UK Gothic Lolita hair, makeup and fashion from Southampton, UK
† Name/URL: Claudia
† Age: >_< ...22
† Location: Southampton, UK.
† How were you introduced to Gothic Lolita fashion?
Wow, what a question! haha! I have always liked the ‘dolly’ look, or the innocent child with a dark edge, and I have always been obsessed with Alice in Wonderland! But I suppose the Lolita, or Visual look came from the Japanese bands I listend to when I was younger, beginning with Vow Wow and X-Japan in the 80’s. I found Malice Mizer, Lareine, Missalina Rei and was highly influenced by the decadant dresses! My style has changed many times but always kept the fundamental aspects of Lolita.
† What do you find appealing about GL style and culture?
Obviously the outfits, but for me each outfit I own/compile/customise becomes very personal to me and almost becomes a charcter all of it’s own. There is such a variety to choose from, like Wa, Gothic etc, I feel it is really easy to express myself through the clothes!
† What are your favorite GL clothing brands?
Atelier-Pierrot, Black Peace Now, Alice and the Pirates, Moi-même-Moitié, and Despair
† Any other comments?
Haha, I’m not sure about what tips or inspiration to give! I think I talk to much already! At the end of the day, I suppose it is be true to yourself!

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