John Galliano Gothic Lolita inspiration: runway dresses and makeup.

Many of you have been singing the praises of the Countess of Beaumont, who opened up her powder room to us in the last post. I think we’ll be inviting her and her friends to our tea parties on the lawn from now on!

Here’s another delightful selection from The Countess’s photo collection: John Galliano’s dramatic runway ballgowns. He and Vivienne Westwood are frequently cited as the Western designers that have most influenced Japanese Gothic & Lolita. Makes sense, since Galliano cites his love of theater and femininity as central to his creations: “My role is to seduce.”

Designer John Galliano ballgowns and hats from Japanese collection.
For the Countess, Galliano is: “Such a creative whirlwind. The Prince of high glamour. He says his creations are about ‘theatre and femininity’ – a delicious concoction! I adore his gowns as they often echo the old grand excesses of French courtly fashions.” (As for myself – nothing makes my heart flutter like a sweeping satin skirt that fills up an entire ballroom! )

John Galliano and Hello Kitty for Dior collaboration for Japanese Vogue, June 2008.

I previously wrote about Hello Kitty’s collaboration with designer h.NAOTO. Now, this lucky puss has been styled by John Galliano! In the June issue of Japanese Vogue (above), Hello Kitty went shopping with the designer, air-kissed fashion big-wigs, and modeled every piece from the Dior fall/winter 2008/09 collection. The spread also included a montage of images of Hello Kitty with her famous fans, including Paris Hilton, Carine Roitfeld and Hilary Duff. I don’t know… the thought of a life-size Hello Kitty traipsing around Paris gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Fond and frilly regards from The Countess and La Carmina!