Takeshita Doori, busy shopping street with dollar stores and Gothic Lolita shops. Harajuku girls, crazy fashion outside subway station in Tokyo Japan.

Now that we’ve thoroughly dissected Marui Young Shinjuku, let’s turn our attention to Harajuku. I’ve visited and photographed basically every Gothic Lolita Rococo Punk shop in the district, as well as Laforet department store. We’ll visit each in turn – but first, an intro.

Harajuku is easy to access on the JR Yamanote Line (two stops south of Shinjuku, one stop north of Shibuya). You’ll spot rainbow-colored hair and piercings as soon as you exit the station. Follow the teens ahead to the main shopping street (Takeshita Doori), and you’ll be overwhelmed by the sardine-stacks of Goth Loli Punk overflowing into the side streets. You’ll eventually hit Meiji Doori; Laforet is on the right. Keep going straight and you’ll get lost in a maze of even more shops.

Alice in Wonderland store in Harajuku, Sweet Lolita and decora, Goth Punk shopping map and guide. Tokyo Japan stores.

Visiting Harajuku feels like following the White Rabbit into Wonderland. Punk plaids and Loli lace are everywhere you turn, but there’s plenty of streetwear, cutesy decora, and romantic.

Kinji vintage store in Harajuku, shopping for secondhand old Goth Punk crazy clothing in Tokyo Japan. Doll in High Heels cute and Lolita store.

There are a number of vintage stores in the mix. My favorite (and probably the largest) is Kinji on Meiji Doori; I saw a skull-sweater by Black Peace Now hanging over a row of leather skirts. Don’t shy away from no-name boutiques; many of them carry Lolita-esque gems.

Harajuku girls in Gothic Lolita kurololi dresses. Big platform doll shoes, black veils and corset dresses, crucifix necklace and fishnet tights on Goth teen girls in Tokyo Japan.

These kurololis (all-black-wearing Lolitas) are browsing Halloween goods at Claire’s – yes, Claire’s! The selection of cheap jewelry is much better here than in the West. I was struck by their towering doll-like platforms and corseted skirts.

Harajuku sweet lolita style snaps, fashion photos of lolita parasols, cute pink dresses and plaid punk skirts. Shopping guide, store maps in Tokyo Japan.

You are certain to spot at least a dozen full Lolita outfits. Many girls went shopping in pairs.

Vampire cape on Tokyo teenager in Harajuku, next to Goth Punk Lolita store, shops on Takeshita Doori in  Tokyo Japan.

Harajuku is too much to handle on a single visit, so try to go back several times if possible. I suggest wandering around aimlessly on your first trip, rather than stressing over finding specific stores; you’ll probably stumble upon them in your explorations. Last word of advice: watch out for vampires!