Italian gosurori girl.
† Name/URL: Alessia
† Age: 25
† Location: Bologna (Italy).
† How were you introduced to Gothic Lolita fashion?
I started to be interested in Gosurori Style when I was 20 years old, after buying a Gothic Lolita Bible in a comic shop. I was fascinated by the beautiful, original and decadent clothes drawn in it, I love it!
† What do you find appealing about GL style and culture?
I like the elegance, especially when it reminds me of some childhood details.
† What are your favorite GL clothing brands?
Well, I like the brand “Garden for a Zealot” by Alice Auaa, some clothes by Angelic Pretty, and “Mary’s Rock”, but my favourite are Moi-Même-Moitié, Na+H and Victorian Maiden, of course I love Vivienne Westwood and her great punk style!
† Any other comments?
Sometimes, when I create my clothes (like the goth-nurse clothes that I wear in some of MySpace pics), I’m inspired by mangaka like Kusumoto Maki, Mihara Mitsukazu and Ai Yazawa, by Japanese icons like Kana e Mana-Sama and by historical bands like Malice Mizer.

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