Laforet department store in Harajuku with Avril Lavigne special collaboration. Big pop singer poster and fashionable teens outside Tokyo shopping center.

Don’t let Avril Lavigne’s giant mug scare you off. You have arrived at Laforet, the Harajuku shopping complex on Meiji Doori. (Avril recently collaborated with the department store… she’s strangely big in Japan. “Because she’s blonde,” explains Patrick Macias.)

At Marui Young Shinjuku, shoppers climb the stairway to Goth, Punk, Shoe, and Sweet Lolita Heaven. Laforet is more haphazard: our favorite brands are (appropriately) relegated underground to the two basement levels. However, if you don’t venture to the levels above, you’ll be kicking yourself.

Jane Marple dans le salon store in Laforet department store. Classical and sweet Lolita clothing shop, Alice in Wonderland toy and top hat.

On the 2nd floor, you’ll find Jane Marple Dans Le Salon. The warm tones and bric-a-brac make you feel like you’ve entered the elderly detective’s cozy home.

British Victorian hats and riding uniforms on stand, beautiful classic ladie's clothing Victorian era style. Jane Marple dans le salon collection from Tokyo.

Some of you asked how I took these photos, since store clerks flip out whenever they see a camera. It’s called shooting from the hip: hang the DSLR around your neck; aim and click when nobody’s looking. Stores don’t allow photography because gawking tourists spoil the atmosphere… but if they don’t catch me, it never happened, right?

Laforet Jane Marple Japanese fashion store. Interior of shopping center complex in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan. Union Jack sweater, top hat and boots, furry cardigan.

Jane Marple’s designs are as gorgeous in real life as in the catalog. I love the outfit in the store display: British riding hat, fur-trimmed cardigan, plaid ruffle-shorts, brown leather boots… charming!

Ne-net bunny ears and cat purses, new young wild Tokyo fashion designer. Shopping and ladies womenswear clothing at Laforet department store in Harajuku with Avril Lavigne special collaboration.

Ne-Net is on the same floor; I found cute furry cat-face purses and black bunny necklaces that would please a Gothic Lolita. h.NAOTO is the best young designer at Tokyo Fashion Week, but Ne-Net comes second (in my opinion).

Yoshiko Creation Paris jewelry, gothic lolita fine Victorian style rose rings, black roses, gold eggs. Accessories in Harajuku.
With a new jewelry collection called “Androgynous M.Anaxibia,” Yoshiko Creation Paris can do no wrong. I’ve come across many rose rings, but the fine construction of Yoshiko’s black and white interpretations stopped me in my tracks.

Rojinka beads glitter and craft store in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan. Crazy crafting items, jewelry parts, feathers, leather and crystals store, large Japanese craft supply store.

Crafty DIY-types will love Rojinka, a huge supply store on the 3rd floor. On one wall, you can buy project baggies that come with instructions; this way, the most amateur crafter can turn shiny black crystals into a spider brooch.

Emily Temple Cute sweet lolita shop interior, in Laforet Harajuku. Adorable slip on 1950s shoes, pink black polka dot purses, black lace 50s American party dress.

Emily Temple Cute holds court on the 4th floor. If only you could touch the wool coats and 1950s candy slip-on shoes…

Next, we venture down down down to the Laforet underground!