Gothic Lolita charm jewelry by Tiny Cravings.
For the cash-strapped, Gothic Lolita can be a difficult lifestyle to sustain. A dress by Mary Magdalene or Innocent World can set you back $300. But here’s some good news: at Tiny Cravings, we can buy these clothes for a fraction of the price! Granted, the items are also a fraction of the size… and made of clay. But oh, aren’t they darling?

Jeanine of Tiny Cravings has launched a collection of Lolita charms, all of which are handmade from polymer clay and finished with a light gloss. She plans to expand the collection to include jewelry in Gothic, Sweet, Classic, Guro, Shiro, Pirate, and Hime styles. Above is my favorite: a white rabbit in a top hat and bowtie. Equally adorable is the frilly hat, which is inspired by a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright design.

Jeanine writes, “I am always happy to consider custom requests so don’t hesitate to ask.” She can make replicas in any color of your favorite Lolita headdresses, parasols, shoes… you name it.

Tiny Cravings sells necklaces, barrettes, hair pins, brooches, and earrings in addition to charms. The Gothic Lolita miniatures are in the $20-35 range, and may be ordered with a sterling silver chain or black silk cord with silver clasps.