Visual kei band Exist Trace from Japan.
Visual Kei bands generally consist of young men who look a lot like girls – especially when they wear dresses and decorate their long ringlets with flowers. Exist†Trace is an anomaly. Look closely. You won’t find a single Adam’s Apple or stubble above the lip.

Japanese visual kei girl band Exist Trace.
Exist†Trace is one of the few all-female Visual Kei bands. The irony is that aside from from guitarist Miko, the others could pass for your typical male J-rocker. Miko usually dresses kurorori (all-black Lolita dresses), while the others wear more form-fitting Goth-wear with spiky leather lace-up accessories (in the vein of Black Peace Now). Below is their music video for “Judea.” Love the gutteral growls and bleached-out visuals, especially the Gothic Lolita in chains.

Wikipedia tells me the Tokyo band initially formed in June 2003, and has released three singles and one mini-album. Exist†Trace has also appeared on two omnibus albums as well as one live DVD featuring several bands on the Shizuoka-based Sequence Records label. I don’t know much else about them – can anyone fill me in?