bunny-eared hood.

TwoPercent Hong Kong, 2% hong kong, Miffy clothes collaboration, world trade center causeway bay

Even if you take away the character’s face, TwoPercent’s fashion is tops. The styles are poppy but streamlined.

Miffy shop, wtc causeway bay, bunny clothing, bunny fashion

Only Miffy can make flashing look cute.

Miffy outfit, kawaii clothes, asia fashion, hong kong fashion boutique,

I’m afraid that these Hong Kong clothes aren’t available online, but you can pick up a Miffy hoodie sweatshirt and a Miffy heart-shaped pendant necklace.

Miffy cup, miffy bento, miffy bowls, dick bruna miffy, rabbit kawaii character

You can also bring the bunny into your home with this cute Miffy cup and kawaii bento box.

For more photos, check out my blog about Hong Kong’s World Trade Center shopping complex.

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And you can see previews of my Phoenix, Mesa and Sedona adventures on @lacarmina Instagram and Twitter.

Are you a Miffy fan? Would you go nuts in a boutique like this, as I did? Tons of outfit posts to come…



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    YHAAAAAAAAAA….♥.♥.♥.♥.♥ LOVES la Carmina Fashion¡¡¡

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    ♥ Yayy, unique, sublime and beautiful

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  12. augenwimper74
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    Did you find any other good Miffy stores? I am traveling to HK in October just to shop for Miffy stuff! Thanks :)

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