† Marui Young department store
English website / Japanese website
† Address: 3-18-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Toyko, Japan.
† Phone: (03) 3354 0101
† Subway: JR Yamanote line to Shinjuku (east exit). Look for the street sign “OIYoung.”

Pop quiz. If you’re taking a trip to Tokyo, what are the only two words you need to know? For any Gothic Lolita, the answer is “Marui Young.”

Marui Young (formerly known as Marui One) is a department store in Shinjuku, a bustling Tokyo district – and it’s the one-stop shop for all your Gothic Lolita fashion needs. Note that there are three Maruis in Shinjuku: “Men,” “City,” and “Young.” The last one is for the under-30s, with the top four floors devoted entirely to Goth Loli and related subculture fashions.

Once inside, you’ll think you’ve floated off the Earth – like Momoko in Kamikaze Girls – and landed in Loli heaven. Dozens of small boutiques, representing every brand you’ve come across in the Gothic & Lolita Bible. Dramatic storefronts, displaying clothes alongside eerie props and lighting. Once your breathing is stable and your heart rate is back below 100, pick yourself up and start exploring floors 5-8. Here’s what you’ll find:

Marui Young or Marui One  Gothic Lolita department store

The 5th Floor
carries Gothic and Classical Lolita brands. You’ll find Jane Marple, Excentrique, Moi-Même-Moitié, and a new h.NAOTO store. Toys and character goods are also found here.

The 6th Floor is dedicated to Punk Lolita clothing, including Alchemy Gothic, Sexy Dynamite, and HellCatPunks. Remember to stop by the Visual Kei music store for rare CDs, DVDs, and magazines. The Lolita Jewelry section is another must-visit.

Tokyo Gothic Lolita department store shopping

The 7th Floor
consists of Gothic Lolita and Goth fashion. Look for Black Peace Now, Peace Now, Algonquins, and Alice Auaa. This level also has a section for Gothic Lolita shoes.

Marui Young Sweet Lolita department store shops

The 8th Floor
is home to Sweet Lolita labels: Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Metamorphose Temps de Fille, and Heart E. The KeraShop Angel carries a handful of other brands, such as Mary Magdalene and Victorian Maiden.

Marui Young shopping tips:
– You will be asked to take off your shoes before entering the dressing rooms.
– Photo-taking is discouraged, so be surreptitious with your digicam.
– If you are a foreign visitor and spend a certain amount (about 10,000 yen), you can get the consumption tax (5%) back.

No plane ticket to Japan? Thank the stars for the internet. Marui One has launched an English website, which allows foreigners to buy select items from Gothic Lolita brands. The site accepts credit cards and PayPal, and appears to ship anywhere in the (civilized) world.

In Toyko, Marui Young is only the tip of the iceberg when you’re on a Gothic Lolita shopping spree. Hold on to your yen… there’s more to come.



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    Great article, waiting for more^^

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    Great article, waiting for more^^