Gothic Lolitas no longer need pricey plane tickets for a pilgrimage to Mecca, a.k.a. Marui Young. The Shinjuku department store recently launched an English-language website that sells Japanese Lolita brands – including Algonquins, Victorian Maiden, and Black Peace Now – and offers shipping to over 130 countries and regions. Hallelujah!

Marui One’s site includes an informative section called LiveJ, with original articles and media about J-pop culture and fashion. There’s a D’espairsRay video; an interview with animator Aimee Major Steinberg about US Goth Loli culture; a two-part analysis of hand painted lacquer chopsticks (random, but awesome).

LiveJ has just posted a nifty “Fashion Brand Review.” The latest offerings from four designers are assembled into “recommended outfits”; you can click on the links to buy the individual pieces from Ronan and I decided to comment on each showcase: Japanese Gothic Lolita outfit by Peace Now.
RONAN: I could see this being something good if it were streamlined a lot. Maybe a little less puffy and busy? Perhaps just the top half with a pair of ordinary jeans?
CARMEN: The skirt especially is too busy.
RONAN: Yes. Too much.
CARMEN: I like the top, without the bow tie. It’s too casino-worker.
RONAN: I agree.
CARMEN: What is with the black appliqué over her right eye? I want to rip it off!

Marui One department store model of Sexy Dynamite London brand clothes.
RONAN: Much better.
CARMEN: I dig the way it’s classy but still really artsy.
RONAN: I actually really like this one.
CARMEN: What do you think of the dark red, dark purple, and leopard print shoes? Does it work?
RONAN: Sort of. It’s not really my speed but the rest of the outfit is subdued enough that it’s not bad. The shoes I could go either way on. Something more staid, just leaving the leggings as the one colorful item, would be good too.
CARMEN: The frilled blouse is awesome.
RONAN: The blouse is also good. I like that this one bridges the divide between ridiculous fashion stuff and ordinary every day wear. It’s subtle enough for me to not hate it. And the model is cuter than the last one.
CARMEN: Ronan, it’s the SAME MODEL! She just has different hair.
RONAN: Wow, seriously? So much better in that one!

Super Lovers lolita outfit from Japan's MaruiOne shopping center.
RONAN: And now she looks bad again! Anyway, this one I hate everything from the waist down. The waist up is good.
CARMEN: Bondage pants – always a no-no. I LOVE the schoolgirl punk look when it’s done well.
RONAN: Yes. Again, with a normal skirt or a pair of jeans, that top would be very cool.
CARMEN: Do you like ties on girls?
RONAN: Depends. There’s a high risk of coming off as too self-consciously stylish. I think it’s okay in this case.
CARMEN: I like the cut of the blazer, and the Brit patch is a nice touch.

Marui One gosurori or goth fashion by Black Peace Now.
RONAN: Hate everything.
CARMEN: What specifically irks you?
RONAN: I hate it all. There’s not a bit of it I like. That’s all I have to say about it.
CARMEN: I don’t like the detailing on this Black Peace Now jacket, but the cutting and fit are always impeccable. It comes through, even in the midst of this disaster.

Now it’s your turn to be fashion critic. What do you guys think of these outfits?


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