Bunka Fashion College runway show of Gothic Lolita fashion in Tokyo.
A new runway report from MaruiOne’s LiveJ: “On Sunday November 18th, the third Individual Fashion EXPO was held in the Endo Memorial Hall of the Bunka Fashion College, the hall of fame for Tokyo fashion. As Japan’s largest Gothic, Lolita and Punk fashion event, it included a fashion show featuring 18 top brands of recent years (such as Algonquins, Black Peace Now, Sexy Dynamite London) and talks by special guests. With many fashionably dressed attendees, the event was a sensational success.”

MaruiOne, Kera and Shinjuku One present Gothic Lolita, punk and visual kei fashion show with brands Algonquins, Black Peace Now, Sexy Dynamite London.
Here’s a game for advanced gosurori devotees. Can you match the runway outfits (numbered 1-8 in the photos) with the following designers?

a) Atelier Boz
b) Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
c) Bla Bla Hospital
d) h.NAOTO’s Hangry and Angry
e) Black Peace Now
f) Victorian Maiden
g) Algonquins
h) Angelic Pretty

1-e, 2-a, 3-d, 4-c, 5-g, 6-b, 7-h, 8-f

When I was first introduced to Lolita fashion, I couldn’t tell the brands apart. Now, I can pick up cues that point out who’s who. 3 and 4 are easy: the stuffed cat is obviously Hangry, and nobody rocks a medical cap and arm cast like BlaBlaHospital. 1 and 2 are Gothic Aristocrat, but the upturned chunky shoes on the first are a Black Peace Now signature, while the long, sweeping cloak and dandy cane announce Atelier Boz. The casual horizontal stripes and red accents of 5 are typical of Algonquins, and the elegant plaid and cape in 8 are Victorian Maiden at its best. 6 and 7 are hardest to differentiate, but the tiers of white lace and shoulder capelets are more typical of Baby (7 is Angelic Pretty).

This video is one of the best Gothic Lolita runway compilations I’ve seen to date. Kera and Shinjuku One sponsored the event, which took place at Bunka Fashion College. Sexy Dynamite London, Qutie Flash, Hiderockk design, and Ozz Crroce also showed off their latest. Best part? The Clutch kids who give punk rock attitude around 5:30 – especially the little boy in the green mohawk who raises his middle finger (at 5:54)!