I have hazy recollections of the Magic Tradeshow in Vegas (there is a photo of me at the Miss Sixty/Energie pool party, posing with a white chick with THUG LIFE tattooed on her chest). I do recall stumbling around the Punk/Goth Streetwear area – rolling my eyes at the PVC lace-up horrorshows on display – when I came across Hellcatpunks, the Tokyo purveyors of Punk Lolita fashion. Goodbye nausea, hello euphoria! The baffled sales rep (who barely spoke English) trailed me as I fawned over every garment. I was particularly tickled by a checkered halter dress with chiffon trim, and a long punk jacket with an asymmetrical zip and tri-layered pockets on each side. Here are two snaps from the HellCatPunks lookbook:

The rep gave me a hair tie with the skull logo, which I wear as a bracelet:

HellCatPunks is seeking a North American distributor. Cross your fingers, and we may soon find Punk Lolita garments in boutiques on St. Mark’s or Melrose.


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