WELCOME. is a tribute to Gothic Lolita fashion, my style obsession du jour. I’ve always had a (perhaps unfortunate) penchant towards subculture-inspired clothing. My most outrageous outfits, however, pale next the youth street style I encounter on my trips to Asia. It was on one of these teen vacations that I noticed a new breed of freak. Japanese girls in foofy skirts and cravattes; think Queen Victoria meets Alice in Wonderland meets Marilyn Manson. It was a fashion with no parallel in North America. Later, I found out its name: Gothic Lolita.

I love to experiment with unconventional looks, but for those living outside Japan, Gothic Lolita isn’t exactly prêt-a-porter. Halloween and anime conventions aside, the style can come across as cringe-worthy. And so, much of what I wear does not fall under typical Japanese Goth Loli categories. This site documents my personal interpretation of the aesthetic, which I find intriguing and inspiring. I will post photos, videos, and musings with an emphasis on Gothic Lolita style and design. Look around, befriend me on MySpace + Buzznet, and check back often – I’ll be updating frequently.

xoxo >> La Carmina


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