Gothic Lolita Hello Kitty cell phone and keychain charms.
Flyers, coupons, letters from credit card companies addressed to “Dear Recipient”… that’s about all I ever get in the mail. But today, I pulled out the most oddly-shaped package l’d ever seen; a flaccid cross between a cone and a rhombus. Not surprisingly, it came from Japan.

Gothic Lolita Hello Kitty accessories by Novala Takemoto and h.Naoto designers.
I ripped it open and out waltzed Hello Kitty, donned in her best Gothic Lolita. Strapya World had sent me the charms I had ordered two weeks ago. On the left: h.Naoto’s winking Hello Kitty, dressed in a bunny-eared cape and carrying a “h.N” purse. (She has a long white tail – a rarity.) On the right: “Pour Lolita Gothic Edition” by Novala Takemoto (author of Kamikaze Girls). No, I don’t know what that means either! (“Pour” means “for” in French… “For Lolita Gothic Edition”? )

Goth Hello Kitty Japanese cellphone strap.
I hooked both Kitties to my cell phone, although both could also hang from a key ring. Now, I’ll have a cute little reminder of Gothic Lolita wherever I am! I’m charmed by the design intricacies: the eyelashes, the anime-style eyes, the chunky heels on her shoes. All this, including shipping, cost only 1445 yen ($13.50 US).

Five stars for Strapya World’s excellent service and prices. Check out their website and search for “Gothic Lolita” – you’ll find several cellphone and keychain charms that are unavailable outside Japan.

PS: how can you NOT love Strapya World after receiving an invoice that says…

Thank you so much for your patience!
Here you go ; ) you finally got what you had waited for!
Please love the stuff and let us know if you need a help.
BTW, it’s been so chilly here in Japan these days (>_< )"
Please take care of your health and wear one more shirt and pants!

PPS: I know many of you are fellow cat lovers… here’s another video of Basil to add some kawaii to your day!